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Are Belgian Malinois hyper?

The Hyper Belgian Malinois is more than just energetic. This is what many people don’t get. Hyper Belgian Malinois is also a form of behavior. Aggression, teeth, biting, arrogance. The first year is probably the most painful year. Puppies “never stop” and you can’t over-exercise Hyper Belgian Malinois because of their joints.


1. How much time do you actually spend on training Hyper Malinois every day?

In the first year of her life, I spent all day with my two Hyper Malinois. Now, on a normal day, I’ll take her out for 20 minutes. I’m on 1.7 acres, I use two balls, I throw the ball as far as I can, and then when she gets close to me, I tell her to throw the second ball in the opposite direction, so basically she’s going all out to chase her ball, which is equivalent to 1.25 miles a day. I have four dogs and I walk one dog every day, so every four days she walks with me for 1.5 miles around. During the day, she was either in the kennel, and most of the time she was running around the kennel, pacing and making terrible and annoying squeaks; or she was in the living room with me, sleeping on the sofa, or keeping the ball on my lap, lying down and staring at me, waiting for me to throw it. If I don’t, she’ll stare at me for two minutes and then bark at me.

2. How much time do you spend with your Belgian Malinois dog every day?

If the Hyper Belgian Malinois is in the kennel, I’m relaxed. If the Belgian Malinois is at home, about 35% of the people hang out, 45% annoy me with her ball, 20% overreact to every sound outside, and then she will dive to the coffee table (so far, the Hyper Belgian Malinois has never touched a glass on a coffee table, but I try to remember not to put anything there), then on the sofa (she was too quick to stop, slammed into the side window glass, and barked at passers-by (or not, as the case may be). If I told Hyper Belgian Malinois to stop scratching, at least she would stop scratching. She’s smart.

3. How long can your Belgian Malinoisir relax?

Of course, at the age of two, I could sit and watch a DVD as long as the Hyper Belgian Malinois couldn’t hear me outside. That’s what the pause button does, but in general, if there’s nothing to bark at, no passers-by talking loudly, no cat strolling around the window or something like that, she’ll go out to the movies, or lie on the couch and watch TV for three or four hours. Once Hyper Belgian Malinois settled down, she settled down. Remember, Hyper Belgian Malinois’s 2 years old, not a puppy, even though she’s the size of a puppy.


4. Will Hyper Belgian Malinoiswa kill all small animals (including your other pets) as soon as possible?

This is not a characteristic of a breed, but a characteristic of a particular lineage. Buy a Belgian Malinois.

5. Do Hyper Belgian Malinoiswas always try to bite their children?

I never believed that children had a little dog around them, but as they grew up, they learned how to control it. So I don’t believe the people around the Belgian Malinois, and she doesn’t know them.