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Are Belgian Malinois high maintenance?

Belgian Malinois is one of the four kinds of shepherd dogs in Belgium. It is an alert and high-energy breed. It is very popular as a working dog for the police and army. Although sometimes mistaken for German shepherd dogs, Malinois are more elegant and have lighter bones, but do not lack strength, agility, or grazing ability. Active in conformation, obedience, stretching, grazing, sledding, and tracking, the breed ranges in color from rich fawn to mahogany, with black tips on its hair and black masks and ears.


Variety overview about Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are intelligent, well-trained, and have a strong desire to work. The happiest thing is to have regular activities and work to do. A relatively easy breed to raise due to their medium and short fur, this confident breed loves their families but maybe a bit conservative with strangers. They protect their owners, but they are only aggressive.

Grooming tips for Belgian Malinois

The frequency of bathing depends on the lifestyle of you and your dog. This highly intelligent and athletic dog can bathe at a rate of up to six weeks per week. Regular bathing and blowing, as well as frequent brushing of teeth, lay the foundation for the health of skin and fur.
This double coating variety has a particularly dense undercoat and a thick topcoat that provides protection against water and extreme weather conditions. Because of this thick, dense coat, it’s very beneficial to spend a few minutes before taking a bath to remove dirt and debris from the skin and to blow off any loose hair with a high-speed hairdryer. The excess loose coating is then removed with underfoot rakes, stones, falling blades, carding tools, and even a smooth brush. Once you’ve chosen the right product for your dog’s fur and skin, it’s time to take a bath. Since the Belgian Malinois is an energetic and athletic dog, it is recommended that you take two baths. The pre-bath is used for general cleaning to remove any dirt and dirt and to restore the coating to a neutral state. Restoring the jacket to a neutral state allows the product of your choice to work more efficiently. Rubber curry and cylindrical teeth are a great way to help shampoo penetrate into thick coats. The final bathtub is designed for the dog’s skin and fur needs. Dip your fingers deep into the coat and massage the shampoo into the coat to make sure that every part is completely covered. When flushing the coating, it is recommended to cool the water temperature slightly to help remove all products.

Once you’ve had a bath, make sure the dog is completely dry. Because the hair is very thick and dense, make sure that the hair is dry all the way to the skin and remove any moisture and moisture marks. Try to get into the habit of drying Belgian Malinois in the direction your coat should be laid. After the dog brushes dry, he should run in a slippery direction.

Tools and finishing

This dress should be fresh, clean, and plump. There should be no shedding or shedding of hair. If there is still too much loose hair, use a high-speed hair dryer to remove it. Brush the whole body with curry to make the coat flat and straight. Fresh, clean, and moisture-rich coatings should reflect a bright luster and enhance the color of the coating.