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Are Belgian Malinois good family pets?

The Belgian Malinois is not your typical family dog. They need a lot of energy and patience. They are beautiful dogs, and they are very smart, however, they are not typical family dogs. The Belgian Malinois is famous for protecting livestock and are now famous for protecting human beings. They are good dogs. But with a high degree of professional ethics, they need a perfect combination of stimulation, sports, and socialization. For the average pet family, they don’t work.


Breed of Belgian Malinois

This breed is very active and will flourish with many regular and various physical exercises and mental stimulation. When this smart, people-oriented dog is underemployed and neglected, problems arise. More sports, more sports, the best is to fight side by side with the master they worship. Belgians have a strong desire for regular, noisy work.

Dog trainer’s advice

The Belgian Malinois is a world champion from the Vitosha line. We want to make this announcement out of experience and respect for this amazing breed, thanks to the upcoming movie max. The film is based on a Belgian Malinois accompanied by a little boy. A lot of people want to buy one because it’s a cool dog. What they didn’t know was that these dogs were designed to have extremely high energy levels and greater prey drive that led them to bite people. quite a lot. And it’s hard. These dogs are not suitable for a typical family or a typical dog owner. They’re going to be thrown into a shelter, or even a shelter, or even a shelter.
Although we don’t want any dogs in the shelter, the problem is that this breed has the same genetic fate as aggressive and blind spotted dogs, German shepherds, and cockerels. The bigger problem is that before overbreeding became a problem, the breeds just listed could have made good home pets. Malino family? Not so much. They’ll destroy your children and your family’s belongings.

Please don’t rush to buy this variety just because a movie shows how cool they are. There are many good pet candidates who look cool in shelters and rescues, but they all die because everyone wants a purebred bad dog.
Obviously, we need to make it clear that if the stress reaches the limit, all dogs bite, not just Belgian Malinois. However, these dogs bite for fun. They are known as police/military/protective dogs, including breeding and developing their bite and bite. YouTube and “how to see the noise and interaction of a Belgian dog.”. Now imagine a child with a dog who doesn’t know much about it. The family is the kind of dog that walks in the park. We’re not trying to paint these dogs in a bad way We like to work with them and bring their true potential to full play That’s why we don’t want them to have the same fate as popular dogs in other movies and on TV.