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Are Alaskan Malamute Clingy?

As a large dog, Alaskan is the patron saint of everyone. But owners want to be able to bond with Alaskan dogs. In fact, every dog has its own characteristics, not every pet dog is clingy, nor is the shape of the dog is not clingy people. So are Alaskans really clingy? Alaskan dogs are very clingy, especially when they are young. They have just been separated from their extended family and are not used to being separated from their bitches! Just a little bit bigger and you’ll be fine! The important thing to watch out for is to keep warm when you get home, feed only soft dog food soaked in warm water, a few times, be hungry, don’t make it to the end of the day, and be sure to keep your Alaskan dogs hydrated. Alaskan dogs are very good dogs, in the work of the high-flying, in life, there is a cute and clingy side, such a dog is rare. If our Alaskan dogs are too clingy, here are a few ways to do it:


1. Prepare snacks

We can usually give Alaska homemade snacks, do not directly reward the dog to eat snacks, so the dog will soon eat up, or will stick to you, you can find an empty bottle, put the snacks in, and then open a small mouth, * * * Snacks out, and then give the dog to play, eat and play, where you still care, so that the dog can not stick people, you can also let the dog get exercise, kill two birds with one stone, why not?

2. Distract the dog

When the owners leave the dog, they feel insecure, so when you leave, give them something that smells like the owner. Make the dog feel like the owner is always there for them. Gradually, the dog gets used to it and becomes less clingy.

3. Start with habits

If we want to make Alaska less dependent on you, we need to start with his lifestyle. Obedient dogs are more independent by comparison. Where dogs are trained from an early age to eat and sleep. So we can train later.


4. Calm down

For those who are more clingy, it’s important to make a firm decision to let your Alaskan Malamute be independent. As mentioned above, it’s important to calm your dog when you go out and when you come home. It is recommended that you go out and come home at a certain time every day, feed your dog at a certain time, give your dog a healthy diet, and familiarize your dog with your daily routine so that it can adapt to the environment without you being at home.

5. Spend time with other dogs

If we want to make Alaska Independent, we have to take them out of the house, walk them, play with them, meet other dogs, let them relieve the pressure of their own hearts. Cultivate their friendliness so that they don’t lose their temper. To make them older and more independent.

6. Ignore the dog

Alaskan Malamutes are very smart, know how to do the master will not leave, some soft-hearted pet owners, because the dog keeps barking, will not leave, so the dog will form fixed thinking, as long as the owner will not leave, so sometimes when a dog barks, the owner can ignore it, throw cold water on the dog, let the dog know, not bark, the owner will stay, if not corrected, fixed thinking after it will be difficult to leave!

7. Get another dog

If your Alaskan Malamute is too clingy, if you can afford it, you might consider getting another Alaskan. Two dogs can play together, and you won’t be bored, and you won’t be overly clingy, but when you train two dogs, you must remember to train separately, so that you can train your dog better. If you train two dogs together, your dog’s concentration will not be so high. Combine your training with snacks, the effect will be even better!