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Analysis of Seven Reasons Why Dogs are Picky Eaters

Many owners only know that their dogs are picky eaters, and need to be trained to correct their picky eating behavior, but many ignore the reasons for picky eating. In fact, the reason for picky eating is very important to correct the dog picky eating, In the following, we will analyze a few common causes of picky eating dogs.


The seven reasons why dogs are picky eaters:

1. Because the owner let the dog eat different dog food in the case of changing the diet,  which leads to the pet dog is waiting for better food and not willing to eat dog food, a long time to develop a problem of picky eating.

2. Pet dogs over-fed, or because of poor eating habits, excessive nutrition, and other reasons leading to loss of appetite.

3.  Because the dog is in the middle of the disease, estrus, emotional instability factors such as loss of appetite.

4. Dogs in the teething period tend to lose their appetite because their teeth don’t feel good.

5. Bad eating habits. When we feed our pet dog, he is always on the run. Put a large bowl of feed did not eat, but also the owner will be a mouthful to feed it. This can easily lead to picky eating.

6. Pet dogs’ appetites improve! Because of picky eating, so parents often change feed, often add vegetables. The dog eats the accustomed good food, refuses to eat the insipid ordinary feed. Nowadays, there are many types of pet food on the market, each product because of cost constraints, in the product of meat ingredients less and less, more and more corn starch ingredients, similar to such food, pet dogs will love to eat? Secondly, the degree of preservation of pet food, pet dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, basically thousands of times more than humans, for some rotten food, there will be an instinctive refusal, pet dogs once eating those have been moldy, fat oxidation of food, not only will produce a loss of appetite, the pet’s own physical health is also a lot of harm.

7. Let’s give him a snack instead of playing with him. Now the dog’s snacks are dazzling, and smell very tempting, if the pet dog especially likes to eat snacks, then it will eat well? So, let’s keep the snacks as a reward.


So how do we correct a dog’s picky eating? The correct approach is: We first take the dog to see a doctor, after confirmation that the family dog is not sick and Anorexia. That’s good. First, we can relax, then we can educate the puppy, and after feeding time every day, no matter how little food the dog has eaten, or even nothing at all, we must take the food away immediately, and the next time you feed them, you do the same thing. We have to make the dog understand: eat what’s in front of him or don’t eat at all.

Excluding the above reasons, the dog still lacks appetite, then it is sick. For dogs, almost any illness can cause loss of appetite, loss of appetite, or even refusal to eat. That is to say, all diseases can be reflected in the appetite of the pet first. If the pet dog is not interested in food for two or three days in a row or even does not eat, it must be physically unwell or something is wrong, we need to get to a pet hospital right away.