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How much should an 8 week old puppy eat

The puppy of 8 weeks almost can feed puppy food, in order to strengthen nutrition can be properly fed some pet special nutrition. So, how much should I feed my puppy?

The puppies of 8 weeks

The puppies of 8 weeks had better feed 4 times every meal a day.20 grams bubble open puppy food, until 6 months, can slowly start to eat hard dry puppy food, can gradually increase. Eight percent is good. A cooked egg yolk every day helps the puppy to grow.

Don’t feed the puppy dry puppy food.

Because dry puppy food needs to be inflated. The puppy’s stomach is beginning to absorb water and digestive juices. After a while, the puppy’s belly begins to swell and even the veins appear. The puppy was still naked and fast asleep.

A few hours later, the overstuffed food remains indigestible, and the small intestine becomes so overwhelmed that it begins to diarrhea — a watery, unshaped piece of stool. And a cool stomach produces a lot of gas. In this way, the gastrointestinal Mucosa is destroyed, intestinal pathogenic bacteria take the opportunity to invade. Formed a habit of repeated diarrhea and even vomiting, two or three times down, fluid loss, serious black stool blood.

The puppy within 9 weeks

The puppy within 9 weeks of feeding at least 4 times a day, should be fed with porridge, congee, and chopped cooked vegetables at the end of the puppy food.

The puppy’s digestive system is not fully developed and it is best not to feed him anything other than three meals of puppy food a day. What artificial bone, chewing gum, snacks are not fed, in order to strengthen nutrition can be properly fed some pet special nutrition.

The puppy’s food nutrition is very important

Golden retriever generally 1 day 3 to 4 times feed, if it is within 11/2 months of the puppy, we recommend that you feed the puppy special milk powder (high price) or baby skim milk powder, baby rice powder, oatmeal, cornmeal Porridge, these things are easy to digest and the nutritional composition is more suitable for the puppy.

If your puppy is picky about what he eats, don’t feed him.

 If he is hungry one day and one night, be sure to give him water to drink and food the next day. If he doesn’t eat, you can limit the time, three times in the morning, three times in the middle of the evening, and put his food away for 15 minutes at a time, there’s nothing to eat! ESPECIALLY SNACKS! He must not be spoiled. After a week, the puppy will eat well and will not be picky about what he eats

Don’t eat too much. 

Don’t give it chicken liver every day, just feed it once or twice a week. The sausage and so on can not eat too many, is not good to the puppy’s stomach, the puppy still eats simply is good.

Do not feed more miscellaneous feed

Feed words as far as a possible single, do not feed some who have not eaten things. Feed at regular intervals, usually three or four times a day. Regular puppy food generally has a standard amount of feed, in the total amount of the same day you can feed more than a few times. Within half a year every month to do in vitro and in Vivo deworming, according to the vaccine procedure vaccination is a good vaccine. You can’t take a shower or go outside until you’ve had all your shots. You can eat something to boost your immune system during vaccination.