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Advantages of Corgi

Corgi is very good-natured. It is very cheerful and friendly. He is also very brave and alert. It is one of the favorite dogs of many people. It is very popular all over the world. Because it is excellent, so more and more people like to raise it. The Welsh Corgi dog is not only picky but also short and easy to take care of. However, the owner should pay more attention to the diet. For example, milk and bones of poultry and fish should not be given to it.  Let’s take a look at the advantages of Corgi.


1. Small short legs are easy to handle

Corgi belongs to small and medium-sized dogs. It’s not very heavy. In terms of its advantages, coquetry is definitely its biggest feature, because it also means that when training, it will take some food that he likes to eat to lure him to reward, then the training effect will be more obvious, and he can also rely on the food to lure him to increase the amount of exercise. It’s easy to grasp and manipulate its small short legs because it’s not very heavy. It’s hard to resist if it hugs the short legs.

2. Corgi has a lovely figure

Corgi’s bigger characteristics are small short legs and big fat buttocks. Many people want to take a pat on the beautiful buttocks, and they are often cut into a kind-hearted look. After seeing it, they want to play with Corgi very much and feel very good.

3. The smile is healed

Corgi’s face has been hanging a very healing smile, like a rabbit as clever, can heal people, infection is also very strong. Many people can’t help but spend every day happily with Corgi because dogs can clear people’s troubles and make others happy.

4. Quiet, no disturb to people

Corgi is very cheerful, but he doesn’t like to make a lot of noise. Basically, he is very quiet. It is not easy to disturb the residents. Corgi is more cheerful when going out. He can help you make many friends and make you happy.

5. The Corgi dog is very clever

Corgi’s intelligence is not low. Therefore, it is easy for him to train. Because the corgi dog is lively and active and is also a little dog who likes sports, so the owner can take it out for a walk and play more so that it can not only get happiness but also exercise a small body. You should know that its training degree is very high. In addition, the corgi dog’s eating and living attributes, if you start training from an early age, it can achieve unexpected results. It is also very obedient to its master. It who is good at performance wants to be praised by his master. If the host gives a moderate reward for the snack chicken jerky, it can make Corgi more driven to achieve the goal. At the same time, it can also clean the interior of the mouth and avoid oral diseases.


6. Feeding is very simple

Corgi’s feeding is very much simple, it is not too partial to eat, the medical level is also relatively easy to clean, hair offseason to clean it, during this period, the best diet is to maintain a lighter taste. Of course, because Welsh Corgi is not picky about food, so when you take it for a walk, you must take good care of it. Maybe when you talk to other people, you may run out and pick up some food at random. In case of poisoning caused by eating something bad, it will be bad. Of course, at the same time, it is not picky, which makes it easy to have obese, so the owner must master the control of food. Corgi’s hair is very fluffy, but daily combing and cleaning can still be done. Occasionally, we can feed him a little bit of hair powder to make his hair more glossy and softer. You can imagine how much people love the Welsh Corgi, even Queen Elizabeth of England. Welsh corgi dogs are relatively easy to keep. Because they are not long-haired, they don’t need to care for them. They don’t need to go to the pet store to do modeling. The owners only need to trim their fur with scissors. They are very friendly to strangers and the same kind of dogs. Moreover, the diet requirements of corgi are not high, so it is very good to take care of them.