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Advantages and disadvantages of the Pomeranians


There are so many different kinds of dogs, and Pomeranian is so popular, Pomeranian is so smart and cute, so it’s a very popular little family dog. If you want to keep a good pet and know your dog’s character, here’s a look at Pomeranian’s strengths and weaknesses.

The advantages of Pomeranian

1. Pomeranian has great coat hair and looks

Pomeranian, who has snow-white hair and is loved for his cuteness, is a Pomeranian unlike many other dogs, such as Golden Retriever and Samoyed, who love to shed their fur. Dog Hair loss is a very annoying thing, so this Pomeranian has a very high advantage. The dog’s hair is very thick, in the daily care will be a little bit more careful, in the breeding of the dog to comb the hair on weekdays, avoid hair knots, and can reduce the dog’s skin disease, the diet should pay attention to light, keep hair shiny.


2. Pomeranians are small and don’t take up space

Pomeranian is known as a small family dog, and the Pomeranian is very small, so raising a Pomeranian at home doesn’t take up much space in the home, and the Pomeranian doesn’t get much exercise. So we buy a Pomeranian as long as the preparation of a comfortable Kennel can, Pomeranian exercise at home for the Pomeranian is very sufficient, but the owner of leisure time is best to take Pomeranian out, help Pomeranian exercise.


The disadvantages of Pomeranian

1. Pomeranians are excitable

Pomeranian is also a gentle, friendly dog, or a very alert, courageous little dog, much larger than Pomeranian, who is also aggressive. Pomeranian character is very easily excited, Pomeranian once excited minutes into the destruction of the king.

2. Pomeranian’s bones are fragile

Pomeranian is a small dog, so the skeleton is very small and even fragile, if we want to raise Pomeranian, be careful of pomeranian bones, especially in the exercise must not let Pomeranian do intense exercise, easily lead to Pomeranian fractures. In Normal Times, we don’t let Bomei get on the table or on the Sofa and other relatively high places, to prevent Bomei from breaking his limbs when he jumps down. Sports Take Bomei for daily walks and some simple games, also, avoid Pomeranians from playing with big dogs and hurting Pomeranians.


Pomeranian’s diet

1. Pomeranian dog was born with eating mother’s food, teething when weaning, can start feeding liquid food, canned meat and warm boiled water into the shape of the fire or puppy food and warm water bubble soft. At two months old, the Pomeranian can start eating puppy food.

2, Pomeranian is big, and grows fast, can be in the dinner with some sheep such as calcium chelate tablets and other nutrients.

3. Give Pomeranian a full seven points, don’t overdo it, let the dog lick the bowl, eat too much and run and jump after the meal, it’s easy to spit out the same.

4. After Feeding Pomeranian functional puppy food, see how Pomeranian reacts to it, including Palatability. The degree of digestion and absorption, and the shape of the excreta.

How many times and how long do we feed Pomeranian

The number of times we feed Pomeranian every day is rough as follows: After weaning to 3 months old: 3 ~ 4 times 3 to 6 months old: 2 ~ 3 times 6 months to 1 year old: 2 Times over 1 year old: 1 ~ 2 times feeding time can match their own schedule. Plus, we have to think about the time after dinner to walk the dog and let Pomeranian go to the bathroom.