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Activities for a Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is a breed of Belgian shepherd dog, known for its intelligence, energy, and hard work. Malinois is similar to German shepherd dog not only in appearance but also in character and temperament. This breed is very loyal, responsive to training, and can easily get clues and commands. However, Malinois is also known for its energy level through the roof. This means that keeping a Marino requires a lot of physical activity to keep your dog healthy and happy. Here are some of the best activities you can try to play with your Belgian Malinois.
Malino, Belgium, is a very easy breed to train. In fact, the Belgian Malinova is the first choice for several training-related dog activities. One of the best training your Malinois can pass through searches and rescue training. In times of crisis and other difficulties, search and rescue dogs provide critical services that most humans cannot provide.


The first step for the activities:

You want your dog to be interested in searching. Before you train your dog to search, you need to make them interested in finding people. To do this, hide in your house and call your dog out. When your dog finds your hiding place, give you a reward. Repeat at least three to five times a day for several weeks. In the end, you can take the game outside and make your dog more challenging. This can increase your dog’s search motivation.

The second step for the activities´╝Ü

After you find the hide and seek section, you can search for other items and change things by moving to the item. Choose an object (for example, your dog’s favorite toy) and let your dog smell it. Then, hide it somewhere and order your dog to find it. Again, repeat for a period of time. Various items are used in the process. Ultimately, your dog will master the art of search and retrieval.


The third step for the activities:

You have to sign up for a course for your Belgian Malinois. Even if your dog takes the search part off, there are many other aspects of search and rescue to learn. If you really want your dog trained in the SAR and want to take things to a new level, find a SAR class near you and sign your dog. A formal course will give your dog all the necessary skills to become a real search and rescue dog.
The Belgian Malinois is one of the loveliest and most loyal dog owners can have. However, their loyalty and loyalty to owners sometimes leads to extreme protective behavior. Sometimes, this can be a problem when your dog shows some aggression towards strangers or other dogs. This type of behavior, coupled with the strong characteristics of the breed, is also why Marino has a negative image among those who don’t know much about the breed. A good way to change this is through socialization. With this training, your dog can reach out to other people and learn their body language. They also began to receive verbal cues and other important signals involving other people and dogs.