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7 Forewarning About Dog Sickness

Many pet owners may not know when their dog begins to suffer when it begins to be unhealthy and so on the situation, or even the dog’s illness is very serious pet owners found. So what are the 7 forewarning that a dog is sick? Let’s have a look!

1. The Dog Defecate Abnormality

Health puppies defecation is about three times per day. The adult dog is about two times. The color is usually black or dark brown. If it has a little left in the ground, it is very standard. If the dog poop is with bloodshot, paste, liquid stools, it’s a sign of the disease.

2. The Dog Suddenly Falls IntoA Torpor

When playing with dogs, the dog won’t have a  strong physical or emotional response, the pet owners should pay attention to your dog. A healthy dog should be in good spirits, and his ears will be back and forth, left and a right swing is very flexible. Unhealthy dogs, on the other hand, falls into a torpor suddenly, and have no appetite. They also have no energy all the time, and their ears can’t swing at all.

3. The dog’s Eyes Have Abnormal Secretion

The eyes area of healthy dogs is very clean, bright, and shiny, while the eyes of unhealthy babies may have a lot of purulent secretions around the eyes, or coffee-colored secretions, or eyes full of red blood. These are all signs that a dog is sick.

4. Dry Nose With Water

A healthy dog should have a moist nose that feels cool to the touch. And unhealthy dog nose is dry and may have cracked veins, have a lot of thick nasal fluid, but also occasionally sneeze and shed tears. At this time pet owners should pay attention to, this may be the dog disease early forewarning.

5. No Appetite

Healthy dogs generally have a very good appetite and eat moderately, while unhealthy dogs eat very little and have no appetite. Dogs may eat dirty food or fat or inappropriate things that cannot be digested, and then have indigestion, resulting in a bad stomach.

Pet owners must pay attention to the dog’s diet. The best is to eat high-quality dog food, such as greedy natural dog food, the selection of chicken beef fish as raw materials, with rich protein content and a variety of vegetable ingredients can provide balanced and comprehensive nutrition for dogs that ensure the dog’s nutrition is sufficient.

6. The Dog Kept Losing Weight

If pet owners continue to feed their dogs normally, but their dogs keep losing weight, it could be a problem with their digestive system. Pet owners should always take their dogs to the doctor.

In addition, usually spend more time on training dog to improve the immune system of the dog. It’s conducive to the healthy growth of the dog.

7. Dog’s High Temperature

The normal body temperature of dogs is 38.5-39.2℃, and the general fluctuation range is 38-39.5℃, which is within the allowed range. Generally speaking, the body temperature of dogs is low in the morning, and high from the noon to evening, with a difference of about 0.5℃. Pet owners should take note if a dog’s temperature is above 39.5℃.

Do you realize these 7 forewarnings before your dog gets sick now?