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6 New Dog Grooming Trend

Nowadays more and more dog owners pay special attention and money to their dog’s look. Remember when an outing to the groomer supposed a bath, haircut, brushing, and a paw-pedicure? Thanks to varying of more modern preferences and services, matters have changed.
Here are 6 new dog grooming trend add-ons some groomers offer.

Colorful Highlights

Vibrantly colored chalk is used on small areas of a dog to create daring statements in some very unnatural hues. This coloring is transient and washes out without problems — so you may also no longer choose to have this manner finished on a wet day!


Your dog doesn’t have to be a Puli to activity a coat crammed with dreads. Look round your local and you can also discover dread-ed Poodles and a groomer inclined to provide your long-haired canine a Rasta look!

Stenciled Designs

Imagine how your pooch would seem to be proudly carrying your preferred team’s logo, a vacation design, or an enjoyable ornamental image? Stenciled designs are like tattoos for dogs, however, this approach makes use of unhazardous colors that wash off, making them safe, enjoyable, and temporary.

Feathers, Jewels & Nail Polish

The listing of conceivable adornments receives longer and longer for the greater extroverted pooches and their fashion-conscious parents. Your pet can actually have shade from her toes to her feathered ears. And who should face up to the sparkle of briefly connected crystal-like jewels shining thru her fur?

Square & Round Faces

If your trend feel is something however square, see how your dog’s face fur appears when it’s reduced in a rectangular or spherical shape. This hair-cutting approach is a massive hit in Taiwan, in which capacity you should be the first in your nearby canine park to shake matters up with a new and hanging look.

Coloring Your Dog: A Word of Caution

You may also have viewed puppies that have been completely colored from head to tail. This kind of dye job goes a ways past the easy plus-ups described above. If you do reflect on consideration of coloring your complete dog, don’t try it at home. Have an expert groomer do it — and make positive the groomer makes use of nontoxic dyes and has a verified music document of protection and quality. Remember: Human hair dye is NOT for dogs. And homemade coloration elixirs can be hazardous to your dog’s touchy skin.

Today’s fashion-savvy canine groomers are going a long way past yesterday’s simple services. In our fashion-forward world, well-primped pooches can stroll out of the grooming salon extra colorful than they walked in. In some cases, they can even have an extraordinary shape!