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6 behaviors that shorten the life of Pomeranians

Pomeranian is one of the most active and popular small dogs in the world. These six behaviors, which seem to favor dogs, are actually shortening the life span of dogs. Let’s take a look at it together.

Behavior 1: Feed any bone to Pomeranian

Dogs love to chew on bones, that’s right, it doesn’t mean all bones can be fed to Pomeranians, oh ~ for example, some sharp bones, like chicken bones, duck bones, fish bones, these can not be fed, oh, because these bones are very sharp, eat esophagus very easily can lacerate esophagus, it is a kind of injury to Pomeranian, feed bone had better feed some big piece, like pig ox sheep bone all can, already can grind teeth and can add calcium.


Behavior 2: Put Pomeranian’s shoes on

Many owners like to put their Pomeranian dog shoes on, both beautiful and can not get the dog’s feet dirty, this looks like a lovely dog actually it is actually hurting the dog. A dog’s sweat glands are near the soles of his feet, and wearing shoes for such a long time without ventilation is preventing the dog from getting rid of the heat, which makes Pomeranians prone to eczema and, over time, interdigital inflammation. It is best to keep the dog’s feet ventilated state, afraid of dog feet dirty, you can walk the dog to help clean the dog, it will be better.

Behavior 3: Feed all kinds of fruits to Pomeranian

The fruit is rich in vitamins, and giving your dog fruit once in a while is good for the dog’s development, but it’s not every fruit pomeranian can eat, like grapes and Macadamia nuts, which can be fatal to your dog, and not just to your dog, if it’s serious, It’s will kill your dog! So feed the Pomeranian fruit should be more careful, it is best to know before feeding, then feeding, so as not to hurt Pomeranian.

Behavior 4. Don’t let your dog walk for long periods of time

Some owners think that Pomeranian is a small dog, exercise is not big, do not let the dog walk for a long time. We could let Pomeranian run at home, running at home is to meet the amount of exercise in Pomeranian, but it’s not good for your Pomeranian’s health in the long run. This type of Pomeranian is prone to depression because being at home for a long time makes it easier for your dog to go out and see other dogs and new things.

Behavior 5. Bathe Pomeranian frequently

A lot of people want Pomeranian to be clean and fragrant every day, so many owners wash their dogs every once in a while to keep them clean, so it’s easy for Pomeranian to wash off the protective layer of the dog’s own secretions, the dog can suffer from skin disease very easily, the dog that has a skin disease, can life span be longer? We give the dog a bath 1 ~ 2 times a month, remember to use the dog Bath Lotion, Oh, this can protect the dog’s skin.


Behavior 6: Feed Pomeranian leftovers

Many owners also believe that their dogs are not so delicate, what people eat dogs to eat what, this is not a dog delicate, is too salty too greasy for Pomeranian. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that dogs who eat leftovers for a long time have a lot of problems, such as hair loss, tears, skin problems, and a short life span. In fact, the life of dogs is dependent on a healthy diet, diet is not healthy, how long life? So for the sake of the POMERANIAN’s health, let’s stop feeding the dog with human food, and instead choose a quality dog food that is suitable for the dog, low in salt and nutrition, to ensure that the dog is nutritious and eating healthily.