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5 surprising things about teacup poodles

Teacup poodle is a formal breed of dog, the smallest of which is called toy poodle. It has all the characteristics of a poodle, such as intelligence, alertness, and good temperament. They also need to be thoroughly combed because they have a unique coat. Grooming includes brushing your teeth regularly to avoid tangles and “haircuts” every two months or so. If you want to buy a teacup poodle, we can take action and keep a lovely teacup poodle.


1. They are perfectly named Toy Poodles

The toy poodle grows to 25 cm tall and weighs about 6 pounds. They have a matching body and a square face. They are the shortest of the poodles. In addition, they have thick curly hair. The overall appearance is no less than a toy, small and curly. Their fur color can be white, black, apricot, or some other color and tone. However, they often trim their fur to avoid hair loss.

2. Their origin is controversial

It is said that they originated from the French water dog, barbell. However, some people think they were raised as hounds in Germany. Their main job is to salvage ducks and other poultry from the water. Barbells still exist, quite large compared to Toy Poodles. The standard poodle, on the other hand, is the size of a barbell. Therefore, they can be said to have originated in France or Germany.

3. They require high maintenance costs

In general, poodles need to be groomed regularly. Toy Poodles also need a lot of maintenance. Bristles are important to avoid tangles or “strings”. In addition, the bristles ensure that dust or other dirt will not be trapped. Their ears need wax removal and oral hygiene should be guaranteed. Poodles don’t shed hair, and they keep growing hair. This makes them have to trim their hair every six to eight weeks. Anyway, they look beautiful in their thick coats. You can design your poodle in different ways. Some fur colors include blue, silver, red, white, and apricot.


4. You need to be with the teacup poodle all the time

A friendly dog is a good companion. Sweet as it sounds, there may be problems. If you live alone, you may leave your toy poodle alone for some work, which may be troublesome. They have separation anxiety. It’s frustrating to be alone. Also, they get bored, which can damage their mental health. It’s better to hire a pet sitter or send someone back to your home. As long as there are acquaintances around, the toy poodle will have a good time. The sudden reaction will also surprise them. They are emotional and timid.

5. Teacup poodle is very smart

Teacup Poodles are considered clever. In this sense, they are easy to train. Like other dogs, a little patience and effort can help them learn all manners. In addition, they respond quickly to orders. They also know to predict commands by reading body language. They are social. It’s important for them to meet new friends. They are easy to connect with people.