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5 Dogs’ Weird Habits

Almost everyone who has a dog knows that dogs also have weird habits, just like humans. Weird often means different. It’s lucky for you to have such a unique puppy if you find your dog has these following weird habits.

1. Burying food

You can also observe that now and again your dog will bury their food. Outdoor puppies can also bury it in the floor as indoor puppies would possibly strive to bury meals or treats underneath cushions, bedding or furniture. Some of the motives why puppies do this is to retailer it for later – specifically with excessive price treats or extra food. Another cause why puppies can also conceal or bury meals is to disguise it from different hungry mouths so this behaviour might also be greater frequent in multi-pet families.

2. Chasing their tail

Tail chasing can furnish leisure however proprietors regularly inspire this behaviour by means of laughing at it. However, tail chasing can grow to be an obsessive-compulsive behaviour and some puppies give up chewing their tails, which ought to end in extreme injuries. Never inspire your dog to chase their tail, as a substitute centre of attention for their electricity on greater gorgeous toys and games.

3. Turning round to sleep

Just like you would possibly ‘fluff’ your pillow earlier than laying your head down, turning in circles is for the identical reason – comfort. This additionally extends to the many puppies who ‘dig’ in their beds. It is clearly a way of making their mattress as comfy as possible! Did you comprehend that dog additionally dreams?

4. Licking different dog’s (or people’s) faces

Dogs use physique language and distinctive behaviours as their way of speaking with different animals and people. Face licking is regularly a way of speaking to every other animal that they are no longer a chance and is considered as an appeasement gesture. Licking can end up an obsessive behaviour comparable to tail chasing so if you discover your dog licking obsessively certainly redirect their interest onto something else such as a toy.

5. Dogs and cats can be friends

While puppies and cats are very special species and have exclusive likes and dislike, there is no cause why, if delivered properly, they can’t get alongside simply great and even come to be friends. To promote a comfortable relationship between your pets it is essential to supply every one of your pets their personal house to get away for some ‘me time’. For dogs, this can also be the outside or a satisfying heat mattress in a quiet spot. Cats frequently pick locations that are up against excessive the place they can snuggle up and hide.

When you see your dog is doing any of these listed things, if it’s not dangerous or unhealthy, that’s not really a problem. Don’t be worried about him or her. These little weird habits make them even cuter. Perhaps one day you can share with them about your weird habits, too.