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5 Dog Training Games To Have Fun

Playing with our dog is one of the first-class fun of life and a good way to bond with your dog. You may keep in mind our famous put up on impulse manipulate games, however, it’s time for a bit of an update. We listed some of the best favorites in this submit on dog training games.

1. Best for Ignoring Stuff on Walks: Walking Leave It

Pioneered via the exceptional Sophia Yin, this recreation teaches your dog to pass distractions whilst on walks.

Have your dog on a leash. Toss a deal out of his reach.

Wait for your dog to give up pulling and straining closer to the treat.

When he does, supply him a deal to search for you.

Only then can you stroll closer to the treat. Be positive to preserve a free leash whilst you do so.


As you go, you’ll begin noticing that your dog robotically will no longer pull you in the direction of tempting gadgets on walks. Practice in a range of places with a range of temptations to solidify the skill.

2. Best for Stopping Food Theft: It’s Your Choice

A favorite of Susan Garrett, this sport teaches puppies to pass dropped meals in the home. If you do it enough, your dog will analyze to robotically wait for permission to take food.

Put some tasty treats in your hand and region your hand close to your dog.

Keep your hand closed as your dog sniffs, nibbles, or paws at your hand.

Open your hand when your dog sits lower back to wait.

Close your hand if your dog at once dives returned in for the goodies.

When she stays away for a 2d or two, area 1 deals with on the ground.

Gradually construct up time between opening your hand and handing over the deal so that your dog has to watch the open hand for longer.

“Level up” this recreation through inserting the meals on the flooring and overlaying it with your hand, then via masking it with your foot. You can add the cue “leave it” properly earlier than you open your hand if you want.

3. Best for Calm Out-and-About Behavior: Relax on Your Mat

Relaxation coaching is Dr. Karen Overall’s masterpiece. I wrote a complete weblog about mat training, however here’s a speedy overview:

Pick out a blanket, towel, or mat. This needs to now not be a dog bed.

Place the mat on the floor in front of your dog.

Reward your dog for any pastime in the mat – searching at it, shifting toward it, sniffing, paws on it. Keep treating your dog if she stays on the mat.

Gradually slim your criteria. Work in the direction of solely a money-making your dog for mendacity down. It’s good enough to simply reduce to the chase and cue your dog to lie down if you’d like.

Use Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol as a way to solidify mat training.

Once you’re doing well, attempt new locations and distractions!

I certainly swear via this coaching method. Thanks to Karen Overall’s leisure protocol, I’ve taught my high-energy border collie to lie at my ft for up to eight hours a day whilst at a busy coworking space. Don’t worry, we get up for masses of walks and potty breaks!

4. Best for Good House Manners: SMART x 50

This is a new one for me. SMART x 50 used to be invented through Kathy Sdao and was once added to my interest with the aid of Sarah Stremming’s podcast. This dog coaching recreation focuses on educating your dog fundamental existence competencies and manners around the house.

SMART stands for See, Mark, and Reward Training.

Put 50 treats (or portions of your dog’s dinner kibble) in a jar or deal with the pouch.

Pay interest to your dog whilst you’re getting equipped for the day, prepping dinner, or enjoying the evening. Don’t be instantaneous or cue him to do something specific.

When your dog does something you like (sitting, mendacity down, searching up at you earlier than going through a door, deciding on to pass the cat), say “good boy” and toss him a treat.

Repeat till all of the treats are gone.

I love this dog coaching recreation for a few reasons. First, it helps you capitalize on the excellent behaviors your dog already offers. Second, it helps you apprehend your dog’s right behavior. Third, it’s manageable even in a busy household. I wrote a total weblog about SMART x 50 if you’re fascinated by getting to know more!

5. Best for Leash Skills: Red Light-Green Light

Teach your dog well-mannered leash taking walks abilities barring treats (though treats honestly make matters go faster). Pair this with U-Turns (number 13) for satisfactory results.

Have your dog on a leash. I like to use a dog’s flat buckle collar for this exercise. Do your regular walks on a harness in the intervening time (I use Ruffwear’s Front Range Harness).

Start on foot forward. When your dog hits the quit of his leash and pulls, cease and wait. Don’t tug on the leash.

Wait for a “J” to show up in your leash. Mark with a phrase (“good” or “yes” frequently works).

Start taking walks again.



Training can take a long time and can be irritating – however it works! Changing instructions and enforcing training games can speed up the process. Hope you enjoy the fun.