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5 Mysterious Dog Habits Explanation

Dogs also have a specific personality just like humans. But nearly all dogs are guilty of a few bizarre behavior patterns. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is he doing that?”, you’re not alone. Here we list 5 dogs’ mysterious habits with explanations.

Tilting Heads

Dogs often tilt their heads to the side as if questioning something. It commonly happens when dogs hear a new sound or see something they don’t understand. Head tilting is especially common in dogs. There are a few different meanings of this behavior.

A dog might cock her head to the side to get in a better position to hear or see something. Consider that a dog’s muzzle can obstruct vision. Perhaps the ear flaps muffle some sounds. Momentarily tilting the head might be a way to see or hear better.

If a dog’s head remains in the tilted position and the dog seems to have no control over it, this can be a sign of a health problem. See your vet as soon as possible if your dog has a suspicious head tilt.

Eating Poop

Poop-eating, also called coprophagia, is a common habit among dogs which is so grossing. We may never fully understand why so many dogs enjoy eating feces. Theories abound, including poop-eating being an instinct, a sign of illness or malnutrition, the effect of anxiety and stress, or a form of pica (the compulsion to eat non-food items).

Coprophagia in dogs may be learned at a young age or even brought on by senility. While this habit is generally not highly dangerous to dogs, it’s quite disgusting and not exactly healthy. Specific training may help you break this habit in some cases.

Scooting Their Butts

Everyone may have seen this sense before. It’s a funny thing to watch when a dog scoots his butt on the ground. Is this something your dog does? Don’t worry; your dog is not weird (well maybe he is, but it’s not because of scooting).

Dogs scoot their butts on the ground because something is bothering them back there. That “something” is usually the anal glands. Located on either side of the anus, these sacs fill with oily, sticky fluid. In some dogs, the anal glands naturally empty during bowel movements. Other dogs need a little help from humans to have their anal glands expressed.

Other reasons for scooting include skin problems and anal masses. Or, your dog might have something stuck back there (okay, usually that’s poop) and is just trying to remove it.

Licking People

Dogs also lick us to arise our attention. Plus, they think we taste pretty good. There are instinctive reasons for licking as well; wolves and wild dogs sometimes feed their young by regurgitating food from the hunt.

If it bothers you when your dog licks you, then training is the best way to stop it. Generally, ignoring the licking and rewarding when your dog stops licking will train your dog that licking is not desired. If you don’t mind licking, then it’s probably okay. Although dogs mouths are not cleaner than ours (that’s a myth), the bacteria are not generally harmful unless it gets into an open wound.


These 5 mysterious habits now are no longer mysterious to you with our explanation. If you see a dog doing something weird, you can think about the reason next time.