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4 Types of Foods Golden Retrievers Should Never Eat a Lot

This guide introduces 4 Types of Foods Golden Retrievers should never eat a lot. As a kind of dog, a golden retriever is different from a human and a golden retriever’s diet is different from Golden Retriever’s ages. First, the puppy golden retriever. In general, the puppy was born to eat breast milk, weaning long teeth, we can begin to feed it soft puppy food, we should pay attention to let him eat less often.


The second is the adult golden retriever. As the dog matures, it’s time to switch to adult food. We, each feeding should not be too much, as long as the dog to eat seven or eight full on it, do not overdo. The third is the golden retriever of old age. For the aging of the Golden Retriever, we must timely change to the old dog food, and the usual eating habits should also be changed. The adjustment must be gradual, to ensure that the dog life is stable, regular, does not easily change its schedule. Not all foods can be eaten. Most of the fruits golden retrievers can eat are apples or pears, but there are some fruits that they can not touch, so let’s take a look at four foods that golden retrievers can’t eat.

1. Grapes or raisins


First of all, the golden retriever should not eat grapes or raisins, because grapes and raisins are very easy to cause golden retriever kidney failure, and sometimes just a small raisin can add to a dog’s life, so we have to be careful.

2.Fried food


Golden retrievers are not allowed to eat animal fat or fried food. If we give golden retrievers animal fat or Fried Food during holidays, it will be a serious burden on their bodies, as well as on people, and too much fat can cause pancreatitis.

3. Macadamia or walnut


Golden retrievers can’t eat macadamia or walnut. Dogs can collapse, become paralyzed, and muscle spasms after eating macadamia nuts. and nuts can be high in phosphorus, which can lead to kidney stones in dogs, so try not to give Golden Retriever macadamia nuts or walnuts. However, peanut butter is edible, but when feeding peanut butter, one must choose organic sugar-free peanut butter to ensure the safety and health of dogs.


4. Pineapple


Golden retriever can not eat pineapple, pineapple contains alkaloid and Bromelain, are sensitive to substances, and Ph is too acidic, so golden retriever is not suitable for eating.

Above is the golden retriever can not eat all the fruit content, so the owners must not let golden retriever eat these fruits, and do not let them touch when you eat must not let them see. In addition to the above four foods, we can not give the dog to drink milk. Because the dog’s demand is a high protein, low lactose, and milk protein is not high, fat is not high, even lactose to be high, ingredients on the contrary, golden retriever’s stomach is difficult to digest milk ingredients, after drinking milk, there could be vomiting, diarrhea. So in the golden retriever symptoms of the above, the owner can be timely feeding the dog some probiotics on it, but also can enhance immunity.


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