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4 things you should know about samoyed

Seeing a Samoyed, often called Sammy, is the same reaction as seeing a newborn baby. Most people, especially children, naturally want to shoot a Sammy. Samoyed is very cute, the cutest personality ever. But it takes a lot to have a Samoyed because most people come to learn. So if you want to get a smiling Sammy, do a lot of research. His wedge-shaped head, fluffy, naturally erect ears, and feathery tail, always swayed gently on his furry back. Behind all this lies a playful, intelligent, and energetic dog. Samoyed has many impressive qualities, but they are not for everyone. Before you have Samoyed, let’s take a look at four things you should know:


Samoyeds are closely related to the Samoy people

The Samoyed people, now known as nenetsky, lived on bread and raising Samoyed dogs on the Siberian Taimyr Peninsula decades ago. They use Samoyeds to pull sleds, hunt prey, grazing reindeer, and protect them from predators. In return, the Samoyed lived with the dogs, allowed them to play with their children, and raised them in the winter. It was their close relationship that helped create a sense of loyalty and trust in the Samoyed dog, which continues to this day.

Samoyed experienced terrible sufferings at the beginning of the 20th century

At the end of the 19th century, Samoans set out from Siberia. In the early 20th century, they were used to pull explorers’ sleds for polar exploration. They were an important part of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s extraordinary Antarctic expedition. At that time, only the strongest and healthiest Samoans could withstand the terrible suffering of such an expedition. They also took part in Scott, Nansen, and Amundsen’s Antarctic and arctic expeditions. Edward VII’s wife, Queen Alexandra, loved them and continued to breed them. Today, her samoyed appears in the pedigree of American and British samoyed.


¬†Most people mispronounce the Samoyed dog’s name

Samoyed names are hard to read for most people. Most people tend to spell the dog’s name accurately as “sa-may-ed”, but the name should read “sam-a-yed”. If you still find his name difficult to pronounce, I suggest you call him Sammy. All Samoan lovers are like this.
They are suitable for allergic people
People who love dogs are allergic to cats or dogs or suddenly find themselves allergic to dogs in unfortunate and strange circumstances, should consider finding a pet dog. This dog is a great companion for people who are allergic to dogs but don’t want to be content with a hairless dog that looks like yepi Montgomery burns. For those who are suddenly allergic to dogs and grew up with Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rowe, and red bull, one Sammie may be enough. Samoyed produces surprisingly low amounts of dander, a major allergen in dogs and cats. To be sure, find someone who has a Samoyed dog and spend some time with the dog.