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3 best ways to feed your Bedlington dog healthy food

One of the first things to note is that the Bedlington Terriers can be very intense when they are attached to the home, as they do not easily become familiar with a new environment. In addition, in the process of domestication, we must also pay attention to the fact that the Bedlington Terrier is in great need of material reward. However, this question can not refer to the reward given after the completion of the action in general, because the Bedlington Terrier is very spiritual, so It’s up to the human mind to reward it. The reward, of course, comes from the love and companionship of the host, for Bedlington, in life, is eager to get the attention of the host. So if the Master can give them enough care in the process of domestication, and after they do the right action, the Master can praise them, then Bellington Terrier will be very happy. Here are the three best ways to feed your Bedlington dog healthy food.

Homemade food

You can combine meat, vegetables, bone (or bone meal) with other delicious foods and nutritional supplements. If you already know this is the feed you want, your next decision is raw or cooked, then go to my homemade recipe. If you want your dog to eat raw food, but don’t want to prepare your own food, you can buy pre-prepared raw food. I highly recommend these foods and use them often.


Frozen foods

Original frozen dog food Commercial original diet to freeze or freeze-dry. You can order them online, or at your pet store, you’ll find frozen raw foods in the frozen section; Once thawed, it’s ready to eat. You’ll find bags of freeze-dried raw food on shelves; When you use the dog food, you just add water.

Commercial food

Commercial raw foods can make their own whole foods, or you can combine them with whatever you’re already feeding. For example, if you have to feed dog food or canned food, adding some frozen or freeze-dried foods can improve the overall effect. These are clearly raw foods. If you’re worried about the safety of raw food, this may put you at ease. Most frozen or freeze-dried raw foods are safely processed to eliminate bacteria. This process is called high-pressure pasteurization. High-pressure hydraulic presses use very high water pressure to kill harmful microorganisms such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. If you’re still not sure, you can cook the food a little first. After a while, you may decide to cook less and end up eating raw.

You can pack each cooked meal in an airtight bag containing the amount of homemade food your Bedlington terrier needs to eat. You can keep a few packets in the fridge, heat them up before you use them, and keep the rest in the freezer.