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13 Types of Foods Samoyeds Should Never Eat a Lot

What kind of food can’t Samoyeds eat? Chocolate can be fatal, this must not be eaten; onions and scallions can cause hemolytic anemia; chicken bones can scratch the esophagus or stomach, causing bleeding diarrhea, also do not eat; raw eggs, raw meat can cause diarrhea also do not eat; Dogs are allergic to grapes, which can lead to kidney failure, and are not to be eaten. Here are 13 foods we should never give to Samoyed.


Forbidden food lists to Samoyeds:

1: Chocolate: deadly, this should never be eaten.
2: Onions and scallions: don’t eat them, they can cause Samoyed hemolytic anemia.
3: Chicken-Bones: not edible. Because the hollow structure is very easy to crush, will scratch the esophagus or stomach. Causing bloody diarrhea.
4: Other bones and fish: edible, to the point. But the bones have to be big, whole bones, or boiled to pieces in a pressure cooker. When eating fish, the owner must be careful to remove the thorns.
5: Raw eggs: raw eggs not only affect the dog’s coat hair but also give the dog diarrhea. If the dog wants to eat, we have to boil the eggs before he eats them.
6: Raw Meat: Samoyed has diarrhea after eating raw meat and is prone to parasitic diseases.
7: Milk: The puppy Samoyed can not drink milk, because the composition of milk and dog milk composition is completely different. Puppy Samoyeds get diarrhea when they drink. But for a healthy adult dog, since he likes to drink and drink it is no problem.
8: Grapes: If your puppy has not eaten grapes, I advise you not to let the dog as an experiment. Because some dogs are allergic to grapes and can cause kidney failure. It’s okay if your dog has eaten grapes and loves them. Well, you can make him take a few once in a while.

9: Wild Fungus: do not say is a dog, even people who are afraid of this thing can not casually eat.
10: Stimulating Foods, such as Chili peppers, Ginger, Garlic, and Pepper.
11. Oily, high fat: This puppy is inedible. If your adult Samoyed wants to try to eat as little as possible. It’s gonna get fat.
12: Animal Liver: This is the most important. Don’t eat too much. Especially small dogs. Can cause vitamin A poisoning, severe calcium deficiency, and a host of other chronic problems.
13: Salty foods: strictly speaking, none of the meals we eat every day should be fed to dogs. Because there are too much salt and too much fat. It’s bad for the dog. But I don’t think any of the US can do that? Even when dogs have dog food and meals prepared for them. When we eat, we can not bear the look of expectation and give two pieces of meat to eat. Don’t be nervous. Just a little. It’s okay. It’s just best to keep the meat in your mouth and remove some of the salt before feeding it to your dog. But never serve human food to a dog as a staple.