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12 health problems of Corgi caused by obesity

Like humans, corgis can have health problems if they are too fat. Because overweight will increase the burden of various organs in the body, if not improved in time, sooner or later it will lead to disease or even death. Therefore, if the family Corgi is too fat, the host should pay attention to it and seriously consider the matter of weight loss. The following are the most common health problems caused by obesity. You can learn about it.


1. Diabetes mellitus

High blood glucose in obese dogs can increase insulin secretion. When the demand for insulin is higher than the body’s ability to produce insulin, insulin-secreting cells in the pancreas will be exhausted in the long run, leading to diabetes.

2. Injury of joints, bones, and ligaments

Studies have shown that 25% of overweight dogs develop severe joint complications. Overweight can cause injuries to bones, joints, muscles, and associated tendons and ligaments. The pain problems of arthritis and dysplasia of the hip will become more and more serious. Corgi dogs are prone to disc disease, and overweight makes them more prone to this painful disease.

3. Heart disease and increased blood pressure

Overweight dogs are prone to high blood pressure, the burden on the heart becomes heavier, and it is easy to cause congestive heart failure.

4. Dyspnea

Obesity will limit the chest so that the lungs can not be good expansion, and thus have difficulty breathing. What’s worse, the huge size of the body increases the oxygen demand and makes the dog pant.

5. Decreased endurance

Fat dogs have lower physical strength and endurance. After all, the workload of the heart, muscles, and respiratory system is greater than before.

6 Heat resistant

Fat insulates heat, so fat dogs are more likely to suffer from heatstroke in the summer.

7. Liver function decreased

Obesity can increase liver fat and damage liver function.


8 Increased risk of surgery and anesthesia

Obesity makes the heart and lung function worse, and also increases the risk of anesthesia. In addition, many anesthetics are absorbed by fat, so fatter dogs take more time to recover from anesthesia. Fatty liver also reduces the ability of the liver to metabolize anesthetics. Too much body fat will also make some operations difficult, so the operation time will be prolonged, increasing the risk of surgery.

9 Digestive tract problems

Obese dogs are more likely to have constipation and have flatulence.

10. Immune function decreased

Obesity makes dogs less resistant to viruses and bacteria, but the exact reason is unclear.

11 Skin problems

Fat dogs, the skin may have more wrinkles, the oil will be easy to accumulate among them, providing an environment for the growth of bacteria.

12 Increases cancer risk

The exact relationship between obesity and some cancers is unclear, but studies have speculated that obese dogs are more likely to develop certain cancers, such as breast tumors. Because of the various diseases and health problems mentioned above, once the Corgi is overweight, not only the quality of life is not high, but also the life span will be shorter than that of the normal weight dog. What are you waiting for? Let’s move quickly and give your dog weight loss!