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Top 10 Dog Feeding Tips To Keep Your Dog Health

For most dogs, mealtime is the best part of their day. And dog feeding is also important for dog health. To help you to know what is really good for your dog. No matter what you’re contemplating feeding your dog. There are a few things you need to know before you feed your dog. The following 10 dog feeding tips can help you at mealtime regardless of the size and type of dog you keep.


Tip1. Don’t Feed Too Much

One way people show their love of puppy is on dog feeding, with the high-quality nutritious food that is even more expensive than the food of the owner themselves. However, with this food of burden love, your dog might be obese. Obesity is not healthy for either people or dogs. It increases the risk of all kinds of diseases that may occur to your dog. Obese pets live shorter lives—and vets say that in almost every case. Pets obesity has become the major cause of dogs’ death in modern society. Keeping an eye on dog feeding frequency and amount based on their weight and nutritional needs every day will lengthen the lifespan of your dog.


Tip2. Weigh Your Dog Regularly

Not only should you keep an eye on how much food they eat every day, and you also need to weigh your dog regularly and record their weight. Data will help you clear the health situation of your dog. If there is a big increase suddenly, you should be careful about dog feeding. And for little and medium puppies, a household scale is enough. For those large dog owners, you may take your dog to the vet to weigh for accurate numbers.


Tip3. Slow Them Down

Dog feeding is also a technical job. Whatever size your dog is, there is no good for a dog to eat fast. Because it is easy to result in bloat, which is also called gastric dilation-volvulus or GVD. This serious health condition can be deadly. When it happens, take your dog to the hospital immediately. You can slow them down by using “slow feeder” bowls and/or food toys or ask help from a trained dog behaviorist about this dog feeding problem.


Tip4. Check Dog Food Labels

The most important thing about dog feeding is what to feed. Do not buy dog food because what the ads tell you, checking the details on labels will help you make the right shopping decision. Nowadays ads are everywhere, on TVs, on streets, and on the YouTubers’  videos, you subscribed to. Just try to catch the basic information about what each ingredient is, where it’s from, how it’s good for dogs’ health, then depend on your own research and judgment to decide to buy it or not. The first time you read these complex scientific terms is always hard, but you can search online, just google these terms with good/bad for dogs and you will get answers.


Tip 5. Do some tests

Dog feeding with a stable king of food is common. Because many dog food companies provide samples and money-back guarantees service, it’s possible to try many different kinds of food before you make your final choice. When you decide to pick food on dog feeding, gradually change your dog’s diet, adding new food to the old food every several days. Once your dog is exclusively eating the new diet, you may see changes in your dog’s overall look and attitude. However, if your dog feels uncomfortable at some point, go to your vet. And you need to replace the food that doesn’t agree with your dog with other food.


Tip6. Rotate Commercial Dog Food

Dog feeding with commercial dog food, it is adversity to rotate them every 2-6months. It’s not saying that commercial dog food is not good. In fact, commercial dog food is designed to meet all of a dog’s nutritional needs for those who don’t want to spend much time on dog feeding. But for dogs, it’s easy to get bored with eating the same thing and have the same taste for a long time. For their feeling, you may consider changing the brand of commercial dog food every few months. And remember to pick the brand with a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) that the food is “complete and balanced.” It means this commercial dog food has all the nutrients that dogs of that life stage require in the correct ratios. 


Tip7. Make a Food Puzzle

Dog feeding is also a good chance for you to bond with your puppy. Just pulling the food in the bowl seems boring to those who once were wild animals. They used to chase and fight each other for food. Making a food puzzle is a great way to exercise dogs’ memory, skill, and manipulation that they used to have.


Tip8. Consider Your Dog’s Age

With the growth of your dog, the amount of food, and the nutrition they need is changed in different periods. Puppies apartment need more food and energy than adult dogs. They need way more calories than adult dogs to support their growing bodies, so always choose food specially designed for little puppies. Senior dogs, because they’re not particularly active for their age, will probably need to switch to a lower-calorie diet to avoid obesity. An older dog will sleep and sit more during their daytime, so lowering their calories on dog feeding will prevent weight gain and keep a healthy situation. So remember to adjust your dog’s menu when dog feeding.


Tip 9. Make Fresh Green Food

Dog feeding with fresh green foods such as vegetables and fruit is also full of fiber, which aids digestion, encourages pooping, and improves health. You should not only simply be aware of what your dog can eat but also what your dog can absorb. Fresh green food will add a new dimension to your dog’s health. Do some dog feeding research online to know what fresh green food is acceptable for your dog and what is not. Puree vegetables for maximum nutrient absorption, and it can also be a bone substitute for teeth and gum maintenance.


Tip10. Avoid Cooking Meats

When we cook our food to please our tastes, we lose many nutrients that are good for our bodies. It’s the same when we are dog feeding. It’s best to avoid cooking meat for your dog whenever possible because many of the nutrients are destroyed by the cooking processes that create shelf-stable foods. When the muscles of mammals, fish, or birds are cooked at high temperatures, carcinogenic chemicals called heterocyclic amines are created that may increase the risk of breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer. If you prefer to with cooked meat for your dog feeding, just lightly sear it instead of cooking it through otherwise you are just raising the risk of cancer of your dog.


Keep in mind these top10 dog feeding tips! Enjoy your fun with a healthy and energetic puppy!