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What kind of dog is smartest?When it involves working smarts (i.e. following commands), certain dog breeds stand out from the pack. Most dogs are smart, but in several ways. For example, if your dog can learn a replacement command in fewer than five repetitions, you'll consider him the smartest dog. Working breeds find out how to perform jobs quickly due to their instincts and natural abilities, while other breeds are motivated and support their strong desire to please. To bring out your dog’s natural smarts, you've got to review the breed, put within the necessary time to coach , and understand his natural traits, like whether he’s a fast learner or a slow learner. The key's knowing what your pooch is made for and the way to motivate him.

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Dog Breeds FAQs

  • -- What dog has the highest IQ?

    Border Collie

    As you might also know, Border Collies are broadly viewed as the most sensible canine in the world. In most cases, these lovely little employees are most appropriate for existence in the U.S . and great regarded as “herders” or farm dogs. But why are they thinking about so highly? You see, Border Collies are very lively and make exceptional watchdogs, however at the equal time, they reply extraordinarily nicely to positivity and can analyze notably fast. What’s more, they are very good helper as a household dog and pretty protecting when it comes to younger youth in particular. Interestingly, this shielding manner is down to their territorial instincts, which is additionally what prompts them to guard their owners.

  • -- What are the 10 smartest dogs?

    1. Border collie

    2. Poodle

    3. German shepherd

    4. Golden retriever

    5. Doberman pinscher

    6. Shetland sheepdog

    7. Labrador retriever

    8. Papillon

    9. Rottweiler

    10. Australian cattle dog

  • -- What are the 20 smartest dogs?

    Border collie


    German shepherd

    Golden retriever

    Doberman pinscher

    Shetland sheepdog

    Labrador retriever



    Australian cattle dog

    Pembroke Welsh corgi

    Miniature Schnauzer

    English Springer spaniel

    Belgian Tervuren, sheepdog, and malinois




    German shorthaired pointer

    Flat-coated retriever

    Honorable mention: Bloodhound