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XSmall Dog Breeds

There’s nothing cuter than a dog so small it can get in your favorite bag, that people tend to love the most are those adorable, impossible-to-refuse these xsmall dog breeds.They're so adorable, charming, playful and may take anywhere you go. The xsmall dogs are often your great companion. They will add much fun and happiness to your life. Because it is simpler to stay in smaller apartments and also you can bring the xsmall dogs anywhere! And what’s more, they fit perfectly fine in your lap! We've made a list of the xsmall dogs breeds from all round the world on the idea of their weight.

Dog Breeds FAQs

  • -- What is considered an xsmall dog?

    You would weigh your dog from the base of its neck — or from the base of its neck — to the base of its tail. These scales do not take the girth into account.


    The size charts are based on measurements.

    Scale of measurement

    Extra Tiny (XS) 6-9 cm

    Small (S) 8-12 cm

    Medium (M) 14-18 cm

    Big (L) 20-24 cm