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Large Dog Breeds

Does your heart beat for large dogs? Most large dog breeds are incredibly agile and active. Whether you would like a running or hiking partner or prefer an enormous fluffy dog breed to snuggle with while watching Netflix, you'll find the proper large dog breed for you by exploring the list below. If you are a family that likes to play and exercise outdoors, or wants to grow their clan without having another child, then you would possibly want to think about taking a larger dog. Large dogs love nothing quite bonding with their owners, tossing around a ball outside, and protecting their house. They’re perfect for snuggling abreast of the couch when you’re not outside taking over hikes and playing catch, and they’re often intuitive to your emotions and can be there to decorate your day. Is there a far better feeling than coming home from an extended day and seeing your giant best bud waiting at the door? No, there's not.

Dog Breeds FAQs

  • -- What is the friendliest large dog?

    Great Dane

    Height: 30-37 inches

    Weight: 105-170 pounds

    Also acknowledged as the "Apollo of Dogs," the Great Dane has a commanding presence. Despite its large size, this breed is gentle, playful, and makes a high-quality household pet.

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Height: 23-28 inches

    Weight: 85-120 pounds

    The Bernese Mountain Dog has a thick, brilliant coat that is a bit wavy. This versatile and mild breed is very precise with youth however can be reserved and shy around, new people.

    St. Bernard

    Height: 25-28 inches

    Weight: 110-118 pounds

    A genuine mild giant, the St. Bernard has a calm and dignified demeanor that is best for households with small children.


    Height: 25-27 inches

    Weight: 110-130 pounds

    Despite its imposing appearance, the Bullmastiff is typically a quiet and mild breed that grows to be loyal and shielding of its family. It is right with children however would do first-rate in an association family and a skilled dog owner.

  • -- What is the healthiest large dog breed?

    1. Airedale Terrier

    This adorable pup has a low share of fitness concerns. Only about 10% of Airedale Terriers are dysplastic (which skill bizarre hip development), whilst different breeds have dysplasia charges as excessive as 70%.

    2. Chihuahua

    This small breed can stay up to 18 years with the applicable love and care, and he doesn’t go through any fundamental fitness conditions, either. His small stature additionally skills he won’t want a great deal exercise, making him a notable preference for metropolis or condo dwellers.

    3. English Springer Spaniel

    While some participants of this breed go through minor eye problems, normal the Springer Spaniel has very few frequent genetic ailments and can stay up to 14 years.

    4. German Pinscher

    There aren’t any primary fitness troubles frequent to this muscular, athletic breed. The existence expectancy of a German Pinscher is as lengthy as 14 years. Thanks to his accurate genes, these years aren’t in all likelihood to be spent in the vet’s office.

    5. American Water Spaniel

    The Water Spaniel is probably to stay a lengthy and disease-free life.

  • -- What is the easiest large dog to train?


    Prized for its instincts and working ability, the Border Collie is a notion to be the most sensible and effortless to educate a dog.

    2. POODLE

    Poodles are quite smart and obedient, so as a result, they are usually effortless to train.


    Affectionate and smart, a Miniature Schnauzer may want to be a true breed if you’re looking for a smaller four-legged buddy and associate dog.


    Labradors are constantly keen to please their owners, so coaching comes naturally to this much-loved breed. They are handy to instruct as a household or a working canine and have a tendency to socialize properly with people and different puppies alike.


    German Shepherds are geared up to work, keen to please, and very motivated. They are speedy beginners and highly loyal, which is why they are frequently used as police and navy dogs.


    Traditionally used for herding cattle and sheep in the Borders and Highlands of Scotland, the Bearded Collie is responsive, intelligent, and hard-working. They are very trainable and inclined to please making them an awesome companion, family, or working dog.