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Whether it is a mixed-breed mutt or a purposely bred "designer dog," these unique pups can vary in size, look, and temperament. They also possess what's called "hybrid vigor," often making them healthier than their purebred counterparts.If you're brooding about adding a dog to your family, consider adopting a mixed-breed pup from a reputable shelter or rescue center. Choose one which will slot in well together with your lifestyle and family, including the other pets you'll already own. interested by your mystery pup's family tree? New dog DNA kits can reveal a surprising amount of information a few dog's genetic background. One thing's for certain: A mixed-breed dog will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Dog Breeds FAQs

  • -- What is the smartest mixed breed dog?

    Border Collie/German Shepherd Mix.

    Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle Mix.

    Doberman/Rottweiler Mix.

    Australian Cattle Dog/Shetland Sheepdog Mix.

  • -- What is the most popular mixed breed dog?





    Maltese Shih Tzu.




  • -- Are mixed breed dogs dangerous?

    Thus away the information suggests that mixed-breed puppies can inherit many of the troubles related to every one of the breeds that go into their makeup. So the regularly occurring consensus appears to be that mixed-breed puppies are no greater or much less possibly to have fitness problems than their purebred counterparts.