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Zuchon:Dog Breed Profile

Zuchon is a non-shedding dog, which is half Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. This pet designer dog is popularly known as the Teddy Bear Zuchon. If you love a fluffy, cuddly, and breathtakingly pretty dog, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Part of the other reason Zuchons are irresistible is that they're playful, attention-loving, and amusing companion dogs. Besides, these dogs are very adaptable, and as such, they make superb apartment pets. Its parents are pedigree bred for companionship. You'll expect Zuchon to have a similar spontaneous understanding of human beings' behaviors. Its attitude and energy conform to the people it spends much of the time with. It is also friendly to kids and adults.

In terms of trainability, this dog is easily trainable, much like its parents. With all of these likable characters, Zuchon makes an ideal companion pet. Therefore no need to worry about your living conditions. Whether you live in a vast country farm, small or big apartment, this lovable cross-breed dog will blend right in and bring unmatched joy to your home.

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Zuchon Breed Characteristics

  • About Zuchon Breed

    The majority of people prefer Bichon as a parent for designer puppies because of its low-shedding coat and dedication to its owners. Similarly, the Shih Tzu pedigree is an excellent companion dog. Undeniably a cross-breed of these two parents give offspring with similar traits.

    The impressive character with this dog is that it gets along with everybody; thus, it will fit in any lifestyle. These adorable dogs are hypoallergenic, and they rarely bark. Their love for children and other animals is on another level, and they like an active lifestyle.

Zuchon Breed Daily Care

Ears: Zuchon fur grows across the ears too and can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid this, you need to gently wipe your dog's ears with a cotton ball daily to maintain the top-notch cleanliness.

Eyes: The majority of Zuchon dog's hair grows in every angle around their eyes; as a result, they need it wiped away from their eyes daily using a damp cloth. Also, you'll notice that some have non-patent tear ducts, this means that their tears overflow from the eyes onto the hair, to prevent infection you'll need to wipe daily.

Hair: Zuchon dog has a silky coat that if neglected, can easily tangle. To avoid this, ensure to brush the dog daily. Also, you can have monthly bathing to maintain its coat in good condition. Lastly, you can trim the hair twice in a month to keep a manageable length.

Teeth: Many Zuchons have short noses that are predisposed to dental disease and also their overcrowded teeth may develop tartar deposits. To prevent this ensure you brush your dog’s teeth daily using a dog-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste.

Nail: Although nail clipping can be a stressful affair for both puppies and adult dogs with extra care and patience, you can occasionally clip the nails when the puppies are just a few months old. Henceforth make this a routine grooming.

Daily recommended:

Undeniably, Zuchons are small breed dogs, and for this reason, they are predisposed to obesity. It is not advisable to free feed them. Ensure you use a feeding guide to avoid overfeeding them.

What food to choose from:

You're encouraged to feed your Zuchon dog with high-quality dry food suitable for small and active dogs. Additionally, ensure that the food you select suits their current age.

How to keep a good shape:

To keep your dog in perfect shape, avoid canned and wet foods as their core diet. These types of food may lead to obesity and common health issues like tooth decay and bad breath.

How many times a day:

From time to time you can choose to entice your dog with home-cooked meals and vegetables over the kibble. The best practice is to develop a feeding timetable and strictly follow it.

Usually, cross-breed dogs are expected to be healthier compared to their parents. However, there is always a high probability of inherited disorders in pedigree lines. The following are common ailments likely passed from either of the parents to the Zuchon:

Atopic dermatitis

This usually is a skin disorder that causes itchy ears perineum and feet. You will require to consult your vet for medical attention.

Cushing's disease

This disease is caused by excess circulating of cortisol hormone. Some of the symptoms include excessive appetite, excessive water consumption, weight loss, and many others. You require drugs such as Mitotane, Ketocanzole to treat it.

Brachycephalic airway syndrome

This is a common abnormality with short-nosed dogs like Zuchon. It causes shortness of breath, leading to respiratory distress. Your dog will need surgery to correct this abnormality.

Fortunately, Zuchon is an intelligent and eager dog to please; for this reason, it is a comfortable dog to train. To achieve the best results stay away from physical training methods since they won't work for this type of dog.

You will need to train your dog from an early age so that your puppy will have the traits you want. As Zuchon dogs grow, they become very close to their family members.

Like many dogs, your Zuchon dog will need regular check-ups to live a healthy life and ensure that diseases are detected early enough before they become chronic.

Since small breed dogs like Zuchon are commonly prone to dental issues, ensure you brush your pet’s teeth daily to eliminate such ailments.

Zuchon Breed History

Zuchon is a cross-breed dog of Bichon and Shih Tzu, and it makes a perfect companion dog.

History reveals that this breed is relatively new, and it originated in the United States. Although this breed of dog is comparatively new, it's tremendously gaining fame and popularity.