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Yo chon:Dog Breed Profile

Yo chon is a hybrid of pure Bichon frise and Yorkshire Terrier. Yo Chon is a hybrid designer from the United States. But we don't know much about this cute, furry dog except for the country where he was born. Sadly, as with almost all crossbreeding dogs, there is little historical information about this breed. One of the main reasons why Bichon frise's history is full of mystery is that mixed breed dogs are not always considered design breeds. As a hybrid, we can never be sure.

Yo Chon is very loving and gentle. Yo Chon is well known for his incredible kinship with all family members, and it doesn't take long to warm new people. They usually get along well with their children, but because of their short stature, they should still be monitored. Although yo Chon can learn to get along with yo Chon pets, they have a high desire to prey and usually chase smaller animals, especially any pet rodent. Most dogs will tolerate yo Chon dogs, although some may try to maintain their advantage.

Yo chon Breed Picture & Video

Yo chon Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Toy Group

    Yo Chon is more than a beautiful little dog. These dogs have material to support their eyes. Yo Chon is friendly, interesting and loving. Yo Chon will make your heart full of joy and your family full of love. You can bring a Bichon frise into your home, which is to bring a pure happy ball into your life.

  • Barking Level: When Necessery

    Yo Chon is known for its sharp barking, and it can be used to protect your family and home.

  • Characteristics: Smallest Dog Breeds

    Yo Chon is a toy sized breed, much like its breeding grounds, Bichon and Yorkshire Terrier. Yo Chon's compact and symmetrical body has a round head and round black eyes.

  • Coat Type: Short

    Yo chon has short to middle fur coat and the owner should groom it regularly.

  • Shedding: Frequent

    Although yo Chon is a hypoallergenic variety, yo Chon can shed quite a lot and will benefit from brushing three times a week.

  • Size: XSmall

    Yo Chon is a toy sized energy explosion who is curious, independent, and absolutely loyal. This alert dog has moderate washing needs and intelligence suitable for training, and is suitable for a variety of environments.

  • Trainability: Eager To Please

    Good socialization and early training can inhibit yo Chon's bad behavior and ensure she gets along well with people and pets.

  • Activity Level: Regular Exercise

    Although you may find that yo Chon's curiosity leads her to explore everything, she still wants to be close to her favorite people at any time. She is naughty and clever, and can get along well with the children. Children should be taught how to deal with this puppy, however, should be supervised when contacting her because she is easily injured. Bichon fries has a strong desire to prey and can challenge larger animals. She can get along with yo Chon pets as long as she is properly socialized.

  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate

    You can occasionally go to a beautician, trim or peel her fur, or trim her hair on her face and around her eyes. Yo Chon's smell is not known, but taking a shower occasionally when you need it makes yo Chon look and smell great. Pay special attention to her nails, which require regular pruning, as well as her ears and teeth. You need to keep her ears clean and hairless to prevent ear infections, and provide regular dental care to prevent gum infections.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    Yo Chon can be a good watchdog, but has a high pitched bark that can get out of control if not properly trained. These are very smart dogs who are easy to train, obedient class can help curb any negative behavior. Bichon fries is an energetic dog, but there is a low demand for exercise in this breed.

  • Affection Needs: Independent

    Yo Chon and its parents have many common characteristics, especially its curiosity and vitality. Yo Chon is an independent dog and still wants to spend a lot of time with his owner.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

    Yo Chon is a hybrid, which is made by crossing Bichon frise and Yorkshire Terrier. The dog grew up in the United States and has become a good companion to the family.

  • About Yo chon Breed

    Name: Yo chon

    Height: 8-10 inches

    Weight: 7-10 lbs

    Lifespan: 13-16 years

    Coat Density: Normal

    Coat Texture: Straight

    Puppy Price: $500-$1000

    Temperament: Brave, intelligent, and affectionate

    Suitable for: Department life

    Yo Chon's ears can be as erect or drooping as any parent. The blunt muzzle ends with a black nose and a long tail. Mao showed the most similar parent variety and could show any set of characteristics. Yorkshire Bichon may have long silky hair like Yorkshire Terrier, or thick, soft curly hair like a snowball. Yo Chon's color can also vary from dog to dog and can be a combination of white, cream, gold, gray, blue, brown or black.

    When trying to find the right breed for you and your home, many people will naturally think that smaller dogs are easier to care for and handle. Unfortunately, even the smallest and loveliest breed needs a lot of care. It's important to study dog breeds that you are considering to make sure they will make a good fit for your lifestyle. If yo Chon is on your radar more than a bear, you come to the place in more detail. We will share all the information you need below so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your new pet. Continue to read and find out why this lovely dog is a handful, which may be worth the effort! If you put your heart on a pair of small claws, your face will melt your heart. Yo Chon is a good choice. The dog is a cross between Bichon and Yorkshire Terrier, which has not been approved by the American Kennel Club. In other words, the smaller canine community has recognized their long-term pedigree. Unfortunately, little is known about the origin of this hybrid. We can infer that Bichon frise has the characteristics of parents of non sport Bichon frise and toy Yorkshire Terrier. Because both dogs are small, yo Chon can only reach 8 pounds as an adult. In other words, they are as delicate as puppies. Be careful when handling to avoid injury. If you have children or yo Chon pets, you need supervision to make sure they don't handle them too harshly.

    Yo Chon is an active, playful and smart dog. They can be very affectionate and eager for your approval, but they are still independent and do well in some separate time. Usually, this is not a dog that shows a lot of separation anxiety. That is to say, they like to be with the whole family or a single host. As mentioned earlier, the dog is alert and curious. They like to make trouble from time to time, even though it's usually out of kindness. As a decent social animal, your dog will do well in dog parks and even with yo Chon family pets. In addition to these great qualities, yo Chon can also be independent and stubborn at times. If they don't get proper exercise and toys and focus on positive entertainment, they will also show destructive behavior.

    Given all this, yo Chon is likely to inherit some of his parents' physical characteristics. Yorkshire terrier and Bichon have very different temperaments. Bichon fries is very sociable and emotional, making it the perfect breed for a young family. Yorkshire Terrier, on the other hand, though still sociable, is less likely to get along with children, even yochon dogs, unless they have been trained to do so since childhood. Given all this, it's hard to say what kind of temperament Bichon fries will inherit. We are most likely to say that because yochon and Bichon fries are very loyal, yochon Bichon fries may inherit this trait from his parents. Apart from that, separation anxiety is something that can be inherited from Bichon fries, so it's something to remember. Yorkshire Terrier is considered to be a very active and energetic dog, but slightly inferior to the male. With this in mind, yo Chon is a relatively active dog in terms of its athletic requirements. Yo Chon is a happy dog who can change anyone's mood at any time. They are just lovely dogs. They like to say hello to people when they go home. They are happy dogs and energetic. They are smart and learn fast. They play games very well. They can play longer. They are friendly to the children and don't get angry. They are extremists, so they either hate or love others. They are friendly to their children and can have a good time with them.

Yo chon Breed Daily Care

Yo Chon is characterized by thick, plump and soft fur. Bichon and Yorkshire Terrier are hypoallergenic, so these dogs will also be hypoallergenic. However, they do fall off a lot and need to brush their teeth every day to keep their coats healthy, smooth and free from mats and tangles. When your dog gets too dirty, bathe it and have it groomed by a professional to keep its hair neat and away from the eyes. This cute little ball grows quickly, so it's necessary to comb and trim it regularly.

For yo Chon, dressing is also part of the training. The more times you groom your dog, the less trouble it will have, and the more likely it will sit well while grooming. When he is young, brush his teeth, touch his feet, brush his teeth as much as possible. When he is adult, you should have no problem doing these basic jobs. Bichon frise is not a stinky dog by nature, so you don't have to bathe the dog as you usually do. As long as he doesn't have any skin problems and needs to bathe him regularly, you can bathe yo Chon bear once a month. Beyond that, there's no difference between caring for a Yorkshire hound and caring for any yochon breed.

In order to give your Yo Chon the nutrition and energy you need, choose a high-quality food for your dog. Because these dogs are small, they may only need about half a cup of dry dog food a day, but talk to your veterinarian to make sure you feed your dog the right amount of food for its size and needs. If you plan to feed your dog some wet food, you need to adjust the amount of dry food you feed him so that he doesn't gain too much weight. Clean fresh water should be provided every day. In addition, when the weather is hot, your dog may not want to eat so much food, may just want to eat in the evening or at night. It's best to consult your veterinarian before you decide or change your dog's eating habits. While pet blogs and dog food manufacturers often provide useful feeding guidelines, these should not be considered gospel. After all, all dogs are different, and each has its own needs. Only your veterinarian is qualified to determine the specific dietary needs of your dog. So before you change your dog's eating habits, you must contact your veterinarian to make sure you get the best results.

If you feed them kiwifruit food, kiwifruit such as crape myrtle, Merrick, caviar, the diversity of nature, the logic of nature and so on are all good. Maintaining the hydration of its system is important for its health. To do this, provide them with enough water. For puppies, the recommended number of meals is four. It's healthy to have four to five hours between meals. In addition, if you think the dog is not interested in eating, be sure to remove the food bowl after 10 minutes. Three times for more than three months and two times for more than six months. If you've been looking for a new puppy, and you prefer the little faces that even the strongest people melt, yo Chon is a good choice. The puppy is a fluffy, playful and energetic breed of Bichon and Yorkshire Terrier. With the best quality of both parents, this dog is a good family pet or companion for a person's home.

Since vitamins and minerals are completely reserved in raw food items, you can provide yo Chon raw food. Brand dog food such as natural varieties, natural logic and caviar can also be provided. A maximum of four meals is enough, and a gap of at least 4-5 hours should be maintained between two consecutive meals. Make sure the pups drink enough water throughout the day to keep their system hydrated. In hot weather, varieties tend to eat less and may just want to eat at night. Since yochon is a mixture of Yorkshire terrier and Bichon frise, it is certain that the resulting puppies will inherit some of the physical characteristics of each parent.

All Yo Chon owners should be aware of a disease called "puppy syndrome," which occurs in spoiled and pampered small breed dogs. These dogs are hostile to strangers and resistant to training. A lot of people are very agile and will roar when they come near or touch toys or food. Wise ownership should prevent the development of this syndrome. Patellar dislocation It's mainly the patella dislocation of the dog, which is the effect of knee bone ejection. Only when the dog is seriously affected and can't move, it needs to be operated. For those whose quality of life is not affected, they are usually able to cope well with the situation. Some people will need supportive care because of their age due to osteoarthritis, which is often accompanied by this condition in the elderly. Legg Calv é Perthes disease It's an orthopedic disease that is thought to be caused by blood flowing to the top of the long bone of the hind leg. The affected dog will walk stiff and the thigh muscles will be significantly damaged. Radiographs are used to diagnose disease. The most common procedure is called "osteotomy of the femoral head and neck", in which the damaged bone is removed and scar tissue can replace it. portosystemic shunting Patients with Porto systemic shunt are usually stunted from birth and may show symptoms such as walking instability, tremor and diarrhea. For most people, their symptoms get worse over time. The diagnosis of shunt can be tricky, and animals usually have a series of tests, including blood tests and scans. Ideally, the affected animals will undergo surgery to correct the defect, although medical management is needed first to stabilize the patient. Yo Chon is a cross or mixture of Bichon and Yorkshire Terrier. She's a puppy and has a life span of 10 to 12 years. She has a talent for competitive obedience and agility. She is a very curious dog, always exploring something, but also very social and likes to be close to you at any time. Her yochon names include boki, Yorkshire bear and Yorkshire fries, as well as the so-called Bichon frise / Yorkshire mixed terrier.

You can expect your yo Chon to be a lively and smart puppy. Even for puppies, these dogs show a high level of intelligence and interest in learning how to do tricks. Start early, because vulnerable puppies are the best time to train. Establish yourself as a team leader while still focusing on positive reinforcement and reward based training techniques (less is closer to abusing such training). Cage training is also a good idea for this breed, but it's also important for your puppy to spend time with your dog and get used to it. If your dog starts to show negative behaviors such as territorial aggression, fear, or excessive barking, obedience classes may help. It's no shame to ask for help when training your dog. In the long run, it's much better than putting a lot of stress on you with a misbehaving animal.

Another characteristic of Yo Chon is their intelligence. Even from a very young age, the dog showed their ability to learn quickly. Early training and social activities are recommended. It's also important to note that this puppy can have a curious nature, so it's important to watch them carefully and give them toys to keep them focused. Cage training is another important early care for this breed. As a puppy, your pet will realize that their crate is a safe place for them to sleep and relax. This breed is particularly good with crate training, which is helpful when you can't be consistent with them.

At first, the owner may expect the Yo Chon to share 50 traits with its parents, although it's not always about the fact that genes work. Puppies inherit different combinations of their parents' traits, depending on which traits are more advantageous. Yo Chon Bichon, an independent dog, is a good companion. He will cherish his owner's company. The dog has a nature of compromise. If the owner goes out for a while, he won't be too anxious. Although it's a high pitched, wookawa will be a great watchdog. They like people, they like to be noticed, but they are destructive by nature. They are stubborn at times, a very curious breed, and will try to investigate everything. As parents are very smart, the dog is born smart and good at learning skills. It's important to provide them with crating training, and for that, the dog fence (wire box) is better than plastic crates, because in this case, the dog can see what's going on around. In addition, help them understand what the training and grooming process is. Sometimes it's a good idea to take them to kindergartens and lectures, because they are often infected with a variety of vicious characteristics, such as yawning, fear or territorial aggression. Social training should include adapting to people, yo Chon pets and animals, "incredible" noise and environment.

These puppies need moderate activity and exercise every day. Yo Chon is naturally active, curious and energetic, so you can enjoy all kinds of activities indoors and outdoors with yo Chon. If you have a closed and safe backyard, you can let your yo Chon run around and play with some toys outside when the weather is right. Your dog can also go for a walk, go to the dog park, play with yo Chon, and play with toys in the house. Be sure to help your puppies burn their energy every day, or they will find ways to burn their energy that you don't like.

This dog can also be a good watchdog if they suspect new people and pets. They are rarely aggressive, but they are very outspoken about anything unusual they find. Training your yo Chon bear not to bark too much as a puppy is an important reason. Your shrieks and your neighbors need to be controlled in order to be sensible. Anyway, yo Chon is a happy, smart and playful companion. They are eager to please you, and they are experts in looking cute and acting funny. They are also good for families, which we will discuss next. One of the hardest things to deal with in dogs is separation anxiety. Unfortunately, for yo Chon Bichon, whether you have an adhesive or not, it's a die. If he gets along with his parents longer, then if you need to go out for a while, even during the day when you are working, he will be OK. However, if he's like his Bichon frise Frith parents, then he won't be able to deal well with blockbuster solitude.

Bichon frise is the ideal apartment life, because he doesn't really need a complete backyard to run around. When he's inside, he's happy to cover as much ground as he can. You should take him for a walk at least once a day and let him have some fresh air. The advantage of Bichon frise is that you can ask him to loosen his belt from time to time as long as it's safe to walk. However, you don't want to do that in a big park, because it may follow birds or small animals and you can't keep up. But in a dog park with a gate or a fence in the backyard, it's good to take it off the belt - and it's fun! After about two to three hours of wonderful performance, yo Chon will want to end the day and take a nap. Bichon fries is more likely to inherit traits that tend to dominate parents. Yo Chon than bear hybrid PET usually happens to be a gentle temperament and independent nature, making it a great companion dog. The dog doesn't mind staying alone for a short time. When he leaves for a while, he would rather be content to explore his surroundings. They will become an active sentry dog because it happens to be a very active barking. However, they like to be in the human world and long for attention. But on the other hand, they are often destructive and stubborn in nature, and have an insatiable desire to check everything around.

Yo chon Breed History

The true origin of Yo Chon is not well documented, but we do know that it is a hybrid of male hound and Yorkshire Terrier. The hybrid, which was created in the United States, was not recognized by AKC. Bichon frise has been recognized by yo Chon organizations, such as the American club for hybrid dogs (achc) and the design dog species Registry (DBR). Bichon frise is the offspring of a fish called Barbie, a marine species produced in the ground. This is a medium sized water dog with fur and is also known as the babikon. At some point, the dogs were taken to tenerifi in the Canary Islands, probably by Spanish or Portuguese businessmen. In the 14th century, French, Italian or Spanish sailors brought them to Europe. Yoshon sources said bison fries were developed in Italy and were brought to France by soldiers in the 16th century. In any case, they are popular in the courts of France, Britain and Spain, and are considered most popular by famous rulers such as French King Francis I and King Henry III. By the end of the 19th century, Bichon frise was no longer popular and began to be used by circus performers to help the blind. After World War I, French breeders were committed to protecting the variety and adopted official standards in 1933. In 1956, Bichon frise came to the United States and was recognized by AKC in 1971. In contrast, Yorkshire Terrier is a working-class dog. Scottish workers in the 19th century came to York County to find a job, bringing a dog, later called Paisley Terrier or Clydesdale terrier. The dog was crossbred with yo Chon's Hound, creating a much smaller dog that was used to catch mice in the mill where the owner worked. By 1870, the new variety was named Yorkshire Terrier, where they developed. The first York Terrier record in the United States dates back to 1872. Yorkshire terrier was recognized by AKC in 1885.

These powerful yo Chon first propagated in Lancashire and Yorkshire in northern England. When workers from Scottish textile mills came to work in the UK, they brought in many types of Scottish Terriers, including the extinct Clydesdale terrier. Then they crossbreed the Scottish retrievers with the British hounds to create what they call yo Chon. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier was developed in Yorkshire in northern England in the 18th century. Many different hounds are used to make them, including similar Skell and now extinct black brown hounds. Many people are surprised to find that the Yorker has never been raised as a knee dog, but it is actually used as a "mousetrap" - a job that the Yorker has been able to do very successfully because of its tough, ferocious and decisive nature. Although Yorkshire Terrier is no longer used for this purpose, they are still popular in the UK and elsewhere due to their small size and courageous nature. One interesting fact is that Bichon frise was used in circus magic! This role is very suitable for them because of their clowns, funny attitudes and their abilities, obedience to orders and good relationships with people. Now, there's no more Bichon frise in the circus, and they spend their time at home relaxing and playing with their children. In the past, yorkdogs were bred to be strong small rodent hunters, small enough to chase and eradicate pests. According to AKC, it is far from their current apartment life, because these little liars, as we all know, have worked hard in textile factories and coal mines next to blue collar owners. AKC said that when Victorian women began to adopt Yorkshire Terrier as a cute knee dog, Yorkshire terrier's life was greatly improved. These little kids, springing from the dusty factory living floor, have become fashionable fur babies and never turn back. 

Bichon Frise 

Bichon frise is popular around the world for its "perm" white fur and social nature. Although its name is not a French dog, it is actually considered to be Bichon fries from tenerifi, Spain. Once sailors began to export the variety to Europe, the French improved their appearance and soon became popular with French and Spanish aristocrats. Bichon frise is considered to be the offspring of the hound, known as the Mediterranean as early as the middle ages. Some historians believe that the breed, which actually originated in the Canary Islands, was brought to Europe by sailors. Bichon frise has long been considered a good companion dog, mainly because of their cheerful personality, even. In the British court under Henry II, they were quite popular among European aristocrats and even included in Goya's paintings. By the 19th century, their popularity had declined. They are stray dogs, some of them are used by circus. Their popularity rose again after the first World War. In 1956, a French family named picault brought it to the United States for the first time. In 1973, the breed was recognized as a non sport dog by the American dog club. In recent years, with the understanding of the excellent characteristics of Bichon frise, Bichon frise has become more and more popular.

However, based on what we already know about the overall situation of dog breed design, we can roughly understand how yo Chon happened. It is likely to share the story of its origins with many yo Chon hybrid designers from the United States, and yo Chon was first developed some time in the past 20 years. Besides, we have no idea how yo Chon was born. Thank goodness, we really know why you need to bring such a magical puppy home.