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Wire Fox Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

Wire Fox Terrier is a 19th-century fox-hunting breed whose ancestors include shaggy black and white terriers and many pedigrees. The short-haired fox terrier is a combination of the short-haired black and white terrier and the Beagle Bulldog and greyhound, which has a distinguished record as a military dog. "Delemageko", a bristle-haired fox hunter, served with the British Guards during World War I and was awarded the Service Medal. Bristle-hunting terriers are extremely intelligent and curious about new things, so they are willing to learn anything that is interesting and can easily complete tasks. They understand common dog diseases and daily behaviors, which can lead to healthier dog development.

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  • About Wire Fox Terrier Breed

    Wire Fox Terrier is a Terrier of exceptional speed, endurance, and strength, and Fox Terrier is a model of symmetry in Fox terriers. They even seem to be an experienced hunter, able to adapt to a variety of terrain. Not only are they good at running, but they are also good at waiting until their prey is exhausted. The setae fox terrier has been registered in the United States for more than 100 years.

Wire Fox Terrier Breed Daily Care

We'll trim our nails regularly for Wire Fox Terrier. The unvascularized part of the front end of the paw should be cut off. We should avoid cutting the "live meat" of the dog's paws. We can carefully cut them off into small pieces. When the dog tries to withdraw his feet, he is close to the live meat. If we accidentally cut live meat and bleeding, should be the site of iodine disinfection hemostasis. Dog ears should be cleaned at least once a month. We should rub the visible outer ear with a cotton ball dipped in disinfecting alcohol or mineral oil. We should pay attention to the depth of the ear hair pliers, and need to have an assistant to cooperate.

Dog experts recommend using highly nutritious dog food -- Wire Fox Terrier -- in small, easily digestible portions. There are only two basic methods of dog feeding, regular and irregular feeding. Unscheduled feeding is when dog food is kept in a bowl for a long period of time and eaten as the fox terrier chooses. Regular feeding is when you feed your fox-hunting terriers for a set period of time each day. After that, you close the dog bowl and stop feeding. Among the two feeding methods, regular feeding of Fox Terrier is more beneficial, because it helps control Wire Fox Terrier and helps with future home training.

We shouldn't give our Wire Fox Terrier too many snacks. The biggest downside to dog snacking is that it can lead to food cravings and loss of interest in staple foods. Snacks pay more attention to taste than nutrition, so dogs eat too many snacks, leading to nutritional deficiency and physical stunting. As a result, dogs are less healthy, more prone to illness, and less likely to live long lives.

To train the Wire Fox Terrier, we can prepare leashes, collars, toys, snacks, and more. The leashes, the collars, the leashes allow us to make sure that when a dog is out there, he doesn't get scared and hurt other people. Of course, in addition to the safety of others, but also for some unnecessary trouble. After all, in public places, there are always some people who are afraid of dogs. If we do not take a lead tool in the training process of dogs, it is very likely that we will frighten others with too much movement, which may cause unnecessary trouble. Toys and snacks attract some dogs' attention and reward them for being more interested in learning something.

Poodle Wire Fox Terriers have a higher body temperature. About 38° -- 39°. It should be noted that the dog's temperature will be slightly higher than normal after intense exercise and hot weather in the afternoon. If the dog's temperature is above 40 degrees, it has a fever and needs to be taken to a hospital immediately. If you start with puppies, you should feed them three to four times a day. If the dog is still very small or within a month and a half, then you can't directly feed the dog food. You should prepare special milk powder or milk cake for the dog. When the dog is more than two months, you can try to feed the dog food, but you need to soak the soft food because the dog still can't bite the hard food.

Wire Fox Terrier Breed History

Wire Fox Terrier originated in the 19th century as a foxhunting breed and was produced in Britain and exported to other parts of the world. A heritage that includes a shaggy black and white ape and many terriers, the seat-haired fox hunter "Delematico" served with the British Guards during World War I and was awarded the Service Medal. Bristle-hunting fox terriers were not very popular at first, but gradually overtook short-haired breeds and reached their peak in 1920.    

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