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Whoodle:Dog Breed Profile

The Whoodle is a lovely, fun, and curly-haired dog. If you love a dog with such a description, the Whoodle makes an excellent choice. It's one of the cutest dogs around and looks like a teddy bear doll. A Whoodle is a crossbreed of poodle and wheaten terrier, and hence you'll expect similarities or traits of the parents to be present. They are elegant like the poodles and friendly and warm like the Wheaten Terriers. This combination brings forth adorable puppies that everyone would love to cuddle.

The Whoodle features a straight and wavy coat with excellent silk characteristics. Therefore it's soft and with reduced shedding. When you compare to other breeds, your house will be free of hair, and this will save you the vacuuming headache. On the same note, the hair can grow long and hence need for regular grooming and brushing to keep it neat.

If you live in an apartment, the Whoodle is a good choice since despite being active, it's also calm and adapts very well for indoor living. Here, we have a comprehensive review of the Whoodle dog. Keep reading.

Whoodle Breed Picture & Video

Whoodle Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Toy Group

    The Whoodle is a toy dog and is a favorite indoor or apartment dog. It's friendly, especially around small children and very playful.

  • Barking Level: Infrequent

    Although the Whoodle is very active and loves to play, it's laid back and not known to attack. It barks a little and is not a very aggressive dog. Hence, Whoolde makes a good pet, especially for homes with children.

  • Characteristics: Best Family Dogs

    Whoodle is a mixed breed between a Poodle and soft-coated wheaten. Due to this, it has inherited a lot in terms of physical characteristics and behavioral traits. The Whoodle vary in sizes and are generally affectionate, playful, and friendly.

  • Coat Type: Wire

    A Whoodle coat is a combination of curls and silkiness as derived from parental heritage. The dog's coat may be straight with different colors such as black, apricot red, spotted-parti, or silver. On the other hand, the coat can also be wavy with different color selection.

  • Shedding: Occasional

    Silky and woolly. Like the poodle and the wheaten terrier, it does not shed; it is therefore considered to be hypo-allergenic. He needs grooming more or less frequently. He will need more brushing if his coat is long and can look different depending on the style.

  • Size: Medium

    The Whoodle inherits its size from the parent heritage and will be the average of the poodle and Wheaten Terrier. Normally, a Wheaten weighs up to 40 pounds whereas a poodle can be a toy poodle, standard, or miniature. For this reason, they are neither small-sized nor large-sized and can be described as middle-sized dogs.

  • Trainability: Easy Training

    The Whoodle is easy to train since it's a very intelligent dog. However, like all other dogs, it's important to start training when they are puppies. Training involves socialization skills that need to be instilled when young as it can lead to behavioral problems as they age.

  • Activity Level: Energetic

    The Whoodle is a playful, intelligent, sociable, energetic, resistant dog. They are a lovely dog and make the best pet dog for most families. However, they can be overly active and stubborn, as you bring one home, you may have to step up your role as the head of the home.

  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate

    The coat can get long, and hence it's important to brush it regularly. You can trim the coat after two to three months since excess hair can lead to shagginess. The coat of the Whoodle is hypo-allergenic and hence an excellent choice if you suffer from allergies. Likewise, it sheds a little.

  • Exercise Requirements: Moderate

    Whoodle is a very active dog. However, it needs exercise for their mental and physical health. A Whoodle needs daily walks, and it's important to have little play at home. The dog is smart, and lack of exercise can result in developmental problems and may be withdrawn. For you to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with your Whoodle, make sure to play quite often.

  • Affection Needs: Cuddly

    The Whoodle is very gentle with people, especially with children. It likes to be cuddled. On the same note, they can get very active and playful.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

  • About Whoodle Breed

    The Whoodle may have a blend of traits inherited from the parent breeds. Generally, the parents are friendly and easy to get along with. Small children will have fun playing with the Whoodle since they resemble teddy bear dolls and do love engaging in fun activities. They are also very active, and this is critical for stimulating their mental health and for physical exercise. You only need to give your Whoodle attention and support, and in retaliation, you'll get affection and love.

Whoodle Breed Daily Care

Like every dog, your Whoodle requires regular grooming to maintain cleanliness and keep them in good health.

Hair: The Whoodle can have silky smooth hair or curly. If curly or wavy, you need to brush regularly to prevent entanglement. If smooth, you can brush with a soft brush. Also, the hair tends to grow pretty fast and hence the need to trim regularly every two months.

Nail: The Whoodle nail needs regular trimming to keep them neat and prevent the accumulation of dirt, which can harbor bacteria and other diseases causing organisms.

Eyes: You should clean your Whoodle eye with a clean cloth to prevent transmission of eye ailments. You can use a clean cloth to clean the eyes when bathing the dog. Avoid applying shampoos to the eyes as it may irritate. Should you notice teary eyes, contact your pet doctor for treatment.

Ears: Since a Whoodle has falling ears, dirt can be trapped inside and hence lead to infections. It's important to clean the ears at least once a month.

When cleaning your Whoodle's ears, you'll need a clean cotton ball, towel, and an ear cleaning solution that's gentle on the ear. Avoid using alcohol, peroxide, or vinegar as it can cause skin irritation.

Teeth: The Whoodle needs proper dental care to prevent cavities and premature loss. You need to brush the teeth at least once a week for proper care.

Recommended daily amount: Since Whoodle dogs come in a variation of three sizes, the feeding rations also vary. It's important to know the type of Whoodle dog so that you can estimate the feed portion. Smaller dogs will eat small portions every time they feed.

What food to choose: The best diet for your Whoodle should be packed with medium energy. Such a diet contains all the nutrients needed for a medium-sized Whoodle.

How to keep a good shape: A Whoodle requires a highly nutritious diet for their overall health. To keep good shape and prevent diseases, ensure the diet contains the necessary nutrients with natural and top-grade ingredients. Also, incorporate daily exercises for physical and mental health.

How many times to feed your dog: For puppies, you can feed them frequently, but for an adult, you can feed at least three times a day. Likewise, dogs need water to prevent dehydration.

Whoodle is a healthy dog since they are crossbreeds. However, they are prone to healthy dogs, just like any dog, and require regular checkups and treatment.

Common ailments and how to treat

Eye infections

Watery and itchy eyes can be due to an infection and require immediate medical attention.


Rabies is a viral disease that requires urgent attention. You need to vaccinate your dog to prevent infection.

Dental issues

Dogs can suffer from bacterial infections that can lead to cavities. In this case, your dog requires regular brushing and dental care.


Your dog requires regular deworming to keep away worms and boost their appetite.

The Whoodle is a smart dog that is easy to train and hence learns very fast. This can be because the parent breeds are equally intelligent. However, like all dogs, it's vital to train your Whoodle when young so that they can pick skills such as socialization and potty training early. It also helps prevent development problems which are due to failure to rain early.

Your Whoodle dog needs regular attention so as to live a healthy life. As a pet parent, it's advisable to feed your dog with the right diet and most importantly, a nutritious one. Additionally, the dog needs regular exercise for mental stimulation and physical exercise. Lastly, you can bath the dog at least once a week, trim the hair once a month, and generally keep a close watch on its health.

Whoodle Breed History

The Whoodle dogs are soft coated and a crossbreed of the Poodle and Wheaten Terrier. The poodle dog has three size variations of standard, toy, and miniature, and these are passed on the offspring.

Studies reveal that these dogs have been around for two decades. The Whoodle comes in three sizes variations which include standard, medium, or miniature due to their parental heritage.