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Whippet:Dog Breed Profile

The Whippet is a true sporting hound, a medium-sized visual hound that can cover the longest distance with the least amount of movement. The impression that gives a person is beautiful and harmonious, muscle is developed, strong and powerful, appearance is very decorous and graceful, show streamline line, the figure is the requirement of speed.
The breed is native to Britain, mostly in Russia. It has long limbs, a small, soft body, and is a miniature greyhound.

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  • About Whippet Breed

    Whippet has a gentle personality, is very loyal to the owner, knows how to please the owner, in the discipline training does not need to spend too much time, is a very good companion dog. The whippet has a habit of shivering, but that doesn't mean it's afraid or cold. It is best to avoid exposure to harsh weather or sunlight.  

    You may ask that do whippets like to cuddle? Actually, I've never seen a Whippet like cuddling so much! Whippet loves cuddling, especially when you wrap him in a blanket!

Whippet Breed Daily Care

The whippet's coat is short, so grooming is easy. It can be done every other day, but be sure to wipe it again with a soft, dry towel after each grooming to remove dust and dirt from your body. We should bathe the dog regularly. It is hot in summer and the number of baths should be increased appropriately. Remove earwax and tartar every 3-5 days. Wash your eyes with warm water regularly to avoid eye infection.

The diet of Whippet should contain 350-400 grams of meat a day, plus an equal amount of dry ingredients such as cereal. First, the meat cooked, chopped, and cooked vegetarian mix well after feeding. The supply of food must be adequate, too little dog will eat not enough, then growth and development are not good, naturally, there will be less some healthy, lively manner; More will be excess, resulting in weight gain, obesity, which also affects health and beauty. And provide plenty of clean water every day. The whippet is highly resistant but must get enough exercise every day to help its healthy growth.

In order to keep our Whippet healthy, we should obey the following points. The cutlery should be washed in time after every meal. The food leftover from the last meal must be thrown away and cannot be saved for the next meal. Cleanliness and hygiene must be strict.

The kennel should be chosen in a clean, hidden, and dry place. It should be cleaned every two days and disinfected regularly.

When we do weight resistance training for whippet dogs, we usually train whippet dogs to tow and run with weights in order to build up their full-body muscles. And if the whippet gets sick during training, we can always adjust the weight and distance to suit them. Therefore, for the WHIPPET, weight-bearing resistance training is a very common training method, and the training effect is also very significant. In addition, when we train dogs, we must pay attention to the effective and reasonable planning of training intervals. It’s not that training every day is the best. We have to judge the intensity and duration of each training session based on the results of each session and the dog’s condition. Otherwise, if the dog is not in good condition, but still give it heavy training tasks, it is likely to lead to injury.

At a month to two months old, whippet sleeps more than sixteen hours a day. So even though we love our newborn babies, we don’t need to pet them for long periods of time. We need to put them in a quiet place to rest. Puppies born a few nights ago may feel uneasy about being left alone. To soothe their hearts, they can place a ticking watch in their den and settle down as if their mother were there.

Whippet shaking may be a sign of health promlems. There may be many reasons for your Whippet shaking. Sometimes your Whippet shake is normal, but at other times there may be serious potential health problems.

Whippet Breed History

The Whippet is a slender, supple, miniature greyhound, originally from England. It is a hunting and racing dog, also known as a beagle. About 100 years ago, the breed was a mix of smaller greyhounds with Manchester, Bellingham, and white dogs. This dog has a very high reputation as a family dog. It walks like a horse and drives very fast with a whip, so it is also called a whippet dog. Its name comes from the word "whipping," which means moving quickly. It is often used in sprints. It can run at a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour. But because the contest was so cruel, it was banned in England and turned into a cloth nibbling contest, a legal competition in which whippets sped to their owners by waving handkerchiefs as a signal. Contests at such events are still very popular in the north of England. But also for the entertainment of celebrating the festival. However, the Whippet race performance is very general, so the previous one was disqualified. Now, with its beautiful looks and movements, it has become a leader in the exhibition.

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