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West Highland White Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

The West Highland White Terrier is a small, playful and determined terrier. It has a good artistic temperament, very arrogant, strong body structure, deep chest and lower back, straight back, strong hindquarters, and legs. Muscular, showing a powerful combination of strength and vitality. The coat is about 2 inches long, white, hard in texture, and has a thick, soft undercoat. Do not give dogs chocolate during feeding. Chocolate is fatal to dogs. Theobromine can stimulate the heart muscle and central nervous system and cause chocolate poisoning. Understanding common dog diseases and dog breeding behavior can make dogs grow healthier. The grooming of dog hair in daily care, but the image and temperament of the dog is good.

West Highland White Terrier Breed Picture & Video

  • About West Highland White Terrier Breed

    TheWest Highland White Terrier is petite, lively and playful, well-coordinated, and has a firm personality, but a little conceited. It is a typical terrier with a strong and strong body, with a deep chest and lower waist, a straight back and a straight back. Drive strong and powerful, with well-developed limbs, appear full of power and vitality slowly. Its coat is about 2 inches long, white, thick and hard, but the undercoat is very soft. They are gentle, durable, emotional, confident, and very loyal to their owners. The whole seems to have a natural and outstanding artistic temperament, which can not be ignored.

West Highland White Terrier Breed Daily Care

When grooming the West Highland White Terrier, it should be combed once in the morning and evening for 5 minutes each time. Pay attention to the sequence of combing: starting from the neck, from front to back, and from top to bottom in sequence, that is, from the neck to the shoulders, then back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, then comb the head, and finally, It is the limbs and tail. You should comb one side before combing the other side. Combing method: Combing hair should be combed and pulled quickly in the direction of the hair. When grooming long-haired dogs, many people only comb the long hair on the surface and ignore the fine hair below. The undercoat of a dog is soft and dense. If it is not combed for a long time, it will form tangles and even cause eczema, tinea or other skin diseases. Therefore, when grooming a long-haired dog, you should comb layer by layer, turn the long hair up, and then comb its undercoat. Types of combs: hair brush, elastic wire brush, and long and sparse metal comb. The brush can only make the ends of the long hair fluffy, but not the fine hair. When grooming long-haired dogs, brushes, elastic wire brushes, and long and sparse metal combs should be used together.  

Feeding West Highland White Terriers must first ensure a balanced diet. They must only be fed dog food, not leftovers on the table. For West Highland White Terriers, one cup of dry food and one tablespoon of canned dog food are enough to keep them healthy. Add enough warm water to the dry dog food, but don't make it too humid. No matter what kind of dry food, as long as your dog likes it, but once you choose a food, please continue to feed it to your dog and do not change it. Canned dog food, as long as it shows that it is nutritionally complete and balanced.  

West Highland White Terrier is prone to skin allergies. Too frequent bathing may worsen the situation. The bathing interval should be controlled at more than one month to avoid such problems. Regular combing of Xi Gao's coat can keep its color clean and shiny. Using cleansers-free, or specially designed for babies, or other flexible shower gels can effectively help Seco's skin moisturized. Or use corn flour to rub the hair. Because the cornflour contains zinc, it can protect the terrier's skin and prevent the terrier's skin from generating too much moisture. Use sanitary napkins to clean the inside of Xi Gao’s ears every week to remove grease and prevent infection. The ear canal should not be washed. Once water gets in, it should be wiped dry immediately, otherwise, it may cause infection. It is recommended to trim your body hair every two months, take a bath, and comb carefully during the period.  

The West Highland White Terrier has the temperament of a terrier, but it is very stubborn. It doesn't matter how to beat or scold it if it is recognized. Only with good training can it become a good dog. The first method, the inducement method, is where the owner uses West Highland’s favorite foods and objects to induce West Highland to make a certain action or uses West Highland’s spontaneous actions, combined with passwords and gestures to establish conditions. A means of reflex or enhancing training effects. The second method, the reward method, is a means to strengthen the correct actions of West Highland, consolidate the behaviors that West Highland has developed, and adjust the nerve state of West Highland prices. The reward methods include feeding, petting, letting go, and verbal praise called "good". The reward is extremely important in West Highland training, but it must be used properly, otherwise, good results will not be received. The third method, compulsive method-is mainly used for initial training, in order to strengthen the formation of its conditioned reflex. Under the influence of external incentives, West Highland can also use coercive means when it is unable to smoothly follow the commands and gestures. This method must be combined with rewards, that is, whenever West Highland is forced to make a correct action, it must be given a sufficient reward.

The amount of exercise required by the small but active West Highland White Terrier can be ignored. After exercise, you can let it drink a little more water, and get some pet snacks as a reward after a period of rest. The training of the West Highland Terrier is relatively difficult, so it takes more time and patience to educate it. Many people raise it because of the thick and beautiful hair of West Highland, so you must carefully comb it. When taking a bath, be careful not to use the usual bath products for your own use, but to use special doggies. Don't stop cleaning it because it is painful when you see it plucking ear hair. Always help it to brush its teeth and get rid of parasites inside and outside the body. Only by doing these small things well can the dog grow up healthily.

West Highland White Terrier Breed History

This dog comes from the highlands of western Scotland and has a pure white coat. It is a typical terrier dog. The specific origin was in the 19th century. From the appearance, West Highland's cheeks are similar to those of foxes, with a long nose. It is said that all the Scottish Terriers have the same ancestor, and they were distributed to various parts of the UK. The West Highland White Terrier was first used to hunt otters, foxes and mice. In the 19th century, Colonel Malcolm had carried out more than 60 years of breeding work in the village of Podo Rock on the Dambaton County territory of the famous Duke of Argyll, combining it with the white-haired dog breed Mate to stabilize the dog's appearance to what it looks like today. So the West Highland White Terrier used to be called the Podolok Terrier. Locally, there are not many breeders of West Highland White Terrier, and it has only gradually attracted more attention as the market demand has increased in recent years. In 12 years, the top pedigree West Highland White Terrier introduced by a certain dog club has always been the choice of domestic West Highland White Terrier lovers.