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Standard Schnauzer Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

Standard Schnauzer, native to Germany, is a medium-sized dog. The standard Schnauzer is an energetic, well-built dog with strong muscles and sufficient bone mass. His height is square in proportion to his length. A thick, hard, rough coat is a very important characteristic of this breed, and he also has curved eyebrows and a bristly beard.

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  • About Standard Schnauzer Terrier Breed

    The character of the Standard Schnauzer is in direct proportion to his appearance. He is gregariously Gregorian by nature, has a watchful expression, is very brave in the face of enemies, and is extremely loyal to his master. A very reliable companion dog who usually gets along well with children. Standard Standard Schnauzer has a very high IQ, full of wisdom, intelligence, good judgment, very energetic. Willing to receive training, brave, strong endurance, and resistance to weather and disease. The standard Schnauzer's weakness is on the right, and it will move to protect the right. When cornered, it leans its right side against the wall and faces the enemy on its left side. This habit is inherent in Standard Schnauzers. In terms of memory, the standard Schnauzer never seems to forget the voice of anyone who has been close to it, and it remembers the place where it has lived. But others believe that dogs rely on standard Schnauzer sensory acuity to recognize the voices of acquaintances and places they know. The standard Schnauzer is extremely jealous, and when you focus on your new dog and neglect to take care of it, it becomes angry, doesn't follow its established habits, and becomes irritable and destructive. It is this characteristic that also increases the vanity and dislikes of the Standard Schnauzer The standard Schnauzer likes people more than its kind, and not just because people can take care of it, feed it and house it. A more important reason is that dogs form relationships with people. Dogs have a strong attachment to their masters. Some dogs rescued children from the water, burning houses, or under cars. A dog will help its suffering or injured companion. Standard Schnauzers also have a vanity that likes to be praised and praised. When he does a good deed or does a little trick, you pat him on the back and stroke him, and the Standard Schnauzer is as satisfied as if he had eaten a good meal. Dogs can also be shy. If they do something wrong or their fur is cut too short, the standard Schnauzer will hide somewhere until it gets hungry. The standard Schnauzer is afraid of fire, so he dislikes anything that gives off smoke, such as striking matches, smoking, etc. There are plenty of examples to remind us that smoking makes dogs hate you. The standard Schnauzer likes to smell anything. Sniff territory signs, new dogs, food, poisons, feces, urine, etc. When the dog is out roaming, we often see it constantly urinate or squat to defecate, its feces scattered on the road. Standard Schnauzers rely on these "odor marks" to get around. If you tease him intentionally or hurt him unintentionally, he will show you his stubborn temper. It might even come back to bite you and so on, so schnauzer is not easy to deal with.

Standard Schnauzer Terrier Breed Daily Care

Standard Schnauzer is a dog that is easy to take care of. If it is not a racer, it is just for the purpose of being a domestic companion dog, so there is no need for painful grooming of the schnauzer. During the breeding process, diet and whole body care can be achieved. If your dog's hair is hard, long, and hairy, it will take at least 3 months to get a good, fair coat by periodic hair replacement. Another 3/4 of the hair should be shaved in the next month, so to 3.5~4 months of time to grow out, so remove the most primitive hair needs 2~3 months of time. After that, if the work continues, the hair renewal can be maintained.

Diet and feeding methods for adult Schnauzers: We can give one or two meals a day for the dog. You may not have to worry too much about the developmental status of the puppy, but it is most important not to be obese, especially not to give too much fat.

The dog is 7 ~ 8 years old that is open to entering the early old period, at this time in order to prevent senile disease, food should be as light as possible, do not give sweet food, in order to prevent obesity, the daily exercise is more important, such as before meals, must do a walk, and after finishing defecation, combing, then eat the most ideal; In short, in order to prevent partial food, must be timed, quantitative to eat, this is to maintain the health of the dog is the biggest secret. High-quality dog food for the elderly contains concentrated high-quality protein, is low in fat and contains easily digestible carbohydrates to provide energy. Some of the major minerals enhance the function of their aging joints, while vitamins C and E, as well as proteins, protect against infections that can easily occur due to a weakened immune system. As a dog ages, its sense of smell and taste degrades slightly, and its ability to chew decreases. Therefore, small grains of food can let your dog absorb the nutrients in the dog food, and the meat content of food can keep your dog's appetite good. Occasionally add a can to your dog's food to increase cravings.

The dog's intestines and stomach to the human eat milk reaction is particularly big. If you worried about the dog's nutrition, you can consider feeding sheep milk powder. For dogs up to two months, it is recommended to feed or dry food soaked in water. Other food, often causes indigestion, diarrhea, etc. So do not let your dog eat. Puppy feeding times than adult dogs, generally feed 4 times a day dog food, a small amount of multi-meal type, if you think the dog's nutrition is not enough, you can consider cooking an egg every day, do not swallow the yolk, the best three or four times feeding, do not give the dog eat protein, the dog eat protein is not easy to digest. If you also have a cat in your home, store your cat food to prevent your dog from stealing excess protein. Every time feeding food, food left unfinished should be thrown away, especially in hot summer, water should be fully supplied, clean containers should be prepared, do not feed raw water, boiled water should be cool, and constantly change freshwater, do not change old water for days. Let the dog drink freely.

Schnauzer body odor may bring you some problems, you can ask your vet for help.

Schnauzers are sedentary animals, and daily outdoor exercise is a must. Can run in the exercise body, also can absorb the ultraviolet ray of the sun, improve the absorption of calcium. In addition, ultraviolet rays kill bacteria and repel parasites. The amount of activity of Schnauzer is related to the body shape, the activity amount of large body shape is large, the activity amount of small body shape is small. Can control commonly run 2-15 minutes, flat step 20-40 minutes between. Schnauzer should be fitted with a traction belt when exercising outside. Avoid schnauzers from attacking people and animals, and prevent traffic accidents from crossing the road. Don't let other schnauzers come into contact with you on your walk to prevent bites and infections. When you return from exercise, protect the schnauzer from outside diseases by drinking plenty of clean water, combing his hair with a comb and wet towel, and clearing away dirt and other schnauzer drool. If your own schnauzer has had physical contact with other dogs, disinfect your own schnauzer if it is suspected to be sick based on the color and appearance of the dog.  

When you bought back a standard schnauzer puppy, you should not take a bath for it. You can not let it go out for a walk, because the puppy's gastrointestinal function has not developed mature, so the diet is very needed to take seriously.

The protein is broken down into amino acids in the dog's body, which is of great benefit to the various organs, muscles, blood, bones, hair, skin, paws, and other tissues of the dog. Giving too much fat and exercise is not enough, the accumulated fat will become the cause of obesity. In addition to protein, fat, and carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins are indispensable to the dog's body. If minerals and vitamins are insufficient, it will affect the development of the dog's bones and its resistance to diseases. So dog owners to choose dog food must pay attention to the content of the ingredients label!    

Standard Schnauzer Terrier Breed History

The Standard Schnauzer is an old German dog. As early as the 15th and 16th centuries, the standard Schnauzer was well known as a domestic companion. During that period, its portrait appeared in many paintings. For 12 years the painter 1504 had a standard Schnauzer, and the image of the dog appeared repeatedly in his paintings from 1492 to 1504. Rembrandt also painted a standard Schnauzer. 1501, Lucas painted the Schnauzer on a tapestry. In the 18th century, the standard Schnauzer appeared in an oil painting by the English painter St. A 14th-century statue of a hunter and his dog, squatting at Hunter’s feet, bears a striking resemblance to the standard Schnauzer of today at a market in Mecklenburg, Germany.

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