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Springerdoodle:Dog Breed Profile

Another great combination that will make your children happy would be the Springerdoodle. It is the cross-breed of the English Springer Spaniel with the Poodle. That dog gives a lot of heirs and shares characteristics from both ancestors. They are playful and like to get adopted by families. For many years the Springerdoodle dogs were hard to find. However, today many breeders prefer to present such dogs that can live in apartments and require less space than others.

It is evident that you don't have to give lots of care to these dogs. They are independent enough to take care of themselves. The only obligation you may have is to get them to the vet twice a year for a thorough examination and vaccination.

Springerdoodle dogs can bring back vitality and energy to your family. They can even help you get rid of your depression and find a friend who will be there for you.

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Springerdoodle Breed Characteristics

  • About Springerdoodle Breed

    The Springerdoodle breed is a robust one giving your dogs that can live for more than 14 years. They can be the best friends you ever wanted and be affectionate to your family and friends.

    They do offer their lovable presence to kids and strangers, and they are always eager to help. Since they are at your service all the time, they deserve your gratitude and affection like no one else does.

Springerdoodle Breed Daily Care

These dogs can enjoy careful grooming that includes the following:

Ears: Thorough cleaning of the ears is always possible to remove debris and wax that accumulates there.

Eyes: You have to carefully clean and wipe off their eyes with a clean cloth so that their vision gets better.

Teeth: Give extra importance to their teeth brushing. It has to be done daily and include some gum massaging to ensure they will have their teeth all the time.

Nails: Their nails require frequent trimming but not deep cutting.

Hair: The Springerdoodle’s hair should also be cut every summer without leaving them unprotected from the sun rays.

Recommended daily intake: You can make them have at least 3 cups of food every day. Since they have a massive body type you need to feed them more than the other breeds.

What food to choose: Vets believe that meat protein and vitamins are the best combinations for their health. However, you need to give them bones for their teeth from time to time. Not to mention, that carbohydrates should be also apparent in their nutrition to keep them healthy.

How to keep the good shape: These dogs simply love the long walks. You can have it with you when you walk with your friends and make it have a large promenade close to your neighborhood. Another way to keep its shape would be to have a personal training session with a specialized trainer for dogs.

How many times to feed your dog: The best deal would be to feed them three times per day. Some Springerdoodle dogs will ask for a fourth meal but it’s up to you if you are going to give it or not.

The dogs are generally in good health, however, you need to measure their blood sugar carefully as they may develop juvenile diabetes even from the first years of their life.

Hypothyroidism - A common disease that affects the thyroid gland and makes their metabolism low.

Condition- It can affect their way to react to external threats and also put their lives in danger.

Treatment- Some T3 pills like the humans take will resolve the problem once and for all.

Ear infections - The Springerdoodle dogs have sensitive ears that fade away with time.

Condition- This happens during the springtime and you need to take care of it.

Treatment - Many ointments and creams are online available for external use. They prevent from bleeding and further infection of the ears and to the well-being of your dog.

According to the experts, a Springerdoodle needs to get a thorough train. First, they need to learn the catch and throw the game. Then they like to bring the newspaper to their masters, and that is something they never forget doing.

Another kind of training they get is to deny taking food from strangers. It is the hardest of pieces of training they can have, but it will ensure the longevity of the dog and your safety at home.

Finally, people train these dogs to become guardians with elevated care and increased barking levels. It is one of the most important assets the Springerdoodle dogs develop throughout their lives.

You don't have to do a lot to keep your Springerdoodle happy. You just have to ensure it stays in a doghouse and never gets in touch with contaminating agents in your yard.

Besides that, you need to give it a cool place to live through the summer and take care of his fur when the time calls.

Springerdoodle Breed History

The Springerdoodle history starts ever since their ancestors have immigrated to the United States. It was the early 19th century when the breeders from North America started experimenting with dog breeds.

Initially, they have adopted the Poodle and English Spaniel breeds and were excited by their adaptability to the new continent.

These dogs were helping them in the farms with daily chores and were perfect for playing around with kids and family. Not to mention, that these dogs had a growing life expectancy that soon enough reached 12 years of age.

All that happened in an era where there were no antibiotics and zero chances to survive from a serious infection. The breeders decide to mix the English Spaniel with the Poodle, and that was the way the Springerdoodle came into life.

It is exciting to say that the new breed carries all the benefits and qualities of the ancestors. Sometimes it can suffer from some complicated health issues, but in general, it is as healthy as its parents.

Everyone that has adopted a Springerdoodle dog remains confident of its quality and affection. It can stay with its master for a prolonged amount of time and ensure he is safe and sound. These dogs remain the pride of any breeder and can give added value to your dogging portfolio.