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Spinone Italiano:Dog Breed Profile

Spinone Italiano is a muscular dog with strong bones. Energetic and energetic, very hardy, an experienced hunting dog in any terrain. Sociable by nature, obedient, and patient. Having a bristly, bushy coat, and thick skin. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, able to cross brush, and enable him to endure cold rain, the lack of natural “armor” of the dog will be severely punished.

Spinone Italiano Breed Picture & Video

  • About Spinone Italiano Breed

    Spinone Italiano’s primary positioning and function is the gun dog. The aim of breeding is to have a versatile hound, and this must be taken into account. A light, relaxed Trot provides long-lasting endurance. With minimal effort to cover the maximum area of ground, this is a requirement for a multi-purpose gun hound. In the Trot, the topline contour is completely controlled. Another distinctive feature of his gait is his large, fast stride. Thus, the Spaniel is an excellent retriever by nature. It is well known at home and popular in Europe and the United States.  

Spinone Italiano Breed Daily Care

We can’t bathe Spinone Italiano too often, because the Spaniel’s sebum secretion is relatively weak, and frequent washings can destroy its protective sebum wash. This increases the chances that Spinone Italiano will develop skin disease, and frequent bathing is not good for the dog’s skin. We should keep the temperature of the Spinone Italiano bath between 35-38 degrees. Don’t use cold water to bathe the Spinone Italiano. It is easy for the dog to catch a cold and get sick. At the same time, we choose to give the dog bath tools and supplies to choose pet-specific type, can not easily on the consumption of human supplies to replace.

When we feed a Spinone Italiano, we have to do it regularly and in a certain amount to prevent the dog from eating too much or overeating. We can prepare some clean water every day so that the dog can drink at any time. When feeding, we should cultivate the proper rules for the dog. Eating well is a sign of a good appetite, but we should not allow him to wolf down his food. We should train him to eat slowly. Besides, once the dog has finished eating, we must take the bowl away so that he doesn’t have time to come back and eat it. No matter how busy we are, the feeding schedule must not be changed at will, and the amount of food should not be increased or decreased, which is bad for the dog’s health. It can also have a negative emotional impact. If we do not deal with the dog after eating a bowl or leftover food, this will affect the dog’s health.

If the Spinone Italiano is accidentally knocked over by hot water or soup, or accidentally burned by fire, we should immediately wash the wound with water. If possible, it is best to let the water flow continuously for about 10 minutes. This is because of the dog’s bushy coat, water to penetrate the hair root of the skin is to take a period of time, coupled with hot water on the body is not easy to cool down the heat, so there is a continuous flow of water through the wound, helps to moderate the high temperature of the skin surface and reduce the degree of damage to skin tissue. Sometimes the owner will use ice on the affected area, but not for too long, otherwise, the skin will quickly necrosis. Don’t let the dog lick too much of the burn, as it increases the chance of bacterial infection.

Also, the owner should not bandage the wound too long, as it may cause inflammation of the wound. In addition, we do not use anything other than water or brackish water to clean burns or scalds. When we have done the first aid, we must take them to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Spinone Italiano is a hunting dog, and studies have found that the best time to train is in its infancy, between 2 and 6 months of age. If you’re going to train a Spinone Italiano to watch the house, then you need to train a Spinone Italiano at this time. To train him to be a gatekeeper, but also to train him in technique. Spinone Italiano can handle the door, and different people have different opinions. Some owners thought the Spinone Italiano would do a good job, while others thought it would not. Of course, whether or not it has the potential to guard the house, if it really want to guard the house, then from an early age to its training, training, guidance is essential. If you want your dog to be a good housemaid, you need to keep training him.

Many owners put a lot of effort into the appearance of the Spinone Italiano and often neglect the dog’s oral care. But we should know because dogs are omnivorous animals, so it is easy to suffer from various dental diseases, and these dental diseases will affect the health of dogs, and even fatal risk. In fact, these diseases we can take to the veterinary department on a regular basis, and routine health care to avoid.

Spinone Italiano Breed History

Spinone Italiano’s ancestors date back centuries and may have come from a Griffin dog. In the 15th century, an early image of this species was painted on a mural in the Mantua Tuco palace in Italy. Spinone Italiano is a compact, square-shaped, athletic, energetic dog that is one of the most gifted of all hunting dogs. The Spinone Italiano has a very sensitive tracking ability and one of the few soft beaks in a hunting dog that doesn’t harm its prey.

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