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Shiranian:Dog Breed Profile

Shiranian is a lovely combination. Shiranian is a small, lively, friendly dog. These dogs are partners who like to be with their families, and are great children and old people. On the downside, shiranian is often suffering from separation anxiety, so if you can't go home for quite a long time, you may want to think about another mix. Nevertheless, it is a naughty, happy, smart dog is a great supplement to a loving family. Like its two parent species, shiranian has long, silk like fur that can be straight or wavy. The hybrid has several colors, such as red, sable, chocolate, black, gold, orange and stripes.

Shiranian Breed Picture & Video

Shiranian Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Working Group

    Shiranian is a dog weighing between 4 and 16 pounds, and weighs at a higher end than the current Pomeranian.

  • Barking Level: Infrequent

    Shiranian is not easy to bark or recommended as a watchdog unless necessary, because shiranian is very sociable and accessible.

  • Characteristics: Smallest Dog Breeds

    Shiranian is prone to fat. The cubs need a few short walks and a lot of toilet breaks a day. You should also brush shiranian every day, because small items are prone to tooth problems. As a hybrid between the sish and Pomeranian parents, you can expect shiranian to stand on the small side. Most shiranian weigh between 4 and 16 pounds and shoulders are between 7 and 12 inches tall. That is, some can be smaller or larger.

  • Coat Type: Long

    The main colors of the hiranian long-length coat are brown, black, sable, mottled, red and white. Sometimes shiranian's coat is solid, although shiranian often blends the patterns and colors of her parents.

  • Shedding: Seasonal

    Shiranian shedding may be small, but its maintenance requirements are huge. Like pomerian and a Shih Tzu, shiranian has a long, double coat that requires a lot of finishes to keep it in the shape of the top and avoid cushions.

  • Size: Small

    Most shiranian is described as friendly and fun. Shiranian is as big as your average knee dog, and the moderate energy level of shiranian means that shiranian may enjoy a good nap like playing games.

  • Trainability: May Be Stubborn

    Shiranian can be stubborn, but shiranian lacks the training, and shiranian makes up for ten times in personality. Shiranian is very friendly, careful and lovely. Shiranian training and socialization should be established as early as possible. Consistent and positive reinforcement is shiranian's approach.

  • Activity Level: Regular Exercise

    It's most popular to take shiranian to the park and walk around every day. Although a small indoor dog, shiranian does need social, fresh air and an opportunity to exercise the brain and body.

  • Grooming Requirements: Low

    Shiranian usually has a long coat and is often considered a good choice for allergic patients. Shiranian's coat needs to be brushed daily and it needs to be washed once a month. Because the shiranian dog is a puppy, shiranian is easily hurt by over excited children. Shiranian prefers to be with adults or older children who know how to play softly.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    Providing adequate exit for shiranian's energy may help him with the anxiety he experienced when he was alone. Walking 20 minutes a day, listening to lectures, playing pick-up games, or having a chance to play interesting toys are all the activities your shiranian will like.

  • Affection Needs: Balanced

    Shiranian may not be in a hurry to learn new skills, but these lively puppies do like interaction and attention. Shiranian will inherit the characteristics of the parent species. Shiranian may have different personalities, but usually falls in the middle of the characteristics of her parents.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

    Shiranian is a mixed breed dog. Shiranian is not a pure breed like the parents of the sish or the Pomeranian.

  • About Shiranian Breed

    Name: Shiranian

    Height: 7-12 inches

    Weight: 6-16 lbs

    Lifespan: 10-16 years

    Coat Density: Dense

    Coat Texture: Straight

    Puppy Price: $750-$1500

    Temperament: Lovable, cheerful, and energetic

    Suitable for: Almost any family dynamic

    The lovely shiranian has a medium to long double coat, just like two of its parents. Shiranian's fur is silky, but sometimes it is wavy like a pommerian. Shiranian has a variety of colors, such as black, red, chocolate, stripes, sable, orange and multicolor. The dogs have short mouths, large black or brown eyes and soft ears. Shiranian has a small black nose, usually with its tail curling on its back. Although shiranian is a puppy, shiranian has a strong body and strong legs, between 7 and 10 inches tall.

    Shiranian inherited his personality from his parents variety, pomerian and a Shih Tzu. The dog is very friendly, smart and happy. Shiranian is very friendly and likes to be with his family, but if she often stays alone, shiranian may have separation anxiety. These dogs are easy to train because shiranian learns very quickly and obeys orders in a way that is eager to please.

    If your lifestyle determines that a small breed of dogs is the best for you, shiranian may be the perfect competitor. These friendly little guys are considered "designer dogs" because shiranian is a mixture of pure breed lions and Pomeranian dogs, so shiranian can show the physical properties and personalities of any breed. Please note that the shiranian dog is a real companion dog and, when not done, he left for a long time - a big consideration when choosing the right breed for you. In addition, shiranian's ideal environment will be an environment where he can live indoors, but still get regular outdoor game time under supervision. Another advantage is that he is good for the child; and another disadvantage (if you can say that) is shiranian's outgoing and friendly character, which means he is unlikely to be a watchdog.

    If you are looking for your shiranian to look after your home while you are not, you may want to consider another variety. Shiranian is a friendly animal and is usually close to strangers soon. Shiranian is more likely to let the thieves play with shiranian than to protect your home. Even when you are reminded of someone at the door, your shiranian won't bark or upset - shiranian wants to play with new guests.

Shiranian Breed Daily Care

The two parents, pomerian and a Shih Tzu, have double-layer long and rich fur. Shiranian inherited these characteristics; the hybrid has medium to long silky fur, usually straight, but when the influence of the Bohemians is greater, shiranian's hair may be more wavy in texture. Shiranian often falls off, so it is recommended to brush teeth every day. It is recommended to use a needle brush or a wide comb. Dogs are sensitive to skin, so it is not recommended to dry with a hair dryer; it is better to dry with a towel. Occasionally trimming hair around the eyes and other parts of the body, such as feet, is necessary. Check nails for cracks and tears and length every two weeks. If you can, brush your teeth every day because shiranian is prone to cavities.

If you buy shiranian, you should not only comb shiranian's hair every day, but also brush her teeth often. If you don't like to comb and take care of your pet, it may not be your dog. The good news is that brushing your teeth is a good way to combine with your dog. Try to provide a small treat or a seat on your leg every morning to keep your brandy hair in perfect shape for the day. Playfulness, friendliness and calm are the best ways to describe shiranian. Shiranian is so interested in being your friend and partner that shiranian is not always so easy to train. One of the most challenging things you have to face as the master of shiranina is shiranian's separation anxiety.

As a dog who is expected to live for 15 years or more, the shiranian dog needs about one second to one cup of dry dog food a day. High quality nutrition and dry mixed foods are important because smaller varieties may be prone to tooth problems. As usual, it's worth consulting a vet before you determine or change your dog's diet.

Shiranian is considered a puppy and shiranian must be fed a small variety of food. If you give too much food to a shiranian, shiranian will soon gain weight. It's best to consult your veterinarian about how much food your pet needs. A four pound dog may need different food than a 14 pound dog.

If you want to feed your dog other than dog food, there are many healthy treatments and human food, you can share it with your dog. Before you can determine your shiranian diet, you need to consult your veterinarian. As your dog ages, the amount of food shiranian needs will change.

It is also a dog full of emotion and love. Shiranian is a society and needs the company of human being and is happy and well adjusted. Shiranian is loving, outgoing, energetic and needs to have enough opportunities to play and exercise (if you don't help shiranian burn out all the extra energy every day, shiranian will find more mischievous to get the thrill of shiranian). Shiranian usually gets along well with other animals, especially those who grow up with shiranian. To a large extent, it's not a variety with a lot of health problems. Like most hybrid dogs, shiranian may have inherited typical problems with its parent breeds, including cataracts and hypoglycemia in the Pomeranian dogs, allergies in the Shih Tzu dogs and hypothyroidism. That is, shiranian has not shown sensitivity to these issues. It is important to have regular checks with veterinarians (especially when your dog enters the old age) to ensure that any potential health problems can be identified and treated as soon as possible.

Shiranian is usually a healthy, robust breed. That is, shiranian can develop the same conditions that normally afflict the parent of shiranian, like all hybrids. Some of the most common diseases you need to be aware of include cataracts, hypoglycemia, allergies and hypothyroidism. Follow any warning signs closely and bring them to the veterinary office when the first sign of the problem occurs.

Known for its intelligence, shiranian will soon understand orders, especially when he is a puppy. Stubborn streak warning: shiranian may be a willful little guy and is considered "moderate" and easy to train. Be patient, persistent and expect the results to come. Shiranian is known to suffer from a terrible "puppy syndrome.". Therefore, it is important to establish the dominant position of oneself in this relationship while maintaining positive reinforcement during the training process. It's certainly a tricky balance to keep, so it may not be the first time an ideal dog trains. A soft touch with a firm hand is necessary, and not all owners are able to achieve this balance.

Shiranian is so small that she can get along well in an apartment, but don't underestimate the need for shiranian to exercise. It will be worth walking 20 minutes a day in the park, because there is fresh air and opportunity to communicate with other dogs. If you can think about a few games, shiranian will love you all your life. Since shiranian is a variety that benefits from a large number of socialization, you may want to consider registering shiranian's obedience or agile class good measures.

Shiranian is very good for children and the old. Shiranian is very loyal and will become a lovely family member. Shiranian can get along well with children, but should be monitored during interaction.

Shiranian is adaptable and can get along well in the apartment, although shiranian has a backyard that can be explored all day long.

When shiranian is adoptable, pet parents need to ensure that shiranian's home is in place. No matter how attractive, the little guy can't sleep in your bed, so plan to have a small, soft dog bed for him. He may not eat much at first, but he should use small, shallow, stainless steel bowls to contain a large number of high-quality biscuits and fresh water. Dimensions will avoid head impact on the rim and the manufacturing process will ensure that there are no bacteria. Enlarge the tableware for about a year. Shiranian is a mixture of pomerian and a Shih Tzu. It is a kind of small animal that likes to be with people. There are some basic things you should know before buying a shiranian puppy. In this guide, we will help you provide all the information you need to ensure that this is your dog.

If you don't have too much yard space, you can still provide a good home for a shiranian. Although the shiranian dog is not a high-energy dog, shiranian must exercise some to maintain the right weight. As you expect from a sish dog and a descendant of Pomerania, shiranian is a puppy. But how lucky the draw is. Some shiranian weighs only four pounds, while others weigh as much as 16 pounds. Wherever shiranian falls, shiranian tends to have strong bodies and strong, muscular legs. The typical height of the shoulder is 7 to 10 inches. Because shiranian often falls off, a good daily brush with a brush or a wide toothed comb is essential. Because the skin of the dog is usually sensitive, it is necessary to use special shampoo when bathing shiranian, and wipe it gently with a towel: avoid drying, because this may aggravate shiranian's skin. Since shiranian's hair tends to grow in large quantities around the eyes, ears and feet, it needs to be trimmed occasionally. The nail should be checked for cracks or cracks every two weeks, and once the nail starts to click on a hard surface, it should be trimmed. Due to the variety's easy to have tooth problems, brush twice a week (if possible, brush more teeth), and give shiranian plenty of teeth to chew friendly to maintain good oral health.

Shiranian Breed History

There are few historical records of shiranian. The hybrid originated in the United States and was made by a sish dog and Pomerania. Shih Tzu is one of the oldest dog breeds. Shih Tzu is said to have originated with Beijing dogs and Lhasa APSO. Shih Tzu is believed to have been invented by Tibetan monks who gave some of the dogs as gifts to the Chinese royal family. Shih Tzu From 1368 to 1644, Shih Tzu was depicted in paintings, arts and works of Tang Dynasty in China. In 1861, after the Dalai Lama gave two Sakyamuni to empress Cixi, the variety was very popular in the court. According to the general belief, these dogs have their own palaces. After the queen died, many royal families began to raise the dogs. The breed was later brought to England, Ireland, and finally to the United States. In 1969, the American Dog Club recognized the poodle. The pomerians come from the bohemilania region of central Europe. Early on, the dogs weighed 30 pounds, with wedge-shaped heads, sharp ears and rich fur. Pomeranian Bomies originated from Spitz breeds, such as elk, hippelk, Eskimo, Spitz and Samoyed in Germany. It is said that Martin Luther, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton and Mozart all have Pomerania. When Princess Sophie Charlotte married the future King George III in 1761, she brought two Pomeranian dogs, a popular breed in the British Royal Circle. In 1888, Queen Victoria also liked the 12 pound Pomeranian dog in Italy. Her passion for the breed, especially the smaller, encouraged the breeding of smaller Pomeranian dogs. The breed was recognized by the American dog club in 1888.

These dogs can become very upset when they are alone for a long time. When your Syrians are young, you have to teach shiranian to be alone for some time. It's not the nature of this kind of dog. If you're a bachelor and you're going out for eight hours a day, your shiranian will be under great pressure. For an elderly looking for a companion animal, the shiranian is a good choice. If you spend time training your puppy properly, shiranian will be a good friend for many years. Shiranian can be a great family pet. Not all families, however, are ready to deal with a shiranian. Shiranian is a dog and doesn't weigh much. If you have children who don't know how to deal with the surrounding puppies, your shiranian people may be in danger. Children may not understand how vulnerable the dog is. If you feel you can train your child properly for the safety of the dog, shiranian may be a good fit. You don't have to worry about a shiranian that is offensive or dangerous to your child; the danger is usually the opposite. If you have a bigger child, shiranian is a great fit because shiranian likes people around you. A busy family has many people in all the day's time being a perfect home for a shiranian. It's essential to have a few people around to make sure that your shiranian gets a lot of exercise. Shiranian will get along well with other pets, as long as shiranian is introduced and trained, shiranian is young. If you happen to have more than one pet in your family, it will help your shiranian get rid of separation anxiety. For shiranian, fighting separation anxiety is common and it is very useful to keep another dog at home during the day.