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Sealyham Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

The Sealyham Terrier is a breed of dog that has been completely modified by man. From 1850 to 891, in the Sealyham lands of Wales, the breed was carefully improved by Captain John Edwards. Although no records of actual breeding have been kept at the time, it can be identified as a cow-head terrier, West Highland White terrier, short-legged long-legged terrier, and a breed of Garcorgi. The dog was first shown at a local dog show in Wales in 1903. In 1911, the kennel Club in the United States and The United Kingdom recognized.

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  • About Sealyham Terrier Breed

    The Sealyham Terrier, bearded and beautiful, was developed with hunting dog breeds to track Otters, burrowing bears, and foxes. To track prey that lurks underground, with strength, agility, courage, determination, and patience.

Sealyham Terrier Breed Daily Care

It is important to keep the Sealyham Terrier clean. In principle, we should brush the dog’s coat with a stiff brush every day and bathe him regularly.

The Sealyham Terrier is good at hunting, so he needs more exercise, so his food consumption increases accordingly. In peacetime feeding, it is best to give it to room temperature food, not too cold or heating, because both of these are not good for its body. Cold food can damage your intestines and cause diarrhea in your pet. And food overheating, which will make most of the nutrition loss of food, does not play its role, so even in order to soft for the dog to eat, it is best to use warm water.

The food should not be too salty for dogs, too much salt can cause the dog to shed hair, and greatly increase the risk of skin diseases, so taste must be moderate. The Chinese terrier also loves to gnaw on bones, so he can usually get a few big bones to gnaw on. This will allow it to both entertainments can also help it grind teeth, entertainment, and health. Do not mix your usual meals with dog food. This will not balance nutrition and may harm your dog. A scientific and reasonable diet can make the dog more healthy, so it must be well managed.

Rabies is an infectious disease of dogs. Rabies is one of the zoonosis that must be prevented. We have to vaccinate our dogs with the Rabies vaccine, which is good for the Sealyham Terrier and good for the health of our family. The low incidence of rabies in large cities is mainly due to the vaccination of dogs with the Rabies vaccine. It is important to note that when choosing the Rabies vaccine, it is best to select a single vaccine to ensure clinical efficacy.

The  Sealyham Terrier  is a lively and active dog, so every day there should be enough time for him to walk or run or jump freely.  

Sealyham Terrier is a very good family dog because good at hunting, so naturally, like activity, its activity is greater than the General Dog, so the consumption of food is also relatively large. The dog likes to gnaw the bone, usually can give it a few bones to gnaw, this can play a role in its entertainment and sports, but also contribute to healthy growth.

Sealyham Terrier Breed History

The  Sealyham Terrier is an entirely modified breed of dog, named after John Johan’s manor in Haverfordwest, a Welsh town. The dog was first shown at a local dog show in Wales in 1903 and is slowly becoming known. An unknown strain of 1891 bred a breed known for its bravery in trapping badgers, otters, and foxes in 1850 -- 1891. The qualities required are great courage and endurance. As the ability of the  Sealyham Terrier   to work aroused public interest, they began to take the place of other terriers in prominent families and exhibition races. The first recorded appearance at the dog show was at Haverwest, Wales, in October 1903. In January 1908, a group of Welsh Kennel lovers founded the SEALYHAM Terrier. At the first meeting, they drafted the breed standard for the first Chinese terrier in Sicily. Sealyham Terrier’s first championship was at the British dog show in October 1910. On March 8, 1911, the Sealyham Terriewas recognized by the Kennel Club and received an invitation to the Grand Exhibition of Silihan terriers to be held in London on June 10, 1911.

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