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Saluki:Dog Breed Profile

A Saluki is a large breed of hunting dog. Originally from Iran in the Middle East, the Saluki originated in 3000 BC. Ancient history, dating back 5,000 years, ancient Egyptian tombs, the walls, also painted very much like their hound. Its name comes from the Arabian desert submerged city of Saluki, now part of Yemen. Saluki is a precious breed with a loyal and stable personality. But because of its pedigree hunting dog, hunting desire is extremely strong, so must strictly control training.

Saluki Breed Picture & Video

  • About Saluki Breed

    The Saluki hound has a graceful body, long and balanced, short and silky hair, especially its ears, a well-proportioned and powerful neck, shoulders, a long tail that hangs naturally, with long hair at the tail, and a long pointed head and deep eyes that show nobility and gentleness. Saluki hound has a variety of fur colors, including white, cream, gold, red, brown, brown-yellow, black, and brown-yellow. In different places, he showed great care and attachment to his master. His emotions do not need training.

Saluki Breed Daily Care

The dog is grooming Saluki as he lies on the ground and licks his fur. Therefore, the owner should repair their hair once in a while and take them to the animal salon for a trim if possible. Because sometimes Saluki buttocks hair is too long, will affect its stool, abdomen and legs hair long easy dirty, soles of feet hair too long when walking slippery, easy to fall. So, for Saluki, we should trim his hair at regular intervals.

Saluki hound is a kind of large hound, if you want to breed this kind of dog, you can buy some dog food back, add water can directly feed, but the Saluki hound is more energetic, need to eat about 200 grams of meat every day, this needs to pay more attention to the owner. Generally speaking, Saluki dogs will eat half a pound of meat every day. When feeding Saluki dogs, we can boil the meat and cut it up, then mix it with dog food and feed them. Sometimes, we can also feed dog food alone. In your spare time, you can cook some whole grains and feed them, plus some vitamins and calcium tablets, in addition, you can supplement a certain amount of protein, which can make your dog look strong and healthy.

In order to keep the Saluki hound healthy, we need to brush the Saluki hound's teeth. The first thing to do is try to calm him down so he doesn't move while he brushes his teeth. It is important to train a Saluki hound to brush his teeth as a child, and to calm him before brushing his teeth. When we started to have it to brush your teeth, it will certainly not accustomed to, can use soft cloth or towel first, to clean it wrapped around the fingers of your teeth, slowly until it can accept in the atmosphere of brushing your teeth, and then change major in mouthwash, can according to your Saluki hound like the taste of toothpaste, so it will be more like brushing your teeth, you can smoothly to give it to brush your teeth. Plus, we brush our teeth at least three times a week. In addition to brushing teeth and timely cleaning the oral hygiene of Saluki hound, we should also feed it scientifically, and try to feed it crisper and less sticky food. If food residue is left in the corner of the tooth, it is easy to produce oral bacteria, in addition, we can give it some big bones, dog bite glue, bite-resistant toys, etc., can effectively clean the teeth and oral hygiene.

With a long history of running and tracking animals, Saluki dogs need to exercise and walk every day to stay physically and mentally healthy. Ideal for runners or active families, the Salamander should ideally live in a large fenced yard to keep the salamander safe. Without proper exercise and stimulation (lots of playtimes and lots of safe toys and bones to chew on), Saluki dogs can become destructive. Many Salisbury hounds will prove somewhat difficult to train. Salisbury hounds like to think for themselves and may require more persuasion than other breeds. However, like most dogs, most Saluki dogs respond well to positive praise and reward from their owners.

Saluki hound is a large dog and needs a lot of exercise every day, so we need to provide an open playground for the dogs when we take care of them so that they can move around every day. This kind of dog is not suitable for keeping in the city actually, we feed them dog food at ordinary times at the same time must add certain meat. In the process of feeding, you can make some dog food for them to eat, such as whole grains and so on, you can also add some vitamins, calcium tablets, protein, and so on in the dog food so that the dog is not easy to get sick, on the contrary, will be more healthy.

Saluki Breed History

The Saluki hound was an Egyptian noble dog and was probably the first known domesticated dog. According to history, it appeared in the tomb of Ancient Egypt in 2100 BC, and a statue of the Saluki hound was made between 7000 and 6000 BC. In some ancient cultures, the animals depicted were similar to Saluki dogs, with tiny-like bodies and long ears. Saluki dogs grow similarly in Egypt, Pakistan, and other Aramaic countries. In 1840 the Salsubyhound was brought to England, a dog belonging to Mr. Hamilton, a bitch belonging to the Duke, and a dog belonging to the park, and it was these three-headed dogs that gave the first impression of the breed. The British learned something about the Saluki hound through his army, as an officer during the First World War in Asia learned. Because of their speed, they are used to catch old sheep in The Arabian country. They attack the antelope under the guidance of the falcons. We also believe that they will catch foxes and rabbits, and in Britain, their task is to find rabbits in the shortest time possible.

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