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Rottweiler:Dog Breed Profile

The Rottweiler is an animal belonging to the canine family. It has a strong body, swift movement, and a strong momentum. It is one of the most courageous and powerful dog breeds in the world.
The Rottweiler was once used to guard the herd. It is a smart, strong, and very approachable dog breed. Now it is widely acclaimed in the field of military and police dogs, and it can also become a very valuable family dog. Rottweilers are outstanding guard dogs and can attack intruders. In order to ensure that this dog breed will obey orders, breeders should be strictly trained. Rottweilers are born with guarding ability. In the Middle Ages, wealthy merchants hung their purses on Rottweilers in order to avoid the theft of money. On the neck. This dog has a calm personality and is very affectionate, and can also be a family companion dog.

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  • About Rottweiler Breed

    The Rottweiler is one of the most courageous and powerful dog breeds in the world. This dog was often used to guard cattle in the past. It is a very smart, strong, and very approachable dog breed. Nowadays, it is mainly used for police dogs and is well received. Of course, it can also become a very valuable family dog. Rottweilers are born with the ability to guard. In the Middle Ages, wealthy merchants hung money bags around Rottweilers' necks in order to avoid theft of their money. The Rottweiler, as an outstanding police dog, can attack intruders. In order for it to obey orders seriously, the breeder must undergo rigorous training. It is of medium size but full of energy, calm, confidence, brave, and power. Its self-confidence and indifference make it seem inaccessible, and it is not casually friendly to people. But in fact, it is a smart, strong, and very approachable dog breed. The family's nature is very smart and strong, adaptable, loves his job, is a good companion dog, guard dog, and multi-purpose dog breed.

Rottweiler Breed Daily Care

Because rottweiler dog resistance is weak, easy to take a cold bath and respiratory tract infection, cold, and pneumonia. Therefore, the puppy less than half - year - old is not suitable for a water bath, dry cleaning is appropriate. Owners can spray hair conditioner and baby powder diluted 1000 times or more every day or every other day, and brush dogs frequently instead of washing them.

What kind of food does rottweiler eat better? Vegetables: Cabbage, spinach, carrots, potatoes, nori, kelp (no salt) are very good for coat color precipitation, or other vegetables that do not need to be cooked, the Rottweiler can eat but must be chopped, crushed before feeding, otherwise the Rottweiler dogs can not absorb. It is best not to cook them so that they retain their nutrients completely. General fruit is also very good, you can give the Rottweiler to eat more. Whole grain also is to be able to eat, eat soya bean to wait for pretty good every day also, remember to must boil rotten, the fiber content of this food is taller. Meat: pork (avoid fatty parts), beef (preferably cooked at 3-6 or not cooked), chicken (relatively mild), internal organs (rottweiler dogs love to eat, but avoid the internal organs of 3 birds, or do not eat too much, eat once a week should stop for a period of time, after all, 3 birds contain too much blown raw vegetable); Eggs for young rottweiler dogs, sick rottweiler dogs, feeding rottweiler dogs, are the best nutrition, especially egg yolk, for small rottweiler dogs is the best, easy to absorb; Crucian carp, can only feed the fish. The female dog of fish much lactation has help complement protein and milk water to wait, must eliminate fishbone nevertheless, can card dead dog otherwise. Bone: Pig bone is the easiest to rottweiler dog absorption, can supplement calcium, good for stomach and intestines, but the fat content is too high, the best part is the vertebrae fan bone; Bovine bone fat content is small, but too hard, it is recommended to rottweiler dogs eat vertebrae or ribs cartilage, thigh bone can be chewed to rottweiler dogs, can help rottweiler teeth development and facial muscle growth. Soup: beef, pork, fish, chicken soup is particularly good for dogs, rottweiler dogs also love to drink, too young rottweiler dogs or feeding female rottweiler dogs (especially carp soup, can increase milk) is particularly good, but remember not to put any seasoning; Milk or milk powder need to be diluted, add water ratio in 30-80%, puppies had better dilute more, slowly adapt, can not act too quickly, otherwise easy to cause injury or fatal. Chocolate, Onions (two of the most deadly foods), followed by cold foods, sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy foods.

Summertime, for the rottweiler at home, as far as possible to put the dog in the air circulation, avoid the sun will be better than the special place, if possible, to turn on a fan or air conditioner for the dog is also very good. Try not to take your dog out during the day in high temperatures. Adjust your habits. The time to feed the Champions League dog food has been changed to 6 am and after dark, and the time to walk the dog has been changed to early morning or late evening. Always be sure to have plenty of drinking water at all times. Avoid taking your dog out in the heat. Every time you go out, you must bring drinking water and reduce the amount of exercise. At the same time, it is necessary to timely put away the food that the dog has not eaten, or the dog bites the glue, or clean up, to avoid the dog to eat bad food. It's important to note that you should never shave your dog completely. They don't feel very cool and can cause skin problems because the skin is more exposed to direct sunlight. If necessary, cut the hair a little thinner and a little shorter.

Rottweiler is easy to be disturbed by the outside world's new and unusual stimulation in the training and use. The performance is to look around and smell the surface frequently. We can use its strong desire to acquire items to overcome this problem. For example, before training, the dog is picked up with a wooden stick or a tennis ball, and the item is hung on the arm or waist to attract the dog's attention. When the Rottweiler work excitement drops, we can use a tennis ball to let the dog hold, and then throw the tennis ball to the work area [drug explosives buried location or houses, etc.], in order to re-induce the dog's desire to work. The Rottweiler is Wilder, more curious, and playful than the German Shepherd. So at ordinary times is loose should loosen the rope as far as possible, in addition, to discharge defecate and loose, in principle want to pull loose. Otherwise, obedience and attachment will be very difficult to develop. The Rottweiler dog bears the stimulation quantity to be larger, the strength in the training may be larger, such on the one hand can regulate the dog's movement, on the other hand also has certain effect to tame its feral. The training of the family guard dog is to use the dog's ferocity and defensive instinct to guard the safety of the owner and the family property. The dog should be of medium size and strong ferocity and high alertness. After training, the dog can bark at suspicious situations and potential crises in time.

Depending on the season, a Rottweiler's calorie needs vary. When raised indoors and outdoors, Rottweiler requires less heat in the summer and more in the winter. When we feed The Rottweiler, we should not only feed the same food throughout the year but also change the food according to the season and physical conditions, so as to ensure the healthy growth of your rottweiler. Notice that you eat 10% less during the beginning of a warmer season than you do in winter (spring). You don't need too many calories after winter, but rottweiler's appetite doesn't drop dramatically, so be careful not to overeat it. It is also worth mentioning that snacks are the root cause of obesity. If you want to snack on your Rottweiler, you can only feed it dried meat, and that counts as part of the meal. Eat less than 90% of what you eat in winter.

Rottweiler Breed History

After the Roman army retreated, the large mastiffs they brought with them were left in southern Europe. Later, these dogs became famous for hunting wild boars. In the Middle Ages, the breeders of the German Lovinard bred this Roman breed with indigenous shepherd dogs to obtain the Rottweiler. This dog is very strong, brave, and powerful. Therefore, in order to avoid the theft of money, the wealthy businessmen directly hung the money bag on the neck of the Rottweiler. Today's Rottweiler breeders use this dog to guard domestic animals or as a guard reserve, so it is also called "Rottweiler Butcher". In the early 19th century, German law banned the traditional way of chasing cattle, and livestock was also transported by rail, so the reputation and demand of Rottweilers were far less than before. It was only in 1900 that the Rottweiler fan's efforts were able to bring the dog's reputation back, and in 1930 the dog was introduced to the United Kingdom and the United States.

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