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Redbone Coonhound:Dog Breed Profile

In the southern state of Georgia, raccoons, later stumbled on this especially can be used to hunt the raccoon hunting, hence then breeding experiment has been carried out for the breed, hope finally can be produced in accordance with the needs of local coonhound varieties, then use we and ancient Ireland after the dogs mating, finally achieved this goal, bred in hunting a raccoon ability outstanding redbone coonhound, the personality is bright, lively and clever, gentle temperament and peaceful, only when hunting will show the excited, very patient.

Redbone Coonhound Breed Picture & Video

  • About Redbone Coonhound Breed

    Redbone Coonhound's head is large and strong, with the long, wide snout typical of hunting dogs. Dark eyes are very emotional. The ears are flat and large and hang down to the neck. The tail was slender and strong, shaped like a sword. The wool is thick and soft; The coat color is a single color infinitely close to red, which is why it is called the "redbone Raccoon dog".

Redbone Coonhound Breed Daily Care

When we groom Redbone Coonhound, we should have two pet-specific combs. One is a pin comb with small beads at the end of the comb, and the other is a common row comb. In general, we can start with a needle-like comb, which can smooth out the knotted hair, remove the hair from the dog’s body, and massage the dog’s skin.

Owners should feed Redbone Coonhound regularly and quantitatively, depending on the age of the dog. We also need to structure our diet according to the amount of activity and physiological state of Redbone Coonhound. While two meals are enough for an adult Redbone Coonhound, puppies need to be tailored to the situation, and we need to ensure that the food is nutritious, clean, and hygienic.

We need to keep Redbone Coonhound clean. We want to do a dog’s drinking utensils, eating utensils dedicated, we should brush the dog’s body once a day, the timely removal of body surface dirt, to ensure that the dog’s coat, claws, teeth, ears, eyes, and anus clean. We should also give the dog a proper bath, the number of times to wash according to the season, and the physical health of the dog. Clean up the environment inside, outside, and around the Kennel every day and clean up the dirt in time. We should also regularly on the Kennel and its surrounding environment for disinfection, the general situation is monthly disinfection, infectious disease epidemic period to timely disinfection.

During the training of Redbone Coonhound, it is best for the owner to raise and manage the dog himself. We should be flexible in our approach to Redbone Coonhound feeding and every time we come into contact with the dog. We should speak softly and act generously. We want to familiarize the dog with the owner’s smell, voice, and behavior characteristics. The dog is ready to be trained when the dog responds to its owner with a cordial excitement. The most obvious manifestation of obedience is in the practice of the walk-in or walk-up. Under all circumstances, including at play, the dog must immediately return to its owner at the sound of a call or whistle. This required us to train when Redbone Coonhound was young. If at an early stage of training, Redbone Coonhound does not return immediately upon hearing a summons or whistle, the owner does not punish, tie or stop the dog immediately, lest the dog may associate this behavior with his unpleasant mood, we should reward it when it returns in time.

The owner must perform a routine check on Redbone Coonhound daily to determine the dog’s mental status, appetite, performance during exercise, and the nature of his or her excrement. If we find that Redbone Coonhound has an adverse reaction, we should take the dog to the doctor immediately. At the same time, the owner should also regularly check Redbone Coonhound’s hair, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, and mouth to see if it is normal, if there is a problem, we should solve it immediately!  

Redbone Coonhound Breed History

There are many raccoons in the southern US state of Georgia. The local people know that there are hunting dogs for raccoons, so they are experimenting with breeding in the hope of developing a new local breed. Redbone Coonhound has a long, broad proboscis with large, flat, neck-length ears and dark, expressive eyes; Redbone Coonhound has a slender, powerful tail shaped like a sword.  Redbone Coonhound has a dense, soft coat; its coat is often a monochromatic shade of red.

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