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Red dog:Dog Breed Profile

Red dog as hunting dogs, showed a strong endurance, to hunt for food for a long time and restless, stable, good at running, has a good ability of induction on hot and cold type double wind speed, determine the direction of the accuracy is higher, the sense of smell is very sensitive, better than ordinary dogs as long as several times, can be used as a drug-sniffing dog breeding, were selected as the key cultivation, breeding excellent breed.

Red dog Breed Picture & Video

  • About Red dog Breed

    Red dog for red-brown all over, in theory, belongs to medium-sized dogs, but in fact it height between medium and large breed excessive growth in the middle of the area, its behavior is more stable, suitable for as a working dog and hunting dog breeder, possess general soil dog and common working dog lacks some of the strengths of both at home and abroad, the red Wolf dog smell very sensitive, even higher than the general breed of olfactory sensitivity a few times, you have a certain strength bite, attacking and the defensive advantage is born with.

Red dog Breed Daily Care

When combing the red dog’s hair, we should start from the lower part of the dog. We should first complete the local combing, then slowly extend to the upper part, and finally comb the whole body. We can also reverse comb the red dog’s hair first, and then to the hair forward comb, this can be a large piece of dirt and dandruff clean so that the hair more neatly. After brushing, we have to use a hot towel to wipe the dog’s body hair again, so that the fine dust can also be removed, so that the fur looks more beautiful.

We have to pay attention when feeding a red dog, we only need to give the dog water, we can also put some glucose in cold water to give the dog energy. We also don’t give food for a day after we get home, because it’s easy for the dog to get enterocolitis. After a day we gave the dog the same food he had at the seller’s, and if we didn’t have the exact same food, we tried to make it the same. We also have to adapt the dog quickly to the food and environment at home.

In order to keep our red dog healthy, we should regularly give red dog deworming and vaccination. We also observe the dog’s poop and state of mind as well as the nose and eyes. If the Laizhou red puppy is not acclimatized after the arrival of symptoms (diarrhea), we must immediately stop eating water for 24 hours. If the dog does not have loose bowels, we will give him a small amount of semi-watery food.

Red Dog is very easy to breed. It has a high birth rate and high economic effect, so many people like to breed it. If you want to train it, use something to grab its attention, usually a lump of meat, bone, or ball to grab its attention, and then add some movement to make it better able to remember your commands. You can also reward him with meat and other treats after he has successfully carried out your instructions. So the red dog can form Classical conditioning, which strengthens his memory. When training a red dog, you must develop your own style and establish authority so that you can get him to listen to you.

We should not give the dog a bath when we take the red dog home. We should give the dog a good rest when he comes home. We should not bother him because he looks cute, because the puppy is tired after a long journey and his immunity is low, petting a dog can cause minor ailments in the puppy.

Red dog Breed History

Red Dogs are used as working dogs, companion dogs, also used for the guard, hunting, fighting, tracking, and so on. The Chinese red dog is highly sought after by dog lovers because of its strong physique, graceful posture, and intelligent and intelligent qualities. It was most popular in the 1990s, especially in the Hechuan Generation in Chongqing, where it was raised in almost every household. Red Dogs were overbred, untrained, overgrown, overfed, and their numbers dropped sharply as breeders declined; fine breeds were few and far between. In recent years, after careful breeding breeders finally launched a number of high-quality red dogs.