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Pyredoodle:Dog Breed Profile

The Pyredoodle dog is a hybrid of the Poodle and Great Pyrenees. It's a designer dog, calm, brave, and extremely loyal. The dog inherits some of the best traits from her parents. You don't have to buy these dogs as you can find them in shelters for dogs or rescue centers.

They are adorable dogs and are mostly kept as pets by people looking for company. Also, you can get yourself a Pyredoodle for your child as it makes a perfect toy pet. They can be accommodated in apartments as well as homes with yards. These dogs are generally laid back but can bark when alerting you of inherent danger. They are protective and will show care to you and your children.

Pyredoodle is a very smart dog, intelligent but can get overly protective, and this makes him a guardian dog. With such a warm personality, he's able to socialize and is easy to train. She is a large-sized dog and stays calm while indoors. However, she can demand a lot of attention. Keep reading as we dig into everything about the Pyredoodle dog.

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Pyredoodle Breed Characteristics

  • About Pyredoodle Breed

    The Pyredoodle is a friendly dog to have a home. It's large-sized and mostly has a thick coat. Due to this, it can be vulnerable to hot weather, and hence she'll need indoors staying especially on warm and humid days.

    The dog has medium energy and doesn’t exercise about it. With the heavy coat, the exercise need should be moderate especially when it's hot. The dog sheds a little and hence you won't have to worry about hair all over the house. However, you may need to trim every month to keep it clean and neat. They like bonding with people and will feel comfortable around children.

Pyredoodle Breed Daily Care

Hair: The hair of the Pyredoodle can be described as long and thick or dense. Thus, it can tend to tangle and require regular brushing at least once a week.

Nail: Unkempt nails can grow long, and these require regular clipping at least once a month. Remember, Pyredoodles love to play with kids, and with long nails, there is the danger of harming your children.

Eyes: Your Pyredoodle requires daily eye clean up with a clean damp cloth or a cotton swab. Eyes are sensitive, and failure to clean may lead to itching or watery eyes.

Ears: The ears need to be cleaned to prevent the build-up of dirt or debris. Also, pests are likely to hide underneath the earlobe and hence need regular cleaning at least once a week. During your regular vet check-up, the doctor will do ear tests and clean to prevent the build-up of wax, which may cause infections.

Teeth: Dogs can suffer from cavity or gum disease due to poor dental hygiene. Your Pyredoodle requires regular brushing at least once a day to keep them in good dental health.

Recommended daily amount: The Pyredoodle requires little but highly nutritious food to stay healthy and keep the shape. Two to three diet portions are sufficient every day.

What food to choose: A Pyredoodle is a large dog but has medium energy. It's not very active and may gain a lot of weight due to overfeeding. Therefore, their diet needs formulation along these lines.

It's important to have a strict schedule and ensure the diet is well-balanced. Also, don't give them a lot of treats, as it can lead to obesity.

Their food should contain high quality and protein sticks free of carbohydrates. Give them a large kibble format to minimize gobbling.

How to keep a good shape: Pyredoodle has low to medium energy and hence requires exercise to keep in good shape. You can play with it outside in the yard or take regular walks in the evening.

How many times to feed your dog: Young puppies may frequently feed little portions; however, for adults, two to three intervals are sufficient to give them a healthy diet.

The Pyredoodle is a mixed breed, and for this reason, it can inherit some health conditions from the parents. It's essential to visit the vet doctor for a regular check and take good care of the dog.

Bloating or digestive issues

These are common among many dogs, and you may avoid this by feeding the dog a well-balanced diet. Also, give her water after every meal.

Eye infections

Pyredoodle is prone to eye infections, and from time to time, you may notice watery or itchy eyes. Besides keeping the eyes clean, there's a need for regular health checks where the vet doctor may recommend certain medication.


Rabies is a viral disease that can affect all dogs. There is a need to ensure your dog is vaccinated from rabies. If you're adopting your Pyredoodle, ask for the health certificate to be sure that she has been vaccinated against rabies.


The parent breeds are prone to cancer, and you'd expect the same with your Pyredoodle. Your dog needs regular checks to ascertain underlying health conditions.


Due to their large body size and medium-energy levels, the Pyredoodle can gain a lot of weight and become obese. To prevent such a situation, you can take an hour walk every day for exercise and play some small games.

Due to their intelligence, Pyredoodles are easy to train. However, like any other dog, they can get stubborn if you try to introduce training at a late age. It's recommended to train them when young and make it enjoyable by rewarding them with treats.

Training the dog will improve their socialization skills and help in stimulating their mental activity. Be solid and consistent, use verbal phrases, and be patient as every dog has its own learning curve.

Some dogs have a double coat while others are single, wavy, and straight. It can be dense with little shedding but requires regular brushing to keep it neat.

Just like any dog, your Pyredoodle requires regular health checks to investigate any underlying conditions. Other than that, proper grooming and care will help keep the dog in good condition and appearance. A proper, well-balanced diet will keep the dog healthy and free of diseases.

During summer, you can limit their time outdoors due to the heavy coat as they can become very uncomfortable. However, they do well in cool weather conditions.

Pyredoodle Breed History

The Pyredoodle is a mixed breed dog of the Poodle and Pyrenees. It's a giant dog and gets well with people. It's also friendly and can be a good watchdog. He's not aggressive and requires some exercises every day to prevent obesity.