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Pug zu:Dog Breed Profile

Pug Zu is a small hybrid dog variety, which is very suitable for most people living in small spaces such as apartments. Pug Zu has a good temperament and is more easygoing, which is why they are loved by anyone, whether adults or children. Pug Zu is very suitable for people who are first parents of dogs because they are lively and friendly and have low aggression. In addition, Pug Zu is well with children, which means Pug Zu is the perfect pet for the family. Not all Pug Zu are 50% pure and 50% pure. Some Pug Zu may be the result of multi generation hybridization.

Shih Tzu needs a lot of personal attention every day. Pug Zu thrives on human company and is easily spoiled. Pug Zu likes to train and learn skills, making them the center of attention. Shih Tzu should have been with children early, but they like people of different ages. You don't expect your pug Zu to watch the house, he may welcome a thief with his claws open.

Pug Zu's owner said that Pug Zu is very personalized, naughty and friendly, and is a good variety of family pets. Pug Zu likes to eat and is very smart, though sometimes arrogant. Sometimes Pug Zu develops into puppy syndrome, although it's a rare pug and usually not a problem. They are loyal, curious and like to be with people. Pug Zu is stubborn sometimes, but he is mostly curious, sweet and happy.

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Pug zu Breed Characteristics

  • About Pug zu Breed

    Name: Pug zu

    Height: 8-12 inches

    Weight: 8-22 lbs

    Lifespan: 12-14 years

    Coat Density: Normal

    Coat Texture: Straight

    Puppy Price: $400-$1100

    Temperament: Curious, stubborn, loyal, loving, and playful

    Suitable for: Family with young kids

    Generally speaking, Pug Zu has brown eyes and black nose, and it is common to wear masks on his face. Pug Zu can have a wide range of fur colors, such as black, white, brown, mottled, or light brown. Some Pug Zu look more like a dog than a lion, and vice versa. Most are equipped with triangular ears, sagging, and have good spacing. Pug Zu is known for its strong body, which gives a stronger impression on the dog than it is. Their short legs may bend into an angle. Although some Pug Zu's tail is curled like a harpdog, it cannot be considered a typical feature of pug Zu, because not all Pug Zu have curly tails. If you're looking for a nice door guard dog, Pug Zu may not be your best breed. These dogs are known for their friendliness, and Pug Zu can even be kind to strangers. In addition, Pug Zu doesn't bark to get your attention and alert you to intruders.

    Pug Zu's tail may curl, although it is usually not as tight as a Pug's tail, and may or may not emerge. Pug Zu's fur will depend on what he inherits from his parents' breed. Pug Zu can be medium to long, anywhere from fluffy to smooth. Pug Zu usually comes in the following colors: Brown, white, tawny, black, apricot and striped.

    Because of pug Zu's trainability, playfulness, and affectionate personality, Pug Zu is one of the best dog companions living in an apartment. Pugzu is a hybrid of pug and Xishi. These friendly dogs are small, weighing an average of 8 to 22 pounds and standing 8 to 12 inches. Your pug Zu will be very personal, lovely and stubborn occasionally. Pug Zu may ask for your time and attention and will offer a lot of love in return. Pug Zu needs an average level of activity, as well as early socialization and training, after which the pug Zu group will do well with children and other animals. Pug Zu would rather have his humans around for most of the day, and would not be happy if you left for a long time.

    The parents of pugs are very sweet, so it's not surprising that pugs are also very sweet. Pug Zu likes to attract people's attention. He is cheerful and positive. He is a good partner. Sometimes the pug Zu part of the dog will pass and you will have an outstanding, dignified air. Usually, these dogs are curious, funny, loving and even tempered. One of the disadvantages of pug Zu is that they are not good watchdog. Pug Zu loves everyone and they may be happy to lead anyone who breaks into your home. Puzug and puzug are great pets at home. Pagzu's cheerful personality brings PAG's friendliness and Shih Tzu's confidence to his family. The result is a domestic partner with a sweet nature. Pug Zu's kind and warm personality will make him an interesting playmate for animals and children.

    Pug Zu is usually light brown, black or white. Like Pugs, most of their faces have black masks, which is also very common. They are the family's favorite pets, and few people can resist their charm. Pug Zu is born with a sweet temperament, because pug and Shizi both have outgoing personalities. As we all know, Pug Zu is an affectionate dog, and they are eager for human attention.

    If Pug Zu has more pugs than Shih Tzu, Pug Zu may perform better, sometimes trying to grab the center of the stage. Since both dogs have good personalities, it is more likely that the shizipug mix will have a trusting nature. Pug Zu is an excellent family pet, but because they are too intimate and friendly, Pug Zu is often not a good watchdog. They can come in several different colors, mostly dark faces, similar to the parents of pugs. More often, you'll notice this hybrid breed taken after the pug when it comes to curly tails. You may see some different changes when it comes to this breed depending on what characteristics the dog takes from each parent. You often need to be forced to run. A good way is to run by yourself and let the dog chase you. This Pug Zu only needs about 30 minutes of exercise every day. You can do all kinds of things, play with toys, take things, even chase with your dog to help them get some exercise. This dog is most likely to have medium length hair or slightly longer because of its mixed breed.

Pug zu Breed Daily Care

Most pet owners choose a body clip that is short for Pug Zu all year round, which looks beautiful and easy to care for. If you want to keep your long and elegant coat, you have to prepare some serious combing time. These Pug Zu need to take a bath once a week and grease the fur to help keep the mattress clean and daily to prevent any foreign material from entering the fur. Dogs with the right hair quality have less pads than soft ones.

The molting amount of a pug Zu is different, just like the parent variety of pug Zu, the molting amount of pug Zu can be from the minimum to the most frequent. Pug Zu needs to brush his teeth every day because Pug Zu's coat is easy to tangle. You can take Pug Zu to a beautician. It will help to trim your hair regularly. Your pug Zu should only take a bath when necessary and work with a dog shampoo to avoid affecting his natural oils. When the hair is longer, you may find it in your pug Zu's eyes, so it needs to be trimmed or tied back. Pu Zu needs less maintenance, but no matter how long his coat is, you should brush his teeth regularly, check his ears every week, and trim his nails if necessary.

Pug Zu is not a purebred dog, but a mixture of poodle and Pug. Another well-known name for this kind of dog is pug. Pug Zu can be a small, hairy dog that looks like a miniature Yorkshire Terrier, or it can have a short, dense coat like a pug. Usually, however, Pug Zu has a medium length fur that represents both sides of the family. Pugs can be of common colors or have different markings.

It's hard to say how much hair your pug Zu will lose, because it depends on your parents. One part of them won't lose a lot, the other part will lose all the year round.

How many sheds your pug Zu has will depend on your parents' puppies. If your pug has a long coat, you need to brush it every day because Pug Zu tangles easily. It's also a good idea to take your pug to a beautician for regular haircuts, keep it away from your eyes, and even tie it back. If you have a short coat pug, maintenance will be easier. However, no matter how long the coat is, it's a good idea to brush Pug Zu every day. Pug Zu should take a bath only when it is needed and use dog shampoo so that the natural oils are not affected. When your pug ancestor should take a bath, only when necessary, with dog shampoo to avoid affecting Pug Zu's natural oils. Like other dogs, you can brush Pug Zu's teeth regularly, check your ears weekly, and trim your nails if necessary. Because both Shih Tzu and the pug have short faces, your pug is likely to have eye, sinus and respiratory problems. The reason is that parents have been breeding for decades to keep their faces as short as possible. You may also have allergies, different infections, joint problems, dental problems, and hot weather problems.

Because Pug Zu is very small, Pug Zu is happy to eat only one cup a day. You should give them half at a time. You should make sure Pug Zu has a consistent eating habit because it tends to swell when it eats too much. Pug Zu likes food, so you have to monitor and control your pug food closely. You can buy Pug Zu high quality food so they can get the nutrition they need.

Positive reinforcement and treatment will persuade your pug Zu's behavior. These dogs learn very quickly, so in this sense they won't make you difficult. Dislocation of patella Some owners of the dog may notice that their dog jumps from time to time. If this happens, veterinarians are needed to help because many dogs may develop patella dislocation, or it may be a genetic problem, and they are easy. The treatment of this health problem depends on its severity. dysplasia of hip joint The breed is more or less likely to develop hip dysplasia as genetic material comes from their dog aspect. Parents with hip dysplasia are likely to pass on to their offspring. Skin health issues A dog lion mix can develop several skin conditions, two of which are most common are allergic and allergic dermatitis. The allergy of a dog to fleas is not uncommon, especially in warm seasons. Allergic dermatitis can be caused by a variety of factors, from dog food to grass. Eye health problems Dogs can develop eye infections, progressive retinal atrophy, and dry eye disease (KCS). Given the frequency of this situation in this variety, you can tell your veterinarians how to prevent them, such as using artificial tears and cleaning your dog's eyes regularly. epilepsy Idiopathic epilepsy can affect some dogs, but not all dogs. If your dog experiences an epileptic attack, it is necessary to take care of it immediately by a veterinarian. To get veterinarians to determine which type of epilepsy a dog is suffering, it may also be necessary to record seizures. All of these diseases are more or less typical of small dogs. Because of their anatomical structure, the dogs are also prone to respiratory problems, including sinuses infection. Other health problems that can affect this variety are yeast infection, Staphylococcus infection and Demodex. Some puppies are sensitive to vaccines. You must talk to your veterinarian about precautions and take your dog to the veterinary clinic at least once or twice a year. In addition, as they grow older, the dog will suffer from typical diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer in older dogs. Regular blood tests and other diagnostic methods ensure that these health problems are prevented or treated at the appropriate time before they become more serious.

Pug Zu is small, but Pug Zu is active. Whether you exercise at home or outside, make sure Pug Zu exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. You can do this as a game time or a walk. If you have a dog park nearby, it's a great way to meet your dog's needs and let them have some fun playing with other dogs. If you live in an apartment, don't worry, because there are plenty of opportunities to get the exercise they need. One thing to know is that your pug Zu is heat sensitive and they can easily overwork in a hot climate. So make sure your dog doesn't overheat. Your pug Zu is easy for you to train. They are always enthusiastic, Pug Zu is willing to learn some new skills, but sometimes they are stubborn. So you want to start training early. This will eliminate your pug Zu's stubborn behavior at the beginning. You should also make sure that you are not too strict with your pug. It may make them afraid of you. You should be firm and gentle when training Pug Zu. It's a good idea to train your pug Zu to use food to motivate you. This kind of hybrid likes to eat and has a strong reaction to food. Once your pug Zu sees that they've done something successfully, it pays off afterwards, and he's more likely to be eager and submissive to you. It's very helpful for your training. You want to go out with him earlier. Proper exposure and socialized environment should be part of your dog's training routine. Early contact with them will help reduce fear, anxiety and other possible behaviors. You also want to add some mental stimulation to your training. These can be puzzles or games. This will help keep your pug Zu bored and improve his social interaction.

Pug Zu is easy to keep and will become obese quickly if you eat too much. Pug Zu doesn't need or want to walk a mile a day, but they like walking and should be healthy. Pug Zu did have some success in compliance and agility. You should be careful to practice Taijiquan with a short tone in hot and humid weather. Pug Zu is easy to get heat.

Considering the small size of the pug, it's more active. Your lively Pug Zu needs at least 30 minutes of activities a day, including outdoor walks, dog parks or fenced yards, and indoor games. If Pug Zu can get the activities he needs, an apartment will be enough for him. When it's warm outdoors, you need to make sure your pug Zu doesn't use too much force, because it can cause the pug Zu to overheat. It's likely that your pug Zu sometimes prefers to lie there, but it's important that Pug Zu do the necessary physical exercise.

Pug Zu is famous for its association with many different species. So if you have other pets, you don't have to worry. Your pug Zu will make friends with your other pets, even cats, and they are very small, so it doesn't matter to be with the children. You should also teach young children how to handle your pug Zu safely so that your dog won't get hurt.

You should brush Pug Zu's hair at least once a day to prevent it from getting entangled. Owners sometimes prefer to trim the Pug's hair to make it easier to manage. Sometimes, the parents of reproduction may have dry, irritating skin, so it is important to use shampoo when bathing is hypoallergenic or moisturizing skin. Remember to brush Pug Zu's teeth regularly and trim your nails if necessary if they don't wear out naturally. This dog is a great little family pet, and the owner needs to pay attention to it, because it longs for love and doesn't like to be alone. A family with children is ideal because it is the perfect partner.

Pug zu Breed History

Pug zu is a relatively new hybrid, although its parents have a long history. Shih Tzu has a long history. Although the exact ancestor of pug Zu is still unclear, experts believe that Pug Zu is a hybrid of Tibet Lhasa APSO dog and a Chinese dog, just like Beijing dog. As early as the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Chinese royal family loved this variety. In the Ming Dynasty, dogs were also very popular among the common people. These puppies were almost wiped out during the Chinese revolution, leaving only seven males and seven females. These 14 dogs are the ancestors of all Shih Tzu seen today. This breed has been introduced to other countries such as Norway, Britain and North America. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1969. Pug originated in the Han Dynasty from 206 BC to 200 AD. The emperor of China owned the dogs and regarded them as members of the royal family, sometimes even providing their own guards. In ancient Tibet and Japan, there was also evidence similar to pug. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the dogs were brought to Europe by Dutch merchants and became a popular choice for the royal family. With the emergence of this variety all over the world, people give it a new name: for example, Carlin in France, dogero in Spain and mop in Germany. The breed came to the United States after the civil war and was recognized by the American dog club in 1885.


The dogs originated in China more than 2000 years ago, and they have very noble blood. The harpdog was cultivated as an interesting companion and lapdog, by the Chinese emperor and his entourage in the court, with the Beijing people and Shih Tzu. In the 16th century, dutch businessmen brought the Chinese harpdogs to the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, and were once again popular with the royal family in the Netherlands and the UK. Queen Victoria is a super fan of dogs and has a pack of them. People also like to have a dog. By the 20th century, it became the most popular family pet. Today, they are 28th among the most popular breeds in the American dog club. Pet parents reward them for their interesting dog character, their expressive faces and their magic stick like tendencies to get along with people. They love their families and hope to be loved in return. These naturally friendly dogs will also treat strangers without thinking. The dog originated from China and originated in the Han Dynasty about 2000 years ago. They have always been highly valued for having royal families and emperors who treat them like small celebrities. They are seen as symbols of status and only the elite can have a dog. Most experts believe that the first batch of dogs were brought to Europe by sailors in the 16th century. They were probably imported by dutch businessmen, who gave them an interesting name, mopshod. The harpdogs appeared in many paintings in the 16th and 17th centuries, and it was clear that they were still highly valued by the upper class. It was in the 19th century that people tried to standardize the varieties and created a book on horse breeding. It was at this time that they were brought to the United States, and AKC first recognized the variety in the late 19th century. Over the next century, interest in the variety has diminished, but in recent years, with the support of many celebrities, their popularity has risen dramatically. 

Shih Tzu 

Shih Tzu, known as the little poodle, is believed to have come from Tibet or China, and they have existed as early as 800 BC, making them even older than the harpdogs. It is generally believed that both Lhasa and Beijing dogs contribute to their inheritance. Like the harpdog, the historical records are also loved by the ancient Chinese royal family. It can be seen from many portraits and statues found at that time that people have respect for it. In Britain, many people know that Shih Tzu is a chrysanthemum dog, and it is nicknamed for the way their facial hair grows; it looks like a blooming flower. Charity has always been a very good pet dog, some even used as a treatment dog today. Shih Tzu is usually slightly longer than tall, strong and big in head. The muzzle is short and it is too tight to bite. The head is round and the eyes are very prominent. The tail curled happily on his back. For such a dog, it's long and fast. Shih Tzu is full of thick straight hair. The coat does require considerable maintenance, especially if left long for these short dogs to sweep the floor. Fur of any color is acceptable, but it is best to use dark paint around the eyes and nose. Shih Tzu is often a rather tenacious puppy, often living to 14 or 15 years old. It is not easy to predict the temperament of a hybrid, but the character of a dog is often quite uniform and uniform. The dog is a dog of love and play, with broad heart and desire for the company of human beings, relying on the support and comfort of family. They will show great love and always be loyal to the people they love. They will be in good touch with the family, although they may choose a person they would like to sacrifice. It's fun to be with children, and the dog knows to be gentle and patient. They play games with the most fun, and they keep the children entertaining for hours in a row. Dogs are so tolerant people who make poor people look at dogs because they may send one or two quick jabps to say hello, they will soon ask for new friends!

Pugs are very sociable, and even if they have to socialize as early as possible so that they are used to other animals and people, they can thrive in interpersonal relationships. Shih Tzu is famous for its lively and happy character. They are lively and friendly. Shih Tzu likes to get along well with people of different ages, dogs and different kinds of pets. Rarely do you find a sharp Shih Tzu, but most of it is very sweet. So your pug Zu will be a great family dog.