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Poogle:Dog Breed Profile

The Poogle is a cross hybrid breed dog. This breed is created by a crossover of the Poodle and the purebred Beagle, they may also go by many other names of Poodle and Beagle, includedwith the nomenclature of Doodle.

The Poogle is categorized as a designer and hybrid dog, they can range in size, which would depend on its parent’s size. The Poogle is small in size and looks like a miniature toy. They are one of the dog breeds which are very much affectionate and steady. The Poogle has a soft coat and can also excel in becoming a watchdog and agility companion for your home.

When it comes to its appearance the Poogle is like its parents, this includes their coat with variations in color. They have large, round and dark eyes with sad looks and expressions with floppy medium-size ears hanging down. The Poogle has a medium-sized nose which can be brown or black in color, they have medium to short hair length with curls like its parents.

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Poogle Breed Characteristics

  • About Poogle Breed

    You can imagine a small dog with a height between six to sixteen inches with weight from eleven to twenty-five pounds. This is not a dream but a designer crossbreed dog of a miniature size. Their temperament is very playful towards all of your family members, this hybrid breed has won millions of hearts, and increased its popularity around the world of dog lovers.

    Except for their kind heart, they are also known for their personality, affectionate love towards the owner, and wavy fur. This makes them an excellent choice for a companion pet, they can easily fit in any type of family, and with young children or toddlers.

    The Poogle can be perfect for singles, couples with or without children, and seniors as they don't need yards to play. It's easy for them to settle in any house or an apartment.

Poogle Breed Daily Care

Hair: - They have really very short and curled hair coats, which can easily be tangled among one another.

You need to make sure that they get their hair properly combed and brush daily with a weekly bath. Do not use another shampoo except the special shampoo created for a dog bath.

Teeth: - Remember, your Poogle is very small in size and does not like chewing things hence you need to take good care of his oral and dental problems.

They need daily brushing with their dog toothpaste, ensure you don't use a lot of pressure as the Poogle is very small.

Nails: - Their small paw nails need regular trimming, which will make its walk easier and more allegiant.

Don't wait for weeks to trim their nail, long nails can lead to infection in paws.

Ears: - They are small but have afforded normal ears hanging down, which can hide a lot of dirt and rashes. Clear them with wet hot towels following with dry towels and buds.

Eye: - To keep your Poogle eyes clean you can always use water mixed with a hydrogen peroxide solution. One part of peroxide with ten parts of water, dip a towel and clean around your Poogles eyes.

Feeding: The Poogles needs to feed a healthy, protein strict diet. Providing them with a chew treat is never a bad idea. In fact, this will reduce dental issues. Do not overfeed your Poogles, they are small and can go overweight very quickly.

Recommended Daily Amount: You can always divide their meal into two or three parts of a day. Take time to understand your dog needs to keep a close inspection of the poisons you're serving. It is always good to concern your veterinary for a proper diet.

What Food to choose: A good health food which includes a good amount of energy, fiber, proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. Make sure they are all in small but good amounts. You can easily get it from your nearby pet shop or online.

How many times to feed: A regular cup of healthy dog food per meal twice a day is a good amount to keep your Poogles full but remember with the age, size, height, energy, and exercise the needs and required meals could change.

How to keep them in good shape: A good walk with exercise for thirty to sixty minutes per day is a way to keep your Poogles in shape. You can always take them to dog parks, where they can mentally and physically socialize with others as socializing plays an important role to keep them happy.

The Poogles are like any other dog with generally good health but this also depends on their parents.

Dental problems

Symptoms: Bad breath and bleeding gums

Treatment: They are unlikely to chew like other breeds, so chewing toys will not help. A daily bruising is highly recommended with dental check-ups.


Symptoms: Lazy and finding difficulties in breathing.

Treatment: Like any other animal obesity is due to wrong eating habits, getting a proper diet plan can reduce obesity.

The Poogle is a very quiet smart breed and responds well to their training. They pick tricks real quick. The Poogles' nature is pleasing their trainer, they like showing off tricks and can be easily socialized but they need to be socialized from a young age.

They also go well with any other pet if in house, even with cats, they need exercise to stimulate their mental state. This helps in reducing their learning curve and development.

You can always teach them a proper way to walk, sit, and not to run or get excited seeing a stranger on the street. Always encourage them for good deeds and get a bit harsh with incorrect behavior.

The Poogles need special care, love, and attention from their family or it is quite easy for them to get depressed and fall under anxiety. They love being around you running but make sure they don't jump a lot as they are quite fragile and can be easily handled roughly by newborns and toddlers. They are lap dogs, so you will find them on your lap while watching television and this would be a great time to brush them with a big tooth comb or your fingers to solve the tagged hair.

Poogle Breed History

The Poogles are a hybrid dog breed originating from the United States in the 1980s. A detailed documentary is yet not available. The Poogles is considered to be an ancient dog, from Egypt and suspected to be much older. They are one of the oldest waterfowl dog breeds, the Poogles being tracked back up to the 15th century in Germany to variation of Poogles developments.

During the 20th century, they became a very popular and companion breed of dogs in all sizes. The American Kennel Club, decades the Poogles as the most popular dog in the United States in the 1950s to 1970s, and today the Poogles is still in the top 10 best dog breeds.