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Poochon:Dog Breed Profile

A Poochon is a crossbreed of Bichon Frise and a Toy Poodle also known as Bichon Pool. With its teddy bear and cute appearance, a Poochon is a friendly, cheerful, and charming dog who can live in any home. He is always pleased in seeing his pet parent whom he expects to curdle him and will rush to the nearest couch or bed, which is convenient for him to lay and get curdled.

A Poochon inherits his intelligence from both his parents and he loves puzzles, games, and any other activities associated with pet dogs. A friendly smile will always greet you to appreciate your arrival and your kindness.

A freshly groomed Poochon has a smooth coat and you’ll appreciate admiring its teddy bearish feel and appearance and a companion whom every member of your family including children, would want to stay close. Even in his adulthood, a Poochon still maintains his puppyish look and innocence and has the sweetest smile among other dog species. Keep reading as we dig into everything about the Poochon dog.

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Poochon Breed Characteristics

  • About Poochon Breed

    A Poochon is a friendly dog who does not entertain antisocial behavior from those around. He will disapprove of this kind of treatment by barking at strangers and being scared and anxious, which is not good for him.

    Poochon is a quick learner and always happy to learn any new trick available. A Poochon is a smart, energetic, loyal, and friendly dog who will bring happiness to your life and family in general.

    Poochon is a pet of many colors which include white, cream, apricot, brown, and dark grey. Additionally, he can also spot a white patch on his chest.

Poochon Breed Daily Care

Poochon needs regular grooming to maintain his smartness and beauty.

Hair: A Poochon has a sweet soft Poodle fur that needs regular baths and hair trims. When left untrimmed, the hair can grow and cover the eyes.

Nail: It's vital to train your Poochon with the need to trim their nails at puppyhood. Trimming will help in maintaining short nails that won't scratch the surroundings and also the children as he plays with them.

Eyes: Poochon's hair can grow and even cover the eyes and prick him. Make sure he is trimmed regularly to keep his eyes-free, wiping gently with a sponge around the eyes is necessary while avoiding wiping the eye directly.

Check for any abnormalities like redness, discharge, and consult the vet where necessary to prevent eye infection and to control it.t

Ears: Cleaning the ears will prevent clogging of wax and even ear infection. When you notice discharge or infection, it should be addressed immediately by taking him to a vet. An ear infection is serious and can lead to loss of hearing.

Teeth: If food accumulates in Poochon's teeth, it can cause bacterial infection. Regular brushing is necessary with special brushes and solutions to keep his teeth strong and healthy.

Recommended daily intake: A Poochon requires a high-quality diet to maintain his health and to prolong his life expectancy.

What food to choose: Since a Poochon is a very energetic dog and hence requires a nutritious diet comprising energy-building food. Ensure the food has the right portions and contains the right nutrients per serving. The diet should contain vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiber.

How many times to feed your dog: The right feeding habits will determine his overall health, quality, and quantity of food he takes daily. Feed him twice a day, maintaining one-hour intervals in between to allow proper digestion and prevent bloating.

How to keep a good shape: For your Poochoon to keep in good condition, it's essential to stick to the right portions to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding him. Also, you should incorporate water into the diet and exercise regularly.

Here are the most common ailments that are likely to affect Poochon.


This is a severe disease that can affect Poochon. The symptoms include weird behavior, hyperactivity, and an urge to bite anything on site.

Treatment: Rabies can be prevented through vaccination.

Ear infection

Poochon can suffer ear infection interiorly or externally, which is mostly caused by a bacterial infection.

Treatment: It's recommended to take him to the vet for treatment.

Eye infection

An eye infection can be symptomized by a discharge that is whitish, ashy, or yellowish-green. Continuous tearing is also an indication of problems with the eyes. A bacterial infection or an injury may cause it.

Treatment: Consult a vet for medication and eye care as failure may lead to poor vision or loss of eyesight.

Fleas and ticks

These are external parasites common with furred animals and can affect Poochon too. It is preventable through the use of recommended sprays and shampoos. Symptoms include shedding of the parasites and also itchiness on the skin.

Treatment: If you have experience in handling dogs, all you require is to buy a proper shampoo to eliminate the parasites and prevent infestation.


Worms can attack Poochon and affect his health even when you feed him well with balanced diet food. These internal parasites will be competing for food with him, a situation that can cause malnutrition and poor health. The symptoms include loss of weight and poor physique, and when an infestation is massive, the worms will be shed through droppings.

Treatment: Deworming is, therefore, necessary to prevent infestation, and to treat with oral medication will eradicate the parasites.

Poochon is an intelligent dog that requires training for socialization needs. He is a fast learner and is quick to train. However, like all dogs, it's important to train when he's still a puppy as it can get a little complicated when he grows up. Be patient as every dog has its own learning curve.

A Poochon requires regular grooming to keep him neat. The hair can get crusty and matted if not properly attended to. He requires daily brushing and cutting after a few months. He is a low shedder who will not task you with much vacuuming. Also, they require a warm bath every week. Use the right dog shampoo that will not irritate the eyes.

Poochon Breed History

Poochon is a designer dog, and this means it's a hybrid dog that hasn't been around for a long time. In studying the history of the Poochon, we cannot overlook the parental heritage.

Its parents are the Bichon Frise and the Toy Poodle.

The Bichon Frise dates back to the 14th century. French sailors came with this dog from Canary island. However, early history shows that it traces its roots in Italy. On the other hand, the Poodle can be traced to German and France.

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