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Poo Shi:Dog Breed Profile

Poo Shi is also known as Shiba Poo, shibadoodle, or shibapoo, who is a loyal and cordial dog who is the great family Poo Shi. Poo Shi combines the wisdom of the lion dog and the confidence of the lion dog.

The common colors of Poo Shi are cream, white, apricot, red, sable, brown, black and tan. The coat is long and can be wavy or curly. Poo Shi can have a sharper fox like feature of a rockdam dog, or a softer, rounded look for a lion dog. The ears can be slightly vertical or hanging on the face. The eyes are dark brown and the nose is black.

Poo Shi Breed Picture & Video

Poo Shi Breed Characteristics

  • About Poo Shi Breed

    Name: Poo Shi

    Height: 10-20 inches

    Weight: 14-20 lbs

    Lifespan: 12-14 years

    Coat Density: Normal

    Coat Texture: Wavy

    Puppy Price: $300-$600

    Temperament: Friendly, intelligent, loyal. and playful

    Suitable for: Moderately active family

    Poo Shi is a confident, friendly and loyal dog. He prefers to be with his family rather than alone. These dogs get along well with their children. If they can get along with other poo Shi as soon as possible, poo Shi can get along well with other poo Shi. It's easy for poo Shi to be stubborn and possessive of what he thinks belongs to him, such as toys. So when poo Shi was a puppy, he needed training so that he could learn good habits. Poo Shi is a smart dog like poo Shi's parents breed, so it will learn quickly and react very quickly. Poo Shi was particularly responsive to praise and positive reinforcement. Poo Shi is very affectionate to his family, but he is very cautious to strangers. If an intruder comes near you, your poo Shi will bark to let you know, so be a good-looking dog. Because these dogs are smart, poo Shi needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation to avoid becoming bored and potentially destructive. Poo Shi is an alert, energetic dog who likes to play.

Poo Shi Breed Daily Care

Poo Shi doesn't shed as much hair, but it needs to be combed regularly to keep the coat healthy. If your poo Shi likes Shiba Inu with thick double layers of hair and a soft and thick primer, poo Shi may need to brush more often. If your dog needs more time after the poodle, it also needs a lot of maintenance, and it may need a professional beautician to trim it. Poo Shi may be hypoallergenic after Leo's side, making poo Shi a great allergy sufferer. These dogs don't need too much bathing because poo Shi has almost no smell and doesn't drool at all. Check your ears regularly for dirt and brush your teeth as often as possible to prevent tooth problems. You should trim your Poo Shi nails if necessary.

Your poo Shi is considered a small to medium sized dog, so you need a food that is designed for his age, size and activity level. Because poo Shi may have a tendency to get fat, I don't know that poo Shi is an hyperactive dog, and may have inherited a digestive system disease called swelling from the poodle at home. You should give poo Shi two or three small meals instead of free. The food quality should be low stuffing, which will cause poo Shi to overeat and adapt to a less active dog.

Brachycephalic airway syndrome This syndrome is a combination of anatomical defects characterized by nostril contraction, tracheal rupture and soft palate extension. All of this can lead to airflow obstruction, which can cause breathing problems. This is one of the most common situations if Poo Shi is experiencing conditions that include stress or excitement. If the problem is serious, you must take your pet to see a doctor immediately! Odontopathy Shih poos is also vulnerable to dental diseases, including dental obstruction, tartar accumulation and periodontal disease. All of these may be common in the feces of 6-7 month old cubs. As these dogs are prone to dental problems, please make sure that your pet's oral hygiene is maintained. He brushes his teeth every day, if necessary, even twice a day. dysplasia of hip joint This developmental disorder may be caused by one or both of your hip joints. Hip dysplasia is common in dogs of these designs and may even lead to lameness and walking disability in dogs. Once you have diagnosed this condition, consult your veterinarian immediately! Intervertebral disc disease This disease can lead to degeneration of the spinal disc in your curly dog. This degeneration can lead to nerve condensation and severe pain, which is common in older dogs. To treat this condition, anti-inflammatory treatment is recommended, but surgery is also a key option. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca When the lacrimal gland of the eyelid is damaged, tear secretion decreases, leading to "dry eye", which is another name for the disease. Eyes are vulnerable to irritation, inflammation and surface scars. Topical medication can help treat this condition. Patellar dislocation This condition involves regular limping and limping of the hind limbs, which is a direct result of slight knee displacement in the dog. Surgical treatment for this condition may be the only option to prevent arthritis and repair claudication. Radical retinal atrophy The disease is common in hybrid poodles and is therefore inherited by poodles. It's basically a neurodegenerative disease that eventually leads to blindness and night blindness. You have to test your parents before breeding. This condition can be diagnosed and treated immediately.

Although poo Shi is very smart and relatively easy to train, it is well known that poo Shi has a stubborn personality that may be passed on to your dog. Therefore, he needs patience, but also needs a reward based approach, giving a lot of praise and hospitality to keep his enthusiasm and on track. The dog's early socialization will help ensure that it gets along well with children, other animals and strangers.

Your poo Shi is an affectionate Hugger. He thrives in friendship and soon connects with his human community. If he leaves for a long time, he will become destructive or barking, and will be too cautious in front of strangers. In proper social activities, he gets along well with other poo Shi, but doesn't always like to share toys, so children and other dogs need to realize that catching is not allowed. His confident nature makes him a bit stubborn, so although he learns commands quickly, sometimes he may decide not to follow Poo Shi.

Poo Shi's moderately active nature makes him the best choice for single people or elderly people who don't have the time or energy to take a marathon walk, while his alert nature makes him bark at strangers quickly - so, although a great watchdog may not be suitable for an apartment.

Poo Shi Breed History

Poo Shi is not a purebred dog. It is a hybrid of poodle and Shiba Inu. Poo Shi is a great family dog. It combines the low quality of mini poodle with the confident spirit of Shiba Inu to create an affectionate and easy to care companion dog, which is closely connected with the owner.

Shiba Inu 

The Shiba dog with the same appearance as the fox is the national treasure of Japan. Shiba Inu is the smallest of six Spitz dogs in Japan. The word "Shiba" means small, but the breed may also be named after the red Bush that Shiba Inu preys on. Shiba Inu was almost wiped out during World War II, and more dogs died after a canine fever outbreak in the 1950s. The dogs were then bred from the only three remaining blood lines. These three strains combine to form the present species. In 1936, Shiba Inu was recognized as a natural monument to Japan. In 1954, the first Shiba Inu was brought to the United States by a family in the army, but the first child born in the United States was only 25 years later. Shiba Inu was officially recognized by the American dog club in 1992. 


 Poodles have delicate hair styles and elegant manners, and are often mistaken for being spoiled puppies. But intellectually, poodles are second behind border shepherds and are not afraid to wet their feet. In fact, poodles are bred to hunt waterfowls and are excellent swimmers. There are three sizes of POODLE - toys, miniatures and standards with the latter's oldest three. The poodle is considered a French national dog, where it is called caniche, meaning a duck dog, but it actually originated in Germany, where it is called pudel or pudelin, meaning splashing in the water. This is a very old breed with illustrations of similar types of dogs in Egyptian and Roman artifacts dating back to a century BC. In the 14th century, smaller versions were bred as aristocratic companion dogs. Po Shi also became a circus dog for being able to perform tricks. Poodles were registered by the American dog club in 1886, although initially quite rare, but now they have become very popular dogs.