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Pembroke Welch:Dog Breed Profile

The Pembroke Welch is now divided into two groups: the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It’s one of the most ancient forms of grazing. If anything, the PEMBROKE CORGI is shorter, but its leg bones are straighter and lighter, the advantage of the Welsh Corgi over the former is probably the softer texture of the coat; as for the character, the Pembroke Corgis are restless and excitable, unlike the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

From the 12th century Richard I to the present day Elizabeth II, Corgis have been a beloved pet of the British royal family.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi is vivacious but also composed, loyal and loving, obedient and adaptable, able to adapt to different environments and climates, with an intelligent and curious expression that never shows shyness or ferocity.

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Pembroke Welch Breed Characteristics

  • About Pembroke Welch Breed

    Although all the evidence suggests that the Pembroke Welsh corgi originated later than the Cardigan, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an older dog. There is no reason why a breed of 1107 should be considered a fairly new breed. In modern times, attempts have been made to group the two types of Corgis into a single breed. Lloyd SOMAS has spent years studying the history of small collies and is an authority on the Welsh breed. In Lloyd SOMAS’s view, such an effort would be highly misguided. He has given some interesting reports about the Pembrokeshire Corgis’ colorful past when trying to separate the two corgis clearly.

Pembroke Welch Breed Daily Care

Grooming Pembroke Welch every day to keep the coat smooth and neat, so that the dog will look more beautiful hair. Also helps the dog to bathe regularly, generally speaking, is half a month once. Also, pay attention to the choice of bath liquid, bad bath liquid to the dog hair damage is particularly large. After the bath also as soon as possible to allow the dog to blow dry, wet conditions, not only the dog immune decline also prone to skin diseases. The maintenance corgi dog’s hair, must start from inside and outside, can not separate partial one kind, otherwise, the dog’s hair also grows not well. With a healthy diet, proper exercise, and a good coat, your dog will be very beautiful and stylish.

Dog Food should contain 200 to 250 grams of meat and an equal amount of vegetarian food per day. Vegetarian Diet can choose a variety of grains, vegetables, and so on. As long as the regular replacement of varieties, to ensure that the nutrition can be comprehensive. The amount of daily feeding to control, too much or too little is not good for health, but also affect the growth and development of dogs. The coat of a Corgi, though coarse and not very long, should be brushed and cleaned frequently to maintain cleanliness and beauty. And to regularly give corgis bath, remove earwax, Tartar, with warm water (after boiling) Wash eyes, trim claws, and so on. Corgis eye disease is more common, it is recommended that every three to five days, with 2% concentration of boric acid to its eyes, to prevent the occurrence of eye disease.

 Keep your Pembroke Welch happy 1. You know that Pembroke Welch’s joy, anger, sadness, and joy are always on its face. If the CORGI is happy and happy every day, and parents take good care and believe that a long life is a must. 2. It’s not hard to keep a Corgi happy. Parents should praise the CORGI and play with it and be gentle with it, it’s hard to believe that a dog growing up in such a loving environment will not live to a ripe old age. Sleep quality 1. A CORGI is a very sleepy dog, so sleep is important for him, and if he doesn’t get enough sleep every day, it’s bad for his health. 2. Older and fatter corgis tend to sleep with their windpipes crushed, so they tend to sleep poorly, so it’s best to feed them a full 70 to 80 percent at a time, otherwise, being too full can really affect your sleep quality. Keep it clean It is important to wash the corgi regularly, to keep it clean, and to keep the disease away.

If you train your Pembroke Welchto defecate, you can carry him into the toilet every time he defecates and limits him to only defecating inside, which has long been a habit for dogs to defecate at a fixed point. Corky is trained to sit and rest with gentle hand pressure on his back while repeating commands with his mouth. If successful, he will be rewarded with a small snack. CORGI is trained to sit down before each meal and then feed after sitting down.

Pembroke Welch Kennels are best kept in low wind, clean and dry place, cleaned regularly, and thoroughly disinfected every two to one month. Corgis used to be raised as herding dogs, so they move a lot and are very active, so don’t keep them indoors all the time, take them out every day to exercise and burn off their energy, in this way it will not be boring, nor will it be in a bad mood, melancholy, to maintain its healthy and lively state. Corgis are easily pitted against their own kind, so they are trained from an early age to be as restrained as possible, if not completely, at least to stop when their owners stop them. Corgis are also trained not to use their teeth and claws to bite household items such as clothes, curtains, sofas, sheets, and quilts, and to be clean and not always dirty, in particular, do not lie on the muddy ground to roll, of course, the most important is to train it to go to a fixed place to urinate and defecate.

Pembroke Welch Breed History

The similarity in appearance between the Pembroke Corgis and the Cardigan Welsh corgis is not accidental or merely the result of breed selection. We know quite well that in the middle of the 19th century there was a series of interbreeding between the two varieties. A sharecropper in his late 20s who had lived in Blounath all his life described the process of interbreeding. When he was young, many young people in his village found a way to earn money. There were still many cocker Spaniels in their village, and in fact, most of them were a burden to poor tenants. It’s going to cost a lot of money to keep feeding these puppies. One day, a bold young man hid a pair of Corgis under his arm and came to the neighboring county. When he came back, his pocket was full of coins. Since then, other young people have followed suit, says the Mountain Man, who tells the story by selling the measuring puppies to farmers in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. It is not known whether Corgis from the county of Cardigan were present in the Pembrokeshire in earlier times, but it is certain that they were interbred at the same time and in the same area. To the best of our knowledge, although Pembrokeshire dogs interbred with Corgis after World War I, the Pembrokeshire dogs did not visit the county before World War I. When the two corgis first appeared at the dog show, they interbred. Little was known about Corgis and crossbreeding was common. That has stopped, and breeders have decided to separate the Pembroke Corgis from the cardigans.

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