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Pekingese:Dog Breed Profile

Pekingese is an ancient breed of dogs in China. It has a history of 4,000 years. The earliest recorded since the Tang Dynasty has been as the royal family’s pets, civilians are not allowed to keep, theft will be executed. Portraits of the Empress Dowager Cixi Bear Pekingese in arms, a measure of their popularity. When the eight nations invaded, they were brought to the West.
The Pekingese is a well-balanced, compact dog with a heavy forebody and light hindquarters. It has a strong personality, strong performance, image, and the lion is very similar. Its bold, self-respecting character stands out more than its beautiful, elegant, or delicate appearance.

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  • About Pekingese Breed

    Nowadays, Pekingese has become one of the most popular companion pets in China. Among the Pekingese owned by Chinese citizens, the number of Pekingese is quite high, which accounts for more than 30% of the total number of dogs. With the exception of a few professionals, most of the breed is ordinary people, so the majority of the breed is mixed except for a few with pure pedigree. Apprenece: Body covered with a long, thick coat, with two layers of hair; color to, golden yellow, now more pure white folk, but is considered not pureblood; large head, flat face wide; ears pendulous; big eyes; short nose, from the side to see and face level, there are deep skin folds on the upper sides of the nose; the body is short, the limbs are short, the forelegs are curved in the shape of O.

Pekingese Breed Daily Care

First of all, in autumn and winter, especially in cold weather, and not easily lead to dust pollution, so do not need to wash too frequently, just need to wash it once a month can be, remember to thoroughly blow-dry the hair after washing. So we in the choice of bath tools above, you can give it the choice of bath bubble bath, you can also use the showerhead, and in the bath must choose a pet-specific bath shampoo, you can also give it the use of insect repellent shampoo. Be sure to rinse off after washing. The Pekingese is then brushed, and when it has adapted to the sensation of water, he is more cooperative. After the bath, be sure to dry off the excess water, and then carry it out, and then use the hairdryer to completely dry the hair, remember that the hair dryer must not be too close to its skin, lest the hair will burn, and if it gets too close, it can burn its skin.

In the process of raising Pekingese, we must form the habit of eating regularly, and don’t overindulge Pekingese. Feed as far as possible to achieve fixed-point Quantitative, can not arbitrarily change the number of feeding. When choosing dog food, the owner should be according to the nutritional composition of dog food, choose the dog food suitable for the growth of Pekingese need. When choosing dog food for the first time, if you don’t like it very much, you can exchange it for other dog food. In everyday life. Some owners will often give the dog to feed chocolate and other snacks, which is very harmful to the health of the dog. In the process of raising a Pekingese, do not directly feed raw water, this will make some bacteria into the Pekingese dog’s body, which will cause some digestive tract diseases. The PEKINGESE may play and eat while they eat. Owners in the course of feeding, meet Pekingese do not eat the situation, can not give the dog to feed anything. In this way, the Pekingese will understand that they must eat well when they eat and then develop good eating habits.

According to the survey, the life expectancy of Pekingese is slightly longer than that of ordinary dogs, usually more than ten years. But it’s still short-lived, so Pekingese owners should make the most of their time with their dogs. Xiao Bian believes that in the process of raising Pekingese dogs in peacetime, owners should often interact with Pekingese dogs. They can choose some dog games to interact with Pekingese dogs, which can not only enrich the interests and hobbies of Pekingese dogs, and bonding with the dog. Pekingese are kept as pets and are kept at home most of the time, so owners should cultivate the awareness of Pekingese owners to make dogs feel like family members so that dogs are more likely to feel loved by their families, and the rest of the family.

If you want to raise a good Pekingese can not be separated from the daily training of the owner, the owner can be trained in advance, you can draw up a training plan. During the training. In order to strengthen the Pekingese’s memory, the training password must be simple and clear. Master in the training, to pay attention to their tone and attitude. Pekingese are very sensitive, and if the owner is impatient during training, the dog will develop Reverse psychology, which is not good for the dog’s health. Some dog owners are often reprimanded for unknown reasons while training their dogs, creating a lack of trust in their owners. The training also does not cooperate with the host but plays a negative role.

Pekingese dog owners, in addition, to pay attention to a reasonable diet, regular arrangements for the dog training outside. Pekingese owners should always take the dog for an outdoor walk, not only to broaden the Pekingese’s view but also to increase the PEKINGESE’s own immunity. Pekingese to participate in outdoor retail, but also to supplement the growth of calcium needs, to meet more friends, expand the dog’s circle of friends. Make the dog more cheerful and lively. Xiao Bian advised the owner to take the Pekingese out, be sure to tie the leash, to prevent walking the dog, the dog lost, or in the process of walking the dog unpleasant events.

Some Pekingeses may like lick, but why do pekingese lick so muchPekingese licks until Pekingese is satisfied, or when the area is spotless. 

Pekingese Breed History

Pekingese originated in China in the 1st Century Ad, is an oriental dog, has 4,000 years of history, the Guardian God “Qilin” is its incarnation. For a long time has been as the palace pet dog, in successive dynasties are loved. As a result of long-term deep forbidden in the Royal Environment, so that the Pekingese dogs to maintain a rare pure bloodline, but also with a bit of elegant and mysterious aristocratic color. This rare small dog, the Chinese court as a “sleeve dog” on the wide sleeves inside the walk. It is also known as a poodle because of its resemblance to a lion. Pekingese (Pekingese) in the ancient legend can exorcise evil spirits of the Bo dog, so in the more feudal China at that time, people worship it as a god, civilians need to see this dog salute. Stealing the dog is punishable by death. After the collapse of the emperor will still use this dog training burial, that the emperor’s protection, meaning can return to the next life together. Successive royal families have adapted the dog to suit their own needs. To keep it from going far, to keep it around the emperor, they bent the dog’s front legs; to keep it quiet on the ground, they bred dogs with feathered toes; and to embody the dignity and uniqueness of the Pekingese, they asked the dog’s coat color to be gold, so as to match the emperor’s clothes. Although Pekingese of any color is acceptable under AKC standards and are treated the same at dog shows, there is no denying that Pekingese with a golden coat is the most expensive. For hundreds of years, eunuchs were responsible for preserving the pups’ bloodline, so strict breeding standards were set, so until now, there has been little difference in the facial features of the pups and their ancestors.

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