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Pekalier:Dog Breed Profile

Pekalier is outgoing and playful. He is willing to meet strangers and get along well with pekalier dogs and pets. Pekalier is a calm and emotional dog.

Pekalier may have multiple colors, depending on the main parent variety. With or without a yard, pekalier likes to live in an apartment or at home. Pekalier doesn't need much exercise. Pekalier is also easy to train. Pekalier is more suitable for families with older children. Pekalier does tend to get along well with other dogs, but early socialization advice to teach your pekalier the behavior you expect.

Pekalier Breed Picture & Video

Pekalier Breed Characteristics

  • About Pekalier Breed

    Name: Pekalier

    Height: 6-12 inches

    Weight: 8-18 lbs

    Lifespan: 10-14 years

    Coat color: Black/Brown/Cream

    Coat Density: Normal

    Coat Texture: Wavy

    Pekalier is thought to be very small. Pekalier does not weigh more than 18 pounds at maturity. Pekalier will have short, strong legs. Pekalier usually has a straight, silky coat. Pekalier may have feathers around his legs, tail and ears. Pekalier's ears will be long and soft. The exact color of pekalier will depend on the dominant parent variety; however, in general one can expect pekalier to be black and brown, brown and white, or black and white. Pekalier may be light brown with white chest and abdomen. Pekalier may have a firelight on his face, too. Pekalier's hair may be wavy, much like the parents of  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  .

    Pekalier is a small breed, weighing from 4kg to 8kg and measuring between 15cm and 25cm. The pekalier's coat is of medium length, may be wavy or slightly curly, with longer feathers on the back of ears, tail and limbs. Although a solid coat can be seen, most individuals are either milky white, brown and white, or black and white. Pekalier can have a variety of attractive spots, as well as large spots, spots and stripes.

    One of the reasons that makes pekalier such a great domestic dog is that pekalier's adaptability has reached a ridiculous level. In essence, pekalier likes to run and play, and performs well in catching or chasing games, as well as obedience, agility and field competitions. However, for more sedentary owners or elderly people with liquidity problems, pekalier is happy to blow up all these sofa potatoes with life. However, it does make it a responsibility for the owner to adjust the knight's food intake to match the pekaliers' domestic dogs. Pekalier can and will gain too much weight if you allow it, so adjusting the calorie levels of dogs who don't run around will help keep pekalier healthy and happy.

Pekalier Breed Daily Care

When we're grooming pekalier, we need to know that frequent brushing can also prevent bad breath. Pekalier's ears deserve special attention. You can use a towel soaked in warm water and wipe your ears once a week. Look for any redness or odor as it is a sign of infection. You can trim your nails every two to three weeks. A good rule of thumb is to listen as pekalier walks on the tile floor. If you can hear pekalier's nails click on the floor, it's time to cut them.

Pekalier's coat needs to be brushed regularly, maybe two or three times a week, because pekalier falls off regularly. As long as you brush your teeth regularly, keep your coats off the mattress, pull out your loose hair, and give them a bath as needed, pekaliers should be able to leave.

When we pay attention to pekalier's food needs, we need to realize that pekalier's daily food consumption depends on food type, age, weight and overall activity level. Pekalier is considered a good dog for indoor life, because pekalier likes to slouch in the sofa. We need to know that when we take care of the diet of pekalier, they are not very active, but pekalier still needs high-quality dog food. We need to know when to take care of the pekalier diet to ensure that pekalier doesn't gain too much weight, and we also encourage pekalier to have time to play and walk every day to consume excess energy.

What are Pekalier's common health problems? Pekalier suffers from a variety of diseases. Some pekaliers are prone to eye or heart disease, cancer or orthopedic diseases. Pekalier is also prone to obesity, so you have to count these calories.

Pekalier is also quite vulnerable to a disease called idiopathic asymptomatic thrombocytopenia, in which the number of platelets in the blood is abnormally low, which affects blood coagulation. According to the survey, your pekalier may have thrombocytopenia. Fortunately, this will never adversely affect your cavalry's mood or life span, but if the dog needs any surgery or stitching, the veterinarian will need to be aware of this situation. All this sounds incredibly daunting. But the good news is that a large number of knights with SM or mitral valve disease still live a happy, healthy and asymptomatic life. Although these conditions are common among varieties, pekalier's life expectancy is still as high as 15 years. Therefore, although all these health problems are conditions that need attention, if you buy from a reputable breeder and have a veterinarian you like and trust, don't let any of these conditions scare you away from this pleasant product.

Pekalier gets on well with the other dogs. If pekalier has been used to his pekalier type pet since childhood, pekalier may also get along well with pekalier. Pekalier is easy to train. You can use positive rewards to reinforce good behavior.

As long as training starts at an early age and all family members follow the same rules, pecalier is usually easy to train. Although pekaliers are not known for their cleverness, they are submissive. For most people, the more bribes, the better, and the best success in providing a large number of delicacies throughout the training course. Many owners find toilet training difficult and become irritated, especially when some puppies seem to take two steps forward and then one step back in the process. This breed is perfect for crate training, which usually speeds up the housing training process when done correctly.

It sounds silly considering pekalier's size, but these little guys are not good watchdog. Pekaliers definitely bark when someone knocks at the door. But pekaliers are just very eager to see everyone they come into contact with. Pekaliers may be more happy to have an interesting new friend than pekaliers actually let you know that there is an intruder in the house. Another warning: pekalier can easily train obedience. Pekaliers are happy to go out and exercise with you, but this breed has absolutely no street wisdom. Therefore, a fenced yard is a high priority. Belts are necessary at all times, because if your knight catches an interesting smell or decides to chase a bird (pekalier likes to chase birds), pekalier will definitely run into the traffic without hesitation.

Pekalier is a cute, smart and emotional dog. However, it must be noted that pekalier is not recommended for families with children. It's not because pekalier doesn't like children, it's because pekalier is small. Many young children don't understand that a tight hug can hurt pekalier. Pekalier may be upset when a child pulls her hair.

When pekalier is exercising, you need to keep water by your side. Pekalier will also enjoy playing time in the fenced area. For a dog as small as pekalier, it is very important to give it more short-term activities, so as to maintain its health. Pekalier is not easy to produce separation anxiety, but taking pekalier for a walk nearby will keep pekalier active and healthy for many years to come.

I can't help it. These beagles are cute. Pekalier is short, about a foot tall, about 15 pounds, big eyes, and very friendly. Whatever the color, pekalier's fur is medium length, silky and very soft. The hair remains straight throughout pekalier's body, although some eclosion may occur on pekalier's feet, abdomen and tail as the hair grows. Pekalier can be energetic and playful, but pekalier is also a great knee dog. Pekalier was born to sit on your lap, and these dogs are fortunate to have one of the most amiable personalities of all. Pekalier gets along well with dogs of all sizes, can easily learn to be comfortable with cats, enjoys playing with children, and is just as comfortable lying on the sofa with old people.

Because of this dedication, pekaliers can get along in almost any environment. Pekaliers do a good job in the apartment and also like a beautiful yard. Pekalier may have some breathing problems in high temperature, so he should not stay outdoors for a long time without supervision, or without cold water and shade. But in addition, pekalier can still play in the backyard. The cold climate is not always pekaliers' favorite, because pekaliers' single coat, but pekaliers can usually get along with each other. When pekaliers come in, you only need to pay attention to pekaliers' feet, because snow is easy to pile up on the hair around pekaliers' toes, causing frostbite to pekaliers. In terms of the family environment, these little friends are ready. Pekaliers will be happy to play with the children all day, although the younger children should be supervised, because the knight King Charles is too young to be injured accidentally. Pekalier is also very happy to be a pet dog, lying quietly on the sofa with his elderly owners, and spending time as a close and quiet partner. In fact, pekalier is doing very well. As a sofa dog, pekalier also provides special treatment animals for senior families, hospitals and hospice care. As expected, pekalier is a good choice for first-time pet owners, because pekalier has almost no needs or expectations except to want as much love as possible.

Pekalier Breed History

Pekalier is a very rare hybrid dog. In order to understand the origin of pekalier, we can look at the history of pekalier's parent breed in order to learn more about pekalier.Breeders are eager to explore new breed combinations to pursue the most ideal pet. The history of Pekingese is much longer than that of Pekalier. The roots of Pekingese can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago. Pekingese is a Chinese breed, highly respected by the royal family and people with high social status. In fact, at one stage, only the royal family was legally allowed to own pekalier. Thank God, now the law has been relaxed, and Pekingese can be widely enjoyed by everyone! Pekingese's name comes from Beijing area, which is today's Beijing. It was not until the 1860s that Pekingeses were first introduced to the UK, and in 1910 they were recognized by the Kennel Club of pekaliers toy group. Although once very popular pets, now, Pekingeses are relatively rare.


Pekingese is a great legend. These Pekingeses will be the darling of the Empire. In fact, during the Opium War in the 19th century, when British soldiers invaded the Beijing Palace, they happened to meet Pekingeses. The soldiers took these Pekingeses as war prizes and introduced pekalier to the British royal family. The British royal family, like the Chinese royal family, loved these dogs. Although we don't know how his breed was brought to the United States, we know that the first Pekingese was registered in the American dog club in 1910. This variety is still very popular today. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also a favorite of the British aristocracy. When Mary, Queen of Scotland, was executed in the 17th century, she was accompanied by her knight, King Charles. King Charles II, the name of this breed, has at least two or three dogs with pekalier at all times, even if the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel goes to the parliament building. After the death of Charles II, the popularity of the dog declined. However, in the 1920s, Roswell Eldridge in the United States began to look for dogs similar to the knight King Charles in England. In 1928, after five years of searching and offering a 25 pound man who would give the knight the King Charles hound the best male and female pairing, a woman named mostin Walker claimed the prize and put her family on Aldrich. Knight was finally imported to the United States in 1940s. In 1995, the first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was registered in the American dog club. Two of the most famous things about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (or "cavy"). One of them is its beautiful temperament, because it has incredible tolerance for young children, and is a pet full of love and dedication. Sadly, another well-known one of them is bad health records. Guinea pigs are prone to some major genetic health problems, including syringomyelia and mitral valve diseases, which can greatly reduce the quality of life and life of dogs. Although pekaliers' ancestors were hounds, dogs looked very different from other hounds. 

Although pekalier is kind and relaxed, some of them may inherit the more prominent characteristics of pekalier. Through firm and continuous training, most people can learn to live in harmony in their families. Pekalier is generally not recommended for people with very young children. This is not only because pekaliers can be quick and intolerable, but also because pekaliers are relatively small and subtle, making injuries more likely. Starting a good social life from a very young age is the best way to integrate pekalier with any family child and their pekalier pet.

A pekalier hound lover, just want to be with you. These fearless furry friends are considered one of the best in the family. These dogs are great for many different types of families and wonderful children (though a little subtle, so will do the best to supervise children). Naughty pekalier is a good dog park citizen, but may feel the most comfortable dog side of the park. Pekaliers don't need to exercise thoroughly, but plan to walk and play in the backyard every day. Knights usually like to retrieve and swim, but remember that not all dogs do this automatically (just in case). Knight Charles King Hound is a kind of eager, kind and happy dog that always seems to wag its tail. These brave and lively dogs are cheerful, like sports and eager to be liked. Pekaliers are smart enough to understand what you want, so they are usually easy to train and respond well to gentle obedience training. Pekalier is said to be born with good character and to get along well with his pekalier dogs and non dog pets. Knights love people, enjoy friendship, need to abide by rules and limit what pekaliers can do. Pekalier is not suitable for dog farm life. He should not be alone all day. If you really need to leave pekalier, be sure to take pekalier for a walk before you leave so that pekalier is in natural rest mode. Pekaliers have a chase instinct. Don't let this cute dog suffer from puppy syndrome. It's human induced behavior. Dogs think they are the leaders of human beings. This may lead to different levels of behavioral problems, which is not a trait of arrogance, but the way pekaliers are treated. Pekaliers are recommended to older, considerate children only because most puppies treat them like this. Pekaliers are beginning to believe that pekaliers rule the family. In addition to being the owner of the dog, you should be sociable and avoid pekalier being bound by strangers. The knight King Charles Hound is a pleasant companion dog. Pekalier has extraordinary vision and sense of smell, which can be used for short distance hunting in the wild. Pekaliers do a good job of competitive obedience. Early onset of syringomyelia, hereditary eye diseases, such as cherry eye, dislocation of patella, back disease, ear infection, deafness or hearing impairment. Sometimes the hip is stunted. Don't eat too much. This breed tends to get fat. It is also prone to mitral valve disease, a serious inherited heart disease that can lead to early death. It's wise to check the medical history of several generations before choosing your puppy.