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Old English Sheepdog:Dog Breed Profile

Old English Sheepdog is a great pet. It's only about 200 years old, so it's not old at all. It is a blend of various European sheepdogs, including the most similar bearded sheepdogs. The dominant characteristic of this dog is that the eye color of the left and right eyes is not the same, one is darker and the other is lighter. The image of the English ancient sheepdog is a lovely, lively, and active character, strong learning ability, very like the owner to play with it.

Old English Sheepdog Breed Picture & Video

  • About Old English Sheepdog Breed

    An ancient English sheepdog was originally a sheepdog, but it was also used to drive cattle and sheep from the Scottish Highlands to the London market before railways became popular in the 19th century. Since the sheepdog was tax-free at that time, the breeders clipped the dog's tail for easy identification, so it had another name of "clipped dog". Now banned in European countries, long-tailed "clippers" are also common. The ancient English sheepdog was richly coated, heavily muscled, and had a strong body. It has a combative nature, with a loud cry and a swaggering posture, but has been modified to become calm, calm, and understanding. The shape of the ancient English sheepdog is relatively robust, square, very attractive.

Old English Sheepdog Breed Daily Care

The Ancient English sheepdog was a gentle, big, heavy dog who had to get a certain amount of exercise every day. His coat is very rich, so we need to take care of him regularly. We also need to give him a facial and bath regularly. The breeder must have a certain economic ability and time.

We should give dogs about 500 grams of meat everyday feed, and then give dogs to add cereal or rice noodles, corn flour, and the same amount of vegetarian feed. Meat for dogs should be cooked first, cut into small pieces, then mixed with a small amount of water and vegetable feed (cooked) after feeding. The food we give our dogs must be fresh and hygienic. We also need to provide dogs with a proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Their mineral needs are based on what they ingested in their ancient living environment and are determined by their ancestral genes.

Our Old English Sheepdogs should not have any odor or secretions in their ears. The inside of its ears should be white. But some dark dogs may have dark inner ears, so we should turn the dog's ears over. It should be clean, and sometimes the ear will have some dirt, debris, or parasites, such as ticks, that sometimes enter the ear. These things should be disposed of carefully. If your dog has floppy ears, check every day.

The Old English Sheepdog is very willing to help the owner, we can start from the simplest let it send things to exercise the dog, to see if it can accurately send items, and then reasonable increase the difficulty. For example, we could have the dog try to bring the slippers to us on our way home.

If an Old English Sheepdog puppy first comes into a new strange environment, it will not adapt to and overreact, resistance to decline, if this time to give it a bath, it will be easy to get sick. If the dog smell is really unbearable, you can use a wet towel or dry cleaning powder to wipe, be sure to pay attention to keep warm, until it and you get familiar with the new environment, then a large-scale bath.

Old English Sheepdog Breed History

The hair of the Old English sheepdog was thick and thick, but it did not give the impression of disorder. When the ancient English sheepdog was first born, it was covered with black and white hair, just like a giant panda. When the young hair was removed, the silver-gray hair appeared. The Ancient English sheepdog is a long-haired dog, just like a large plush toy, looking silly very cute. The dog was once a shepherd's right-hand man. In the 19th century, the Old English sheepdog was widely used in agricultural areas. He made his first public appearance at a British exhibition in 1873. When the animals are driven to the pasture, the farmers raise these astute cattle and sheepdog breeds. The dog's ancestry includes the long beard sheepdog and various breeds of European sheepdogs. The hair is very fluffy, and its quality and texture are more important than just the amount of hair. The undercoat is waterproof until pruned and seasonally removed.    

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